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Does anyone know what Ron is doing

if he is not campaigning in Florida? I was thinking that he would have moved on and campained in Nevada, but I don't hear of anything on tv or even a note of anything on his calendar on his campaign website. What am I missing?


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Orlando Radio Show Wed

From FB:

BREAKING: Ron Paul will be on "The Doc Show" on 810AM or "Listen Live" @ www.big810am.com 11-11:30am WED 1/25/2012. Thanks to Tim Ward & Jack Hunter!
What I don't know is if he'll be in the Orlando studio or if this is a syndicated show and he'll be remote.

Wait! Just heard on local news that Ron was in DC for the SOTU speech. I wondered if he had to go back. What a schedule! I hope he rests up for Thursday. I'll be at the debate and the post-party where we hope he stops by.

In Maine this weekend

But he has been really under the radar lately


he's smiling ear to ear

Thank you.

Shocker....I just haven't heard much about him on the news...LOL

If you're referring to the

If you're referring to the mainstream media news, that's usually intentional. A few days after the Iowa caucus CBS did another story... talked about the 2 candidates that had more votes and the 2 candidates who had much fewer votes than Ron Paul, but they did not even mention Dr. Paul's name. Their "news" was as if RP didn't even exist. That's the sort of stuff we are up against. Don't rely on the "news," especially the MSM news.