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Ron Paul Highlights in Jacksonville GOP / CNN Debate - 1/26/12

As always, thanks to Joe Plummer for the video capture & upload Ron Paul in the debate:


Full debate links - thanks Kingu

http://youtu.be/4Shd0S6gaLs - Part 1
http://youtu.be/cBLuTxcyris - Part 2
http://youtu.be/sUWA1ET9bBQ - Part 3
http://youtu.be/tWGpndAG1_w - Part 4
http://youtu.be/uX21K5l58jQ - Part 5
http://youtu.be/kVPwSYcBiDg - Part 6
http://youtu.be/zJDcZsCKO1E - Part 7
http://youtu.be/qT6AAC6NrkE - Part 8

January 26, 2012 - Republican Party of Florida CNN Debate

Dr. Ron Paul will participate in the Florida Debate sponsored by the Republican Party of Florida and CNN, held at the University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday, January 26th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

Live stream at CNN.com. Check back here for the highlights.


For those in the area, there will be a sign wave at the Kernan Blvd entrance to UNF & The 9A Entrance to UNF from 5:30pm - 7:30pm, followed by a Debate Watching Party at the BlackFinn American Grille at 7:30 in Jacksonville.

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This was one of Dr. Paul's finest debates (as of late anyway).

He was deliberate, well-spoken, confident and used humor wonderfully to get his points across.

I loved the line about him not thinking that everyone sees a Jihadist under their beds! Hilarious!

Dr. Paul won this debate without doubt.

Santorum proved his instability again and the other 2 had nothing.

Romney = No substance - no detailed answers - just generalities.

Gingrich = Big-government insider with friends in high places.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


should use a line like "First they ridiculed me, then they ignored me, now I'm winning" in the next debate.

It's so obvious that these people are copying his talking points and even try to outdo him on some of them with their slick rants.

There's Santorum posing as a big believer in the Declaration of Indepence and the pursuit of happiness among other things, but we have it on tape, that he actually doesn't believe in the pursuit of happiness, he criticizes it. That's prove that he's romneytoasting himself to appeal to Tea Party types, this empty suit spoke out against what he deemed "refashioning of conservatism" by the Tea Party, and later joined them, because he can't beat them.

Napolitano: "We need Ron Paul now!"

This was very contradictory - we need an ad showing him changing

his position on what conservatism is.

Ron Paul did amazing

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I am sorry folks...I am a fanatical supporter from abroad and I do not want to be MISUNDERSTOOD....but after this debate I am sincelerly convinced that Dr Paul does not want to WIN...for me it is clear that he wants to drive the whole GOP to a "U" TURN in a several areas and HE IS RIGHT ON THAT by eroding slowly but surely the BELIEF SYSTEM that is JEOPARDIZING the future of the entire country and this in my mind is a TITANIC MISSIONto behold ...I feel that this positioning is far more IMPORTANT than anything else...but as a fervent supporter I was dreaming that a more realistic approach would be to see a meaningful CHANGE of course in our lifetime spam...It is not the case at all..there were so much opportunities in this debate to jump on in and to debunke their hard positions in some issues that Dr PaAul clearly by nature and by choosing the path that I oulined before he did not ENGAGE..to see FROTHY doing the best criticism in a field that belong to DR PAul like MANDATE HEALTHCARE when the good doctor would being lecturing all of them by heaps and bounds and still NOT ENGAGING but letting this IMPORTANT matter being dragged by a sophomoric uneducated unpolite and rude politician to bring down the Romney-Grinch for their strong support for such personal intrusion is at least APPALING for me to watch..I still think that he would have maneuvered that with more action and by intruding during the peak of that iscussion and pointing out loudly in a more personal way what did first Frothy and then al last the Grinch...

There was a strategy followed by Dr. Paul regarding this debate

You may have noticed that Dr. Paul made very short and concise comments and basically ALLOWED the debate to take the course it did with Newt and Romney battling it out with the blame game. The strategy is: to allow Newt and Romney to go at it and dominate the debate with them and their bickering. Romney and Gingrich fell into it and they did dominate the debate with on going bickering. Every point that Ron Paul made was to not engage them where Sanatorium did so he unknowingly aided Ron Paul even more. Don't know that I made it crystal clear to what actually took place because it is so brilliant...nearly blinding. I think the Paul Campaign pulled off an enormous win by appearing and stying in the background and allow the other three to fight it out.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

The truth is you are hearing

The truth is you are hearing things from these 3 that ron paul has been saying. They are simply trying to get ron paul supporters to follow them. The fact is though paul has been fighting the good fight his whole life. These guys are jumping on the bandwagon. They are not pure like paul is. Americans know this. And are realising that paul is the real deal. Dr paul will not be changing to be like the others he will only change by small steps getting better at what he already does. Long haul! We are ready and so is he!

