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The Police State In This Country MUST Be Stopped! No trial, 2 years in solitary after DWI arrest!

This is why the jury system is so very important in this country.

The link below tells the story of a $22 million dollar jury award given to a man held in his county jail for two years without trial, for a DWI. His story is more than appalling!


Video Clip: http://usnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/01/25/10233835-man-sp...

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Did it. Big influence on the

Did it. Big influence on the ground locally.

messed up

I always hate to see county taxpayers pay for the transgressions of the county officials.They should have fired everyone involved.

Honestly there are a lot of

Honestly there are a lot of people out there that would spend two years in county jail for 22 million...id probably be one of them. Seriously.

Its not like he was given a

Its not like he was given a choice in the matter when they locked him up.

He didn't know

He didn't know at the time if he was ever going to get out or receive any justice. You can't put a price on that kind of hell.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

hell ya.

With all of the free healthcare. . . And imagine how many books i could write & then finance when i got out! Sign me up!

Vote me down just because that mans plight would have been my pleasure.

The unfortunate part is that the taxpayer must pay for this atrocity. Either way, . This man will never have to drive again since he can now afford to hire a driver.

What if the federal reserve just printed money out of thin air so that every person with a dui who could not drive could just hire a driver and return to working a decent paying job? If only we could figure out a magic formula for the printing press. *sarcasm*


don't be so eager. You ain't gonna come out the same person, that's a fact.

You're Not Foolin'

..And unless one's EVER been arrested they are "clueless".
Abovementioned "MT" obviously hasn't.
....Foreboding example of NDAA...not to be trivialized.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

The cops are out of control.

The cops are out of control.

Can you imagine?

Then they show "COPS" or the show in Las Vegas to condition people into "this is how it is". And all the people just ramble on and answer their questions, and allow for their maltreatment, etc.
All while they rack up lawyer bills, violate civil liberties, proactively create criminals, extort, lie, cheat and steal.

This is the business of organized crime, not law enforement

Be Your Own Media!!!

They are indeed out of

They are indeed out of control. Have a look at this if you have the stomach for it:


This is not that unusual for

This is not that unusual for America. Here's an even worse example of injustice where an innocent man may be labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life:




Be Your Own Media!!!


How is this minutiae getting promoted to the main page? Big things are happening in the world. This ain't big. Travesties of justice happen every single day. Being jailed for DUI is a local issue, not a national issue for either a president or a congressman to address at the federal level. Not to mention the victim got his day in court and was awarded damages.

How about I spam DP every time a cop deliberately rams a motorcycle under pursuit (murder as punishment for speeding)? Or every time a family court judge helps a lying parent ambush the other parent? Let alone every time stormtroopers-in-black crash through a door, shoot dogs, point rifles at children?

It would be nice if we could keep the main page focused on news related to the Ron Paul candidacy. Ron Paul Next President of the United States is the only priority, in my book.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

I think its on the main page

I think its on the main page because Ron Paul stands for the Constitution, and this man didn't get a trial, judge or jury. He was indefinitely detained on American soil by everyday law enforcement. It corroborates RP's latest statements that we live in a police state. It reinforces what we are all fighting for.

These prisons in China suck..

These prisons in China suck.. we better spread some democracy there quick.

DWI = possibility of killing

DWI = possibility of killing an American. Therefore Enemy of the State.

To you all who oppose this.
Do you want you children run over by a drunk driver? I think not.
If you don't drink in drive you shouldn't have anything to worry about..

Please don't give me negative votes, it hurts my self-esteem.

Never convicted. never tried.

Prolly due to lack of evidence. If they had any evidence, as soon as he filed suit, they would have tried him for the DUI to smear him in the civil suit because that is how they operate. Even though the conviction would have been overturned (denial of speedy trial), it wouldn't be till after the civil suit was over and the smear would have been complete.

Go preach yur DWI crusade on someone who is truly guilty and been turned loose 5 times and leave this poor gentleman (who probably did nothing more than piss a cop off by smarting off and paid for it with 2 years in solitary) alone.


DWI = Enemy of the State???

