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I was so wrong

This is an apology to Dr Paul....I was involved in the frustrated and frantic attempt to try to advise Ron Paul on his debating skills. I've done some soul searching about this and realize I was wrong. I will never speak for others, only myself.

I realized that I discovered Ron Paul five years ago and he changed my life. I realized that some have known him longer and some recently. I also realized that Ron Paul has been fighting for us the majority of his life and he has been fighting most of that time alone. He has the strongest character and dedication of any individual I have seen in the 62 years seen of my life. Was it easy for him? NEVER. I can not imagine how he continued never swaying in his convictions with so many mocking him, ridiculing him and desperately trying to shut him up. First of all, I know that I would have given up a long time ago and I think if most of you do some soul searching, you will agree that you would have done the same.

I don't care how Dr Paul does in the debate tonight, he is who he is and that is why I regard him so highly and respect him so totally. He has been fighting fairly when the rest have not but as my son once told me "Get over it mom, life is not fair" In my mind It doesn't matter to me how Ron Paul does tonight because I will never waver in my belief and dedication to him. I am with him to the end and instead of watching the debate (he doesn't need to convince me of anything), I will be putting out my new Ron Paul signs all over my property, driving around with my brand new magnetic Ron Paul car decals and hanging my HUGE Ron Paul banner across the front of my house so that my neighbors get the message.

Remember, Ron Paul is not fighthing this war of Freedom and Prosperity for himself, he is fighting it for us, the American people, our future generations and ALL of Americans. When you get older you sometimes tend to get a little wiser and I realize the toll this is taking on him because he is up against so much. I know most of us are frantic because we know how much we have to lose as a country if he does not win but win or lose, we still have Ron Paul with us and each other to continue the battle. Ron Paul has given us the greatest gift that any individual could have been given...the love for Freedom and Liberty.

I am done with my selfish pity party that I have been engaging in all week and it's time for me to get busy.

Let him know that we are with him tonight, give him our strength and that no matter what, we will continue his battle with him, and for him, forever. God Speed Dr Paul!

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Yeah, but... I think he needs to rehearse something GOOD...

Something that sets him apart. Something like this...

America is at a crossroads. The federal government is out of control. The Federal Reserve is out of control. Our wealth is being fleeced by crooked politicians and multinational corporations... and our currency is being destroyed by the Federal Reserve. In our current 2-party political system... one side of the aisle wants to bankrupt us with welfare. The other side wants to bankrupt us with warfare. And it seems that the politicians and the Wall Street corporations are all doing quite well...because all that wealth is being transferred to them from the shrinking middle class.

We're writing a check that we cannot cash, and this massive debt is going to be passed down to our children and our grandchildren. I really don't think most Americans lay in bed at night worried if their children are going to die in a terrorist attack. I think they worry more about what kind of future their children are going to have if the government continues to spend more than it takes in. The $15 trillion we already owe is around $200,000 for a family of four. Then you have to consider social security, medicare, prescription drug programs, shrimp on treadmills and every other unfunded program Congress has passed over the years.

I've been fighting for over 30 years for the American taxpayer. Every vote I've ever taken has been according to a strict interpretation of the constitution. I do not get any special interest money because the lobbyists know it will not change my vote. I voted NO on all the bailouts, TARP, all the entitlement programs, and all the wasteful spending. I warned about the housing bubble in the late 90's and everyone laughed. I was warning about the growing housing bubble while Romney and Gingrich were profiting from it. I been warning about the Fed destroying our money since the 1970's, in fact this is the reason I got involved in politics. Everyone laughed. I warned that more intervention in the middle east would result in more terrorist attacks... and it has.

As I mentioned before... we're at a crossroads. We need to take a serious look at what the role of the federal government ought to be. We need to think about the legacy and the debt we leave to our children. We need to realize that the government cannot take care of us from cradle to grave... nor can it be the policeman of the world... and still have a prosperous society. It takes limited government and self-reliance... strong families, churches and communities... freedom for the people to make their own decisions... and the government out of our lives and out of our wallets.

Oh, and we need more media companies... we need to break up these big conglomerates in our media... cuz these people SUCK.

That's all I wanted to say. And I know I'm not the best speaker in the world... but we've had enough of the slick-talking, good looking politicians who promise one thing and do something else. I'm not that guy. If you want to keep going down the same road, vote for one of these other guys. If you're a true conservative and you really want to reduce the size of the federal government... go look at my voting record... I'm your man.


At this point he turns over the lectern and walk the fuck off stage.

partly agree

see, i agree Dr.Paul does a good job most of the time, but there is always room for improvement. if we can put up some good ideas on how to answer some gotcha questions in a better way, and the Campaign takes note of this and uses it, then its better for him and for the movement.
i totally agree with all his policies, but media being so manipulative always tries to twist his words, and people sometimes just want some simple answers.
i am happy with the past few debates, once where he said that the current FP is isolationist.
u will probably agree that once he answers a question nicely, that question does not come back to haunt him again.
so i will keep posting ideas that i think are good for certain questions.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Continue posting your ideas!

Continue posting your ideas! I welcome them!

Here's my post yesterday I did the same thing in. You might like it. www.dailypaul.com/208289/rp-to-step-up-his-strategy-contrast...

Learn, always! Good job, J-White!

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

Dr Paul was a clear winner last night

Don't let anyone tell you differently. You really need to watch the entire debate in order to understand. The first thing I noticed was that Dr Paul took a deep breath at the beginning of the debate while all of the candidates were standing in front of the podiums. That was when I knew he was ready. His answers were short, intelligent, logical, to the point, informational and his satire was amazing. He seemed extremely confident and at ease.

I think his honest satire let the audience know that he was a leader and wanted to address the real problems facing our country instead of the bickering back and forth between the other candidates and their ridiculous ideas about how to waste our money. Some of his comments reminded me of how Jon Stewart uses his satire to help people understand that the other candidates were morons. Dr Paul was almost like the Professor turning to students and saying to them like "Have you learned nothing? What in the world are you talking about? Go back and study before you speak again!" LOL The others went on and on repeating the same old rhetoric that they have in every debate...no substance and nothing to tell the audience on how they can solve the problems we face today. The others talked like politicians, Ron Paul spoke like a leader.

I called a friend this morning that I had asked to watch the debate with an open mind. I asked her what information she obtained from each candidate and she said that Santorium seemed angry at everyone and postures alot about sanctions and war but she didn't know why he was so bitter and that Romney and Newt just argued most of the time over who was more corrupt. She told me that those three frightened her a little and that Ron Paul was the only adult in the room. She is very interested in finding out more about him. I am so proud of Dr Paul...he came through for Americans and it will be interesting to see if the voters in Florida want to take their country back or not. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

BTW, I look under my bed every morning now, you never know who might be hiding under it LOL

edit reply

II don't want to say bad thing about

any fellow Ron Paul supporters.

But, please remember. There are many many irrational supporters for other campaigns as well. Being too religious about Dr. Paul is not inspiring at all.

He's in the spotlight.

We se Dr. Paul at his very best and it's easy to expect that "very best" every time. No pitcher throws a perfect game every time. Why should we expect that sort of perfect performance from anyone else? I believe we will do well to remember that though Dr. Paul's message hasn't changed, his conversation often remains fresh and unscripted.
He also has to translate his explanations to layman's terms without undermining their significance. Sometimes he speaks with monetary or legislative terminology that requires me to research to understand what he is saying. Then I think, "His words would fly right over most people's heads! People in this country have been seriously dumbed-down on monetary and legislative issues. They need more basic explanations." Then, after listening to basic explanations and soundbites on the campaign trail, we grow bored and want more education. "Yes, we know about the trillion dollar spending cut, tell us more about experimenting with alternative currencies."
The challenge of exposing the strongest organized crime cartel in the world (our monstrous, needy government,) in layman's terms is no small task. If it was easy, it would have been done already.
He knows what he is doing. Still there's nothing wrong with offering him a suggestion. He's a Congressman, I'm sure he's used to it.

Nice comment. I agree RP

Nice comment. I agree RP should use basic explanations, explanations that are clear and understandable to the average person. I think RP gets carried away speaking broadly, verrrry broadly. When he does that, he comes across as though he's lecturing someone. That format can be only so effective. *Sigh*

Time after time he speaks to the choir. The steam he's garnered I fear will dissapate if he continues speaking broadly, vaguely, using terms few people have a clue about and that likely will dissuade them to learn those terms because, frankly, few people take the initiative or want to learn. Darned few. Which frustrates me a lot. Still, debates are things to reflect on to make improvements in.

Well, because you think he has room for improvement, you might enjoy reading my post yesterday. I'd be interested knowing what you think about it. Here it is, www.dailypaul.com/208289/rp-to-step-up-his-strategy-contrast....

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

Great post.......

I have been getting more disgusted with the attitude here for a while. I remember someone saying Dr. Paul should stand up straight! Come on! Maybe he should become younger also.

I swear, his supporters can be more harsh than his critics.

For all those complaining about his performances, how about working on your own? Are you seeking office?

Alot of people seem to think if Ron Paul can win, we will be free forever, and if he doesn't win, we'll be slaves forever. That's not how it works.

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."
-Wendell Phillips

We could win the revolution this year, and any freedoms gained will be gone the next year if we don't continue to resist nature. By nature, government grows. There is no easy way.

Dr. Paul has created the framework, and we must carry it on! I think we forget how amazing it is that someone with his views is on the national stage. He is against all the big forces, yet he is being heard!

I understand where you are coming from

Sometimes Dr Paul doesn't do the best in debates.....or sometimes he doesn't get the point out right or I wish he had said something different. But the thing is I know what he means and I know because when you are a Ron Paul supporter you have taken the time to examine the issues and see what he is saying. His fight has been for literally decades. He has been a steady layer of bricks building a manison of liberty......he's not a snake oil salesman...he's not bells and whistles....he's not exciting or particularly witty....but he is certainly thoughtful, deliberate, humble. He has thought things through. When he answers you can tell he has a grasp of issues and deeper understanding of root cause problems - he's not a slogan or sound bite guy. He really is a doctor - even on the politcal playing field. The rest are trying to gain power - he is trying to diagnose problems. In anycase, Dr Paul could go to the debate tonight and stand there and not say a single word. He could say NOTHING. And I would still vote for him.....cause I know where he stands, I can actually trust him, he has integrity, and I dont need a debate sound bite to convince me to vote for him. This is our dilema and strength as Paul supporters. His numbers never go down. People don't come and go in masse with him. They only come into the fold. Once you have taken the time to digest what he is saying and what he believes in and how right he has been on so many issues - you don't leave. Paul supporters don't come and go. But at the same time they don't come in at lightening record speed. There isn't a cheap easy trick to get people in. People support him cause the ideas are right. If you think about it - the Ron Paul movement is almost entirely a movement not about its leader. Paul isn't fancy, flashy, or even charasmatic in his speaches, he doesnt' demagogue issues, and often votes in ways that would alienate people.....the Paul movement is about liberty and ideas. He is the leader - and the banner carrier for liberty....but he isn't trying to get power for himself .....its as if he was made for this role - cause he embodies the role perfectly.....this is a movement about ideas / about liberty / about the constitution.....the others are almost on a popularity contest of some kind and a flavor the week feel...a gingrich supporter today could be a romney supporter tomorrow....Paul supporters stick with him because the message is deeper, more trascendent, more fundamental to the meaning of our lives and freedom.....

I came to the same conclusion

after the last [horrid] CNN so-called debate. So much so, that I posted this:


"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." - Romans 12:18

Brilliant article that explains why we love Dr. Paul:

You Win!

