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Video: Sen. Rand Paul delivers State of the Union response

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WHAt full of crap is this CHOSEN ONE...

that is really incredible....to state that no country can have advantage...wowww...so the guys around AERICA and EUROPE kill themselves to INVENT an ENTIRE CIVILIZATION after 1000 years with so great labor and sweat and HE wants that WE DELIVER FOR FREE??????????what is this AMERICA????

It's globalism, that's what

It's globalism, that's what it is.

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Sen Rand Paul's diagnosis for the

State of the Union is MORE fact-based and presidential than Obm's.

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hey america!!!

how's that sustainability working out for you?
or this little ditty spewed from the chosen one
"no country shall have an unfair advantage over
another country"
yeah boy, we are most certainly heading in the right
all this created to bring us to our knees and 3rd world

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence