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Ron Paul 2012 Liberty Ships flotilla

A flotilla of yachts and sailboats with flags and RP signs like the evac of Dunkirk. Sailboats can sail downwind with a large American flag alone we have done it in cities that have car traffic near the water.
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Ron Paul "Jones"

We have only begun to fight!

Shoulda' done it in Tampa, great idea

Boaters & Fishermen for Ron Paul. Slogans like, 'Fish for RonPaul, Catch a Free Country

Maybe Tampa's waterfront gave you the great inspiration? Home of #Gasparilla Flotilla

Other good cities, Lake Havasu, New Orleans, Miami, St Pete, Key West, Jax, San Diego, Marina Del Ray LA, SF, Seattle, Baltimore, wow, the list is endless

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul