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EPA Taxes

I just rented a gas powered bedding edger machine from a rental place in Tennessee today.They hit me with a EPA tax of $1.50 for a 25.00 rental.When did they sneak this tax in?Is it that way in every state?

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Bump and I don't think so.

Bump and I don't think so. At least not here in the land of cheese. I rented a cable digger machine and there was no EPA tax on it, but that was in June of 2011.

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EPA tax

Thanks for the comments.I will investigate further with DJ rentals in Columbia TN.on charging me a EPA tax of $1.50.I could not find anything on the Internet on this tax they charged me for.

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Never heard of that tax...

But here is a another tax people are not aware of.

EPA Gas Guzzler tax.

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