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I was just up in Northern Wisconsin and Scott Walker is being Recalled!

Can you believe it? They are pis**d up there because(from what I understand based on the law Gov. Walker got passed)the "state union" will have to give up their "Cadillac" benes that they only get because of their neighbor who pays taxes to support them.....my question is: does their neighbor have those same benefits? Can their neighbor even afford health insurance? Do the people who want to "Recall Walker" as the numerous bumper stickers and billboards I passed say, even care about their neighbor? Pathetic!

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The complete and total

The complete and total economic collapse of the USA coming soon will fix the problem soon enough.

Walker overreached. He should never have used the crisis...

to selectively punish the teacher's union. If he insisted on eliminating collective bargaining, he should have applied it to ALL unions, not simply those who opposed him.

Scott Walker...

took on the unions that received their Cadillac benefits from taxpayer dollars, the teachers' unions being the biggest trough suckers. Walker didn't have power to stop collective bargaining with unions in the private sector.

If Walker gets recalled, you can bet on Obama getting re-elected. This is going to be a bell weather event.

Minnesota Mary

As a resident of

Wisconsin I can offer my viewpoint, yes, teachers and the system they are in, in general, could/should be held more accountable, but, Walker has got a greater agenda, his own career first off.

Will get back to this discussion later, got to go to work now.

Daily Paul called it once again...

Yep. He's gonna try to be the 2016 spoiler.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Update from central Wi.

In November, before the ground was froze I placed 3 RP lawn signs in different roadside locations, since then, one was run over, one was stolen, and, just last night another was stolen and a sign supporting that corporatist neo-con Scott Walker was nailed on to a nearby tree.

With the recall going on I can't know for sure who damaged or stole the first 2 signs, but obviously the last was sabotaged by a Walker supporter.

Please do your research, unless your rich and connected, his policies will do you no good. All him and his cohorts have done is throw out a few pieces of bait.

It will never happen.

It's just the left with their panties in a wad, trying to stir up trouble, as always.
The right may be bad, but the left is scum.


...as another poster said, I don't know what "the left" is supposed to mean. If you mean Democrats, I fail to see how they're any more scum than the GOP. I'd say they're about even on the scum scale.

I'll say this though: unions are scum, nothing but legal thuggery. Bunch of lazy Luddite hoodlums who daydream about Marx as they don't do the job they're receiving 300% the market wage to do.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

I'll say this

from experience, one of my early factory jobs was non-union, I was promoted to supervisor (over 2 other employee's hired years before me) within 4 weeks of getting hired. Yes, just 2, this was third shift.

My union jobs offered more pay and better benefits, but, held me back as far as using my abilities to the fullest extent in the workplace.
And, along about then competition for supervisory jobs started to become too cut-throat for my taste.
The begining of the middleclass decline?

"The begining of the middleclass decline?"

...well unions certainly didn't help. Like any government intervention into the economy, unionism retards production and hurts everyone, except of course the handful who benefit from the privilege.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Is that how you appeal to new readers from the left?

Casting stereotypes about does nothing to further any good cause. "It's just the left ... trying to stir up trouble, as always".

Do you know how that feels to any new (so-called liberal) person that happens to read around here?

This media glamorized crass political rhetoric, has only helped bring our country to this impasse.

"Trouble" has been going on for some time now, I first noticed it when I was in 4th grade in a 2 room school, the teacher happened to get a rare phone call during that day, I saw the look of shock and fear on her face as she announced to the classroom that President Kennedy had been shot and killed.

I'm not going to get in to my personal experiences other than to say I survived my parents divorce, my ma, my dog and I had to move then, to a basement apartment, change schools, etc. Mom found factory work, we were eligible for some surplus food from USDA program for a while, (imagine getting a divorce in the '60's, you can't), not that was any feeling of pride accepting that surplus food. I had chores to do from young, started working on a neighbors dairy farm in my teens, eventually made a decent wage doing skilled factory labor despite being a high school dropout.(I didn't drop out because I was having too much FUN at that time in my life), still haven't gotten around to getting a GED. What good would it do at this stage of life?
Please give me sound money, good rate of interest on cd's.

The factories I worked at are either gone, downsized, moved, both union and non-union alike. Blah blah ...

Now, to educate you and any others who don't know, Scott Walker is a useless Neo-con, period. Happy to give tax breaks to multimillionaires, keep non-violent offenders in prison for their full sentence, cut the saftey net for the most vulnerable such as small farmer's that would be eligible for a STATE run program called Badgercare healthcare.

If folks hate unions so much why don't you go after the ones that are employed by military contractor's? That would seem to be more in line with Ron Pauls principles, would it not?