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) produces the data on alcohol-related traffic fatality statistics based on accident reports listing the presence of alcohol .01+ in the driver, passenger or bystander. Furthermore, they publicly admit that this data is often misrepresented. For example, the wealthy lobbying group MADD had claimed that 14,539 people where killed by drunk drivers in 2003 (this erroneously inflated statistic was the driving factor behind lowering the BAC limit to .08 from the previous national standard of .15), But those same statistics show that less than 13,000 of those accidents involved a driver with a BAC of .01 or more…with the vast majority of those accidents being the fault of a driver has whose BAC was above .15. So statistically speaking, there is a better chance dying from a vaccine than being killed on the road by a drunk driver. Or to put things into a different perspective, sober drivers are to blame in over 71% of all fatal traffic accidents… Meanwhile, 1.5 million people had their lives devastated by a DUI arrest in 2003. The fact of the matter is that with all the DUI legislation pursued over the years, the annual percentage of fatalities related to DUI has never changed

For the record I don't

For the record I don't believe in what I wrote. I was trying to make the argument from the perspective of people who support the Police State, Patriot Act, NDAA..

These are oversimplified arguments that you here for the supporters of the Police State.. I obviously wasn't clear enough in post

I know...

I just wanted to say what I said and you were the "sounding board." The guy was probably innocent all along (if he was guilty, why not try him?) and he just smarted off to the wrong jailer or cop and he paid for it dearly.


Under a Ron Paul Presidency...

Under a Ron Paul Presidency, drink driving laws may be repealed or the legal limit raised to a much higher threshold. No where in the constitution does it prevent drink drinking, that's what freedom is about. I live in a country where the drink driving law is not enforced, I don't even think we have one.I drive under the influence at least once a week, I've never had an accident whilst under the influence. I have had accidents but not as a result of being intoxicated.i think when something is made illegal it causes one to take greater risks to avoid detection. This is where higher speeds and reckless behavior can take hold. But my main point was you're a Ron Paul supporter but still think DWI is something you should be arrested for, I disagree of course. If you kill someone as a result of drink driving then you go to jail. Ultimately people need to be responsible when drinking if you're going to drive and no government laws will accomplish that, it is up to the individual.

says who?

"drink driving laws may be repealed"

Says who?

Driving laws are set at the state level. President has nothing to do with it.

You support pre-crime?

Are you wearing a Brownshirt by any chance? This is another simplistic response to a complex situation, and I hope you can begin to see beyond the knee-jerk response which the Liar Whore Media has dumbed the argument down to. I suggest you begin by watching


The simple fact is without a plaintiff ...

... under Constitutional Natural Law ...

without a plaintiff there is NO CRIME

Well, TWO YEARS is cruel and unusual punishment

for a crime as petty as getting caught driving intoxicated. Make him spend the weekend in the slam, put conditions on his driving (like only to work and back), and if he ever DOES kill anybody, prosecute him for murder.

But you can't prosecute someone for a crime that you only _imagine_ that he _might_ commit.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

He never saw a judge, how can

He never saw a judge, how can you be sure he was actually driving while intoxicated?

The ones

responsible for this need to be careful because you never know exactly what event will trigger a non peaceful uprising. I am not advocating violence at all I am just stating a fact.

With Us or Against Us?

I think Rand Paul's encounter with the TSA should give us a clue how to put pressure on the system for change before violence is the only option. Most of us cower before authority instead of standing up to them. When public employees go along with oppression and enforce unconstitutional laws they should be snubbed socially and vilified. Just because the systems give them a paycheck does not make them immune from from consequences for being a traitor to the people and the constitution. They get no respect from me. That is the way I treat them. It's a start.


Ohh no

I am with everyone here. I was just saying I prefer peaceful change if possible and sometimes actions have an unintended effect and can set off a chain reaction. I guess I was more simply meaning those people responsible should think about their actions more carefully before they just lock someone up and treat them like that.

To paraphrase Jefferson,

To paraphrase Jefferson, "trial by jury is the only system by which government can be held to the constitution".
I hope I didn't mess that quote up to much.

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry

As usual, the taxpayers are stuck with the bill, instead of the

authorities who denied this man his rights.

Don't hold your breath waiting for those authorities to be charged or forced to pay restitution.