No, we know that Paul has been saying these things all along

most Americans do not! And they do not know that Santorum didn't always think that way. MAny will have seen this discussion for the first time. People would have to delve deeper to find out and how many do that?

when a mitt or newt supporter

when a mitt or newt supporter tries to call us crazy they will start to second guess themselves because now their canadate is agreeing with ron paul and saying the same stuff Its only the rich criminal elite that will stick to their guns as they have the most to loose.

The majority will start supporting the real deal Ron Paul

I sugest you think about what you have said for a while

maybe longer than you have been here on the forums, at least 6 days, lol. I have to wonder how much you know the good Dr.

It is the same over and over, he needs to change something for some individuals way of thinking. He has been in this fight for many years. He is in it to win, you just have to look at the bigger picture.

It is actually good to see comments from newer individuals like

this - we need the perspective of those seeing him with new eyes! We all know the background here but the people we need to convert do not! I think there is much to be learned from such comments and one should not just vote them down.

He changed his post, the original comments were

so much more negative, I guess you had to see the original comment.

Sorry but I did not change my comments

I tried to PULL OFF these comments..did not succeed..I dont care being negatively seen...I DO care Dr Paul getting elected....and even if I am new in the forum I have being a Ron PAul follower for much more time than 6 days..actually 2 years..And I regret to see people not understanding for what I stand and what I was trying to get ..simply put..I believe that rhetorical discourse is a necessity to succeed in politics..and I know very well how hard and exhaustive it is such campaigning for Dr PAul..having worked hard as a doctor and now being under a hard time when a lot of people simply enjoy life and have fun in other things he chose to fight for us all...I know that for sure...but I stil think that he is trying to convert, to educate, to inculcate thoughts and free people's minds so a new dawn for human race based actually in exporting the best american product ever the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION to other lands that by emulating this wonderful creation be able to achieve EXCELLENCY and developing whole new societies that respect others space and freedoms..that I think that he is trying to achieve...but I would like having him as POTUS than anything else...

I apologize

I apologize, The comment was not expanded and I did not see it till after posting that. But, I do think you need to step back and look at what you said, and at what I said. I do not think anyone can justify saying he does not want to win. He has been fighting this for years. Your opinion does not reflect the man in my opinion. Maybe you could be more positively oriented in your comments.

Your comment will not resonate with many here and you must have known it when you stated it.

Do not expect sympathy from me.

President paul hit it out the

President paul hit it out the park so many times tonight! While the others were getting picked off by each other ron was stealng bases and hitting home runs!

The others were getting caught out trying to steal Ron Paul's base. While Paul was stealing the others bases simply by not getting caught with a bad record.

All they could do was nod their heads in agreement that they dont have a clue how to keep president Paul from scoring runs and stealing their base. His game is Just to sound just like his economic polices!

End the fed, bring our troops home, defend our borders, have sound economic polocies, instill personal freedom and liberty to all americans, follow the constatution and be the blueprint of what a free and open society looks like for the rest of the world to copy! With Ron Pauls record of 40 years trying to do these things at every chance he gets the people only have one choice!! Ron Paul 2012

Why I like Ron Paul

I've been a libertarian for 20 years so I obviously like his policy. But I was thinking about people calling us Paulbots and claiming it's a cult of personality. So I tried to think about if I really admire the man along with the message. The conclusion I came to is I admire the man for one main reason.

I was an awkward kid in high school. I was smart but really didn't fit in and I went my own way. In college I studied hard because I was interested in the subjects and resisted the temptation to party and slack off like many of my friends.