Walker's only agenda is to serve himself and ALEC's agenda, one quick example, Gov. Scott Walker rejects $37 million from the federal government intended to help the state setup a health insurance exchange. EXCHANGES ARE A CONSERVATIVE IDEA, using free-market forces to help people find the best deals on insurance policies. Apparently Walker would rather abandon his conservative principles than support one of Obama's programs.

As far as Obama, I'm very disappointed in him as a negotiator, disappointed in so many other ways too, but I cut a little slack since congress itself is totally worthless to the american people. Polling at 10% approval, but they don't care, it's all about corruption and power for them.

So when I think of handing out a SB to people, and I see comment's like yours available to the public to find I get very disgusted and discouraged.

There was another thoughtless rant venting anger comment the other day on a front page posting, some person talking more or less about his AR rifle was going to save the day for him in the (eventual) end of order as we know it.

When I gently reminded him that there may be people new to RP reading this website and, may find statements like his offensive, his reply came back somewhat politely trying to justify his earlier post, he lost me again when, by quoting this from an old newsletter,"the animals are coming",. He did try to qualify that by saying something like that it won't only be black people, but all the poor, (whites included that voted for ObamaRomney) unprepared, people in the streets.
Lucky them, first they get it from the corporations sending jobs away to China and Mexico, then they get pronounced to be lazy, worthless, scum by other members of the 99%, fit to shoot at if they get too close.

I would think after 4 years the level of conversation would be a little more intellectually stimulating around here.
But then again I'm not impressed with some of The Campaign's decisions either, plus Paul's seeming lack of addressing current issues like Citizens United when he should be. That speech after Maine sounded very much like a broken record, very uninspiring.

That's the end of my rant for all the good it does or not.

We don't need the left.

We need the right to win the GOP nomination. The left hates Ron Paul anyway because he's not bought and paid for by the unions.

You need left leaning independants

or not. Do you feel lucky?

I've had both union and non-union jobs.
Some of the only strong unions left are those that are attached to policing your personal liberty, and, those supporting policing the world. (contractor's)

Sometimes, I wonder if people can identify the forest past the trees.

can't decide

I live in Madison and I am really debating whether I want to recall Walker or not. I totally support getting rid of public unions and right to work and I especially think it will improve education. On the other hand, Walker is now trying to make people PAY to protest at the capital. You have to pay $50 per cop/ hour. And that is a direct violation of the constitution. And as you know, we can't stand for something that's unconstitutional. But then again...these 'recallers' are f*cking annoying!

I live in Appleton

I'm new to Wisconsin, so I'm piecing together the story from what I see and read. Walker balanced the Wisconsin budget by changing the laws concerning public unions. He basically put restrictions on what they could ask for and what they could get during negotiations. Now, depending on which side of the labor fence you're sitting on, he either cheated the unions out of the opportunity to negotiate on a level playing field,or he is protecting the public against bad local politicians who sign bad labor contracts willy-nilly.

I think he'll win the recall election because the economy here is pretty good. But maybe he did the wrong thing...maybe he should have let the municipalities and the school systems go broke under the weight of the union contracts. There is no doubt that the contracts were real sweetheart deals, and there is no doubt that those contracts were going to bankrupt some governments if they weren't renegotiated...and the unions weren't inclined to renegotiate. So the government goes bankrupt, and the contracts become null and void, and everyone has to start over. Would that have been so bad?

Instead, Walker used the power of state government to keep people from ruining their local governments and, ultimately, their own greedy unions. He's getting the blame, when the me-first unions should have suffered the fate of all other over-reaching institutions. The lessons would have been clearer. Now it's just politics.

I like the way...

you think.

The only thing is, if Walker had not stopped the unions from over reaching, the state's budget would not have gotten balanced and the taxpayers would continue to get taxed more and more to pay for it all until they dropped down into the ranks of those who don't pay taxes.

Minnesota Mary


can somebody tell me why they want to recall him ? thanks

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

I live in the heart of the

I live in the heart of the chaos (well technically that would be Madison) in downtown Milwaukee. I can't drive or walk anywhere for more than 15 seconds without seeing a recall Walker bumper sticker. Out in the suburbs, every other lawn has a recall Walker sign on it. That said, I haven't talked to many people who want to recall him. Everyone in my office, including a very liberal lady, are sick of the protestors and support Scott Walker. The loudest voices don't always represent the majority (we Ron Paul supporters know this all too well). There was a Wisconsin Supreme court race at the height of the madness, where Republicans risked losing the majority in the court if the Republican incumbent lost to the Democrat challenger. The unions and liberals went all out tying the race to Walker's "union-busting" agenda, yet after all the votes were tabulated, the Republican incumbent won the race at something like 54% to 46%. I'm confident Walker will win in the re-call election, but it's going to be close.