It is because of people like you that we will win! One way or the other!! Well done, my fellow supporter!!

Disagree with OP

Sure Ron Paul has done a lot for us and we came aboard with his debating skills, but that does not mean he cannot get better.

Constructive criticism is good. The better speaker he is, the faster he convinces people.


Speaking well matters. As for DPer erratic below, I couldn't disagree with him more that public speaking is meaningless. How on Earth can speaking, the bridge to convey an idea vocally, be meaningless? Anyway. I'm glad I'm not the only person around here who feels there's room for RP to improve.

I wrote a post yesterday on using a tactic to help him garner supporters. I'd be interested in knowing what you think about my post. If you'd like to read it, here it is, www.dailypaul.com/208289/rp-to-step-up-his-strategy-contrast....

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

Exactly. Recognize that

Exactly. Recognize that public speaking skills are superficial and entirely meaningless on any significant level, and support Paul because of the substantial aspects of his character and intellect that make him such a great man.

That doesn't change the fact, however, that public speaking skills are, however unfortunate the fact may be, one of the most important aspects of a political campaign when it comes to achieving results in the democratic process.

The blame does not lie with Dr. Paul. The blame lies with the stupidity of the public -- people who will elect a man to be the leader of their country based entirely on a campaign slogan (e.g. "Hope", "Change", "Yes we can!") and a Hollywood smile. It's sickening. Nonetheless, it is an obstacle that we absolutely have to deal with if we wish to accomplish the true change that we claim to.

I was the "idiot" before Ron

I was the "idiot" before Ron Paul. I believed what the politicians said even when they were caught in inconsistencies. No more! I am a feet to the fire woman now. My friends however are still asleep. They think all politicians are liars yet they vote for the lesser evil! How do I compete with that kind of stupid logic? I know I've been there but if I had heard of RP sooner I would have looked him up! People vote with No Idea who they are supporting!!


Moses was not a great speaker and complained when God asked him to go to Egypt and speak on His behalf so that God could deliver His people from slavery. God eventually gave in and assigned Aaron as a spokesman for Moses but God was not pleased, He was not concerned with Moses' speech issues.

I think about this when I see this honorable man standing his ground, never wavering. They boo him for citing The Golden Rule and he still keeps his composure.

There is no perfect person but God uses people as the are to accomplish his goals.

Dr. Paul is doing his very best and he has shown me what a real man of character is, what a real christian is.

I have been frustrated at times too. When I am I think of Moses and I remember that I could never in a million years endure what Dr. Paul has endured for this country and for his principles.

Citing the Golden Rule ...

Citing the Golden Rule and getting the others to boo him or try to cast him as a naive - in front of evangelicals - was BRILLIANT. It turns the foreign policy debate into "Are you REALLY a Christian if you disagree with Paul?"

The others may think they got away with it. But it's going to eat away at their support like acid. B-)

It brings the "Just War" doctrine back onto the table. Given that's the set of arguments that lets Christians interpret the scriptures so they don't have to be pacifists, seeing their favored candidates calling for preemptive wars of conquest and nation building (as an euphemism for "empire building") will make them wonder about the candidates' credentials on other moral issues.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

My thoughts...

I totally get what you are saying. He is a wonderful man who does so much and at this point he is not just respected by us, he is actually loved. He is perhaps the first politician (term used VERY lightly) in history who is actually loved. I really think I would throw myself in front of a moving train to push him out of the way and I know I'm not the only one.

Having said that, I, like many others, am of the belief (even Dr. Paul himself is of the belief) that he has to be clearer about getting his message out. This is it, this is absolutely his last shot at the white house, and because of this, EVERY effort, from us to the man himself, has to be made to make sure he is the GOP candidate.

Also, regarding watching the debates... I make sure to watch every single second of every single debate, not because I enjoy them, they irritate me to know end having to watch Dr. Paul be disrespected night after night, but I watch and I send him my good thoughts, and energy, and yes, even my love during the whole thing.