I see that in Ron Paul in Washington DC. Can you imagine the type of "fun" Ron Paul could of had in that town if he just went along? The women, booze, drugs, lavish parties, gifts, power? It is almost unimaginable that a human being could have such a strong character that he could resist the evil that lives in that town. I think that is why he will make such a great president. The power in that office is too much . Even the other candidates said it last night. But they said they would look to God not the Constitution when they governed. This is very scary. I'm a very religious man but I don't want a religious president who exceeds the power granted to him in the Constitution because he believes God told him it was OK.

Why the fuck....


This poll matches up Obama vs romney, newt, and santorum, but not Paul....wtf!?

Now that pisses me off

Like we didn't already know its the only narrative permitted by the MoT is Ron Paul as an independent.

Thanks for posting the full questionnaire. At least we know the real questions being asked, Salty Newt Toad as Republican vs Obama, vs Ron Paul as an Independent vs Obama. Way to lead the minds of the respondents.

There's lies, damn lies and statistics.

Wow. It's moments like these

Wow. It's moments like these that make it all worthwhile. Thanks for the recharge, Ron! Gingrich was unbelievable...trying to move in on us 'Ron Paul-supporters' by trying to appear agreeable with Ron every chance he could get (because--winner take all and in people's minds, here in Florida, Paul isn't "competing"). Newt'll do and say anything just to squeeze out a few more votes. Strategy I suppose, damned sophist. I love that Ron isn't phased and doesn't give any thought to pandering. The others didn't miss a single moment jumping on the kiss-ass train with their new-found love of Florida, Hispanics, NASA, the usual God/religion, and Israel. Ron just keeps saying it like it is, truth, truth, truth. Fascinating.

Truthbearer's picture

Sorry...the next....

...word is contentious!

Class, can you say contentious?

Gotta love it and the crazy wacko part of it is, while the democrats laugh at these guys, we do too!

Scary thot. All these nutz that still support them contentious ones!

Lol...more fun than football! Tell Ya!

Final Florida push begins after contentious debate




Romney: I have people that do that for me attitude

I really did not like Romneys answers regarding his finances. Is he gonna be a idiot like Rick Perry if he makes it to the whitehouse?

You got people?

yeah, I got people.

Wasn't that an old H&R block skit?

Romney = Elitest

That is what elite is all about. Never getting your hands dirty.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

...just watched the Ron Paul

...just watched the Ron Paul highlights (it's morning here in Europe)...Ron was better than ever: he nailed each topic. Paul was able to differentiate his policies from those of the status quo candidates on each issue. His observations were thoughtful, insightful, his solutions to problems were correct.
I noticed a couple times that Gingrich leaped in to agree after Ron Paul spoke...

wolfe's picture

Don't watch just the highlights this time...

Really, you have to watch the whole thing to see just HOW good this debate was for us. It was awesome. And Romney was also on the "Dr Paul is right" train... Even looking to RP for approval, and asking forgiveness in a way for one answer.

Santorum was the only one that didn't get it and actually attacked RP... He's done... :)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Thank you

I just got home from work and I do not want to hear from anyone other than Ron Paul. That is not because I am not open minded, but I know what the "others" have to say, and I do not agree with them.

Ron Paul was great tonight. Anyone who does not support him after hearing this debate is not a true conservative.

You are right...Only what RP says matters...

we know what BS is spewed from the others. RP is always great at these debates and our support for him should be unequivocal.

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The train kept on a rolling...


GINGRICH 17.52% (20,986 votes)

PAUL 36.16% (43,327 votes)

ROMNEY 29.15% (34,926 votes)

SANTORUM 17.17% (20,570 votes)

Total Votes: 119,809


GINGRICH 17.51% (21,134 votes)

PAUL 36.24% (43,730 votes)

ROMNEY 29.1% (35,118 votes)

SANTORUM 17.15% (20,697 votes)

Total Votes: 120,679

...all night long!

It's nice to see The Grinch finally going down

I mean, really people (who support Gingrich), what were you thinking? WHAT???

I know, I'm replying to my own message

But are there any Gingrich people out there that can tell me what are you thinking? What is your reason for supporting him?

Please tell me.

he makes us feel safe

with all of his talk of 'dealing' with countries and leaders around the world. He mentions his religious beliefs and how good a Christian he is (just don't look at his personal life for evidence of that). Just because he impeached Clinton while having an affair himself, doesn't mean he is a hypocrite either! And just because he was 'in bed' with Fannie and Freddie doesn't mean he is corrupt! So, did I answer your question as to why people like him? I tried.