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Major GOPAC Donors Got Special Access, Files Show : Politics: Gingrich group offered personal attention

Major GOPAC Donors Got Special Access, Files Show : Politics: Gingrich group offered personal attention from the Republican representative to those giving $10,000.

WASHINGTON — To hear the defenders of Newt Gingrich tell it, the embattled House speaker is guilty of nothing more than mastering the art of politics.

But interviews and recently released federal records show that Gingrich has invited critical attention by bestowing special treatment on donors who gave substantial sums to his pet political project.

The project was the GOP Action Committee, called GOPAC, which raised untold millions of dollars over the last decade for the Republican revolution that Gingrich was fomenting. By using GOPAC, Gingrich could encourage corporate executives to donate unlimited amounts with the assurance that their contributions would not be revealed in records open to the public.

.... http://articles.latimes.com/1995-12-17/news/mn-14993_1_gopac...

House Reprimands, Penalizes Speaker:

Gingrich Steps Down in Face of Rebellion:

I think he's really hurting himself lately. He's a laughingstock right now

.... For the last few years, my good colleagues here at American Politics Journal and I have documented Newt's bad behavior -- first his political and campaign finance peccadilloes, and then, in the wake of the impeachment coup Newt helped engineer with such Machiavellian flair, his personal indiscretions, particularly reports that Newt paid for the services of call girls with his own credit card. We predicted that he and his political extremism would eventually be laughed out of the Beltway.

And look at what's happened now: he's an outcast from his own revolution, his own party, all of Washington.


and much more on this subject: http://www.google.com/search?q=stromberg+pro7&ie=utf-8&oe=ut...

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The speaker of the House has systematically built his empire through dubious transactions. In violation of federal law, Newt's political action committee, GOPAC, has hidden the sources of at least $10 million in donations. Gingrich has also been deceptive about where the money was spent. To cover up his misdeeds, he has kept a tight hold on the House Ethics Committee and is counterattacking his Democratic opponents, who fear exposing their own ties to special interests. Only with a popular cry for a complete accounting--and an insistence on an independent, nonpartisan investigator--will we learn the truth about the speaker's dealings. In the accompanying article, veteran political reporter Glenn Simpson details how Gingrich is using his influence, especially with Ethics Committee Chair Nancy Johnson, to limit their investigation. He also explains what Newt fears the public will discover.

Newt Gingrich has jealously guarded the names of the contributors to GOPAC, which he ran from 1986 until this May--even defying a lawsuit by the Federal Election Commission. Mother Jones has obtained a list of many of these until-now secret contributions. As a public service, we are releasing these documents on this site: see our feature, The Coin-Operated Congress. Though many of Newt's contributors are corporate counsels, lobbyists, or executives, their donations have been duplicitously listed as gifts from individual benefactors. We have annotated, where possible, information about the donor companies, and what they might want back from Speaker Gingrich. If you have additional information about these contributors or why they would give money to GOPAC, we encourage you to contact us on our Web site or by mail. We will verify, amplify, and publish the findings.

Gingrich knows his Achilles' heel--it will take only one honest Republican on the House Ethics committee to appoint an independent, nonpartisan investigator. He's taken steps to ensure that never happens.
by Glenn Simpson
Last spring, representative Nancy Johnson (R-Conn.) suddenly found herself a VIP in the eyes of House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who took a somewhat obscure bill of Johnson's, placed it on the fast track, and slammed it through the House shortly before Congress left Washington for its Easter recess.

..... http://motherjones.com/politics/1995/07/will-newt-fall