I live on the South side of Milwaukee

The flurry that got Walker into this problem was the famous vote which took away the state worker's collective bargaining rights. They did not lose union representation, just the right to collective bargaining.

This--and I'm asking for confirmation here--will cost the state workers 5.8% of their salary/pay. Before Walker came along, they received pension benefits 100% paid for. Now, they have to pay for them to the tune of 5.8% of their salary. Would you want a pension plan where you had to pay for it with 5.8% of your income?


The workers are POd, but Walker's plan has saved the taxpayers in excess of $37 million and he cut the deficit in his first year in office.

I'm not a fan of how he did this--it was rather cut-throat, but Republicans controlled the House and Senate, so he ramrodded the bill through. Nevertheless, it has benefited the taxpayers. Isn't that what a Governor should do when his state is in the red?

do the ends justify the means?

I know the unions needed to accept the reality the rest of us have been facing for four years. Yes it might balance the budget,but what Walker did destroys the right to free association. I am sorry , I would rather preserve peoples rights than balance the budget. That doesn't mean the unions weren't being ridiculous, but we have to find another way to do this.

According to my neocon Uncle who lives in America's Dairyland

-I tried really hard to convert him all week, I really did, but...foriegn policy .... "Republican" 1st against Obama at all costs.... a vote for Paul is a wasted vote.... yadda yadda yadda... it was really very disheartening to listen to him tell me fox news is the best because they are not biased (gag) Anyway.....according to my Uncle,-

It is going to cost the Wisconsin taxpayers a sh*t ton of money to actually go back and re-elect another Gov. -which Scott Walker may still win anyway (the re-election) and they are all doing this even though they voted the guy in fair and square ... my Uncle has got such a bee in his bonnett he said he is actually considering leaving the state if it goes through (Doubtful but whatever). Then again, maybe Wisc has something here and we should just pull a mulligan on Obama and every other person we want to have out of office but wait there would be none left!! Sigh.....

"The Universe may not always play fair but at least it's got a sense of humor" ;) - Michael Patrick King

I forgot to add another

I forgot to add another thing. You can't even have any form of discussion about Walker with the recall Walker people. The second you say his name, they start screaming and stomping like a 2 year old. For this reason, I stay away from this topic. There are potential Ron Paul supporters in this group, so I stick to talking about Paul with them and leave out my 2 cents on Walker. Other than the fact that my windows would get smashed and my tires slashed if I had a "Support Walker" bumper sticker on my car, I don't have one on my car along with my Ron Paul sticker because I don't want to immediately lose potential Paul supporters through association.

If you're

a small farmer, say an organic farmer that has a CSA operation along with selling your produce at a local farmer's market, you are shit out of luck if you would like to have some sort of health insurance for you, your wife, and child.

There is no way you can afford it.

In the good old days if your partner had a outside job you might be able to be included on their policy.

Let's just be dependant on some subsidized industrial food system, because we can't afford to take care of our own, and, police the world.

Am I just wasting time and money supporting RP?, let me know.

My brother said he wants

My brother said he wants protesters to pay to protest. I guess there was damage when 100000 people protested in Mad town.

I was there, twice,

The only thing I saw that had some visable damage was the statehouse lawn.
They used painter's tape when posting signs in the peoples house, the state capital. I assume polished marble is pretty durable.

I don't agree with everything Walker does...

...for example, I don't like the voter ID stuff; however I don't want him recalled. Although, maybe if he's recalled we can get a libertarian in! That would be awesome, not likely :(
I met Walker for about 5 minutes and had a conversation with him. He's a pretty nice guy (of course they all are).

Rand Paul / Justin Amash 2016
Continue the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION

what voter ID stuff?

Is he doing?

"The Universe may not always play fair but at least it's got a sense of humor" ;) - Michael Patrick King

what voter ID stuff?

Is he doing?

"The Universe may not always play fair but at least it's got a sense of humor" ;) - Michael Patrick King

It is turning into war in

It is turning into war in Wisconsinrepeal walker signs everywhere in Milwaukee. Walker tryed balancing the budget and now his head is on the chopping block. I'm sure he will be a future GOP canidate.

I heard some school districts

I heard some school districts have already went from being in the red to being in the black and many of those are hiring more teachers. All because Walker made good on his promises... I dont remember where I heard that. I think Rush was talking about it and I looked up the article. If Wisconsin want to turn back to a failed system that's their problem. I hope they don't..