Let's all do that tonight and during every other debate - just send him our love and our strength and energy so he may continue the good fight for us all.

Excellent idea

to do something productive during the debate. I do like debate watch parties, but maybe we could all get together during the debate but to do something else more productive like you (I can't tonight though, babysitting).

When I pray for Ron Paul on debate days, I make sure to pray for the people watching to listen and for their hearts to be changed.

Ask for the sale

We must all remember that Dr. Paul does know how to campaign. He has won 12 times as a Republican, often in difficult circumstances. (Gingrich negotiated with a former Dem to run against Paul in one of his Congressional races).

There is one thing I would like to see from the Paul campaign:
Ask for the sale!

What do I mean? Instead of, or in addition to his closing statements whereby he typically reminds us of the trouble we are in, to go on and add something like:

"So, we know our problems, and we know how we got into this mess. I have a 30 year record supporting the solutions to these problems, and you, the American people now see that these solutions are not only possible, but American solutions. Please stand with me in this fight for our Liberty. Thank you."

Folks love an American, positive ending. Coming from Paul, vs. the other candidates, I believe would get a resounding applause and increase his support because the people do recognize his sincerity and integrity.

my two cents.

anyone from the campaign reading this?

Thank you everyone

I don't want any confusion about my intentions. I judge NO ONE, only myself. My apology to Dr Paul was something I had to do for myself. I never expected it to last longer than 30 seconds on the posts before it went to whatever land posts go to, never to be seen again lol. I did it for myself, with never the slightest intention of anyone thinking it was criticism for what they have ever said or done. I have learned so much today from so many inspiring posts and my feelings right now are hard to describe. It has been a wonderful conversation and exchanging of ideas and I hope it continues for awhile.

We are all united for one cause...Ron Paul, Freedom and Liberty. I am so proud of all of you and feel like I am a part of something wonderful. Please continue sharing your thoughts and feelings, good or bad, we all learn from both.

with 147 + votes

why is this thread not in "Top Recent Topics?"

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

Constructive criticism is a good thing!

Complacency is what has led our nation down the road to tyranny and bankruptcy. We cannot and should not allow it in our campaign either.

Don't misunderstand; I am not advocating negativity. But there is a place for constructive criticism in ourselves, our message, and our spokespeople. We owe it to our movement to present our ideas in the clearest and most favorable way possible.

We owe it to Dr. Paul to do our very best in refining the message of liberty. Do we really believe he would want anything less?

Yes–appreciate him for what he is and has done, and recognize his dedication and accomplishments. But do not feel guilty for wishing he had just made that one point, or that he had presented his thoughts slightly more eloquently. Given his incredible work ethic (and his marked improvement with every debate) I think we can be sure he's equally (or more) hard on himself as we are, and strives to improve.

Constructive criticism is good

Great comment, wobbles. I think the same. I wrote a post yesterday explaining a tactic Ron could do to gain major favor among people who are new to him. If you'd like to read it, here it is www.dailypaul.com/208289/rp-to-step-up-his-strategy-contrast....

I'd be interested knowing what you think about my post. Take it easy, wobbles.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

I understand where you are

I understand where you are coming from.

Nobody here has the right to presume to know what Dr. Paul should do.

However, I think there is a little bit of confusion about what is going on in these threads. People just want to see him get his message across clearly and effectively in a debate. That is the whole point of a debate. We are all in his corner, but we can also see how he is perceived and the tactics of the other candidates and the media.

I think we all respect Ron and just want to give feedback. I think feedback is crucial for any candidate on that stage. His one goal is to connect with the people. If he is not doing that effectively, then what is wrong with being vocal about suggestions?

These are debates. They are not lectures. The goal of the debate is to win over the audience to your way of thinking. Candidates give performances at debates, they do not simply list off their views.

I think there is nothing wrong with people posting here what they feel. As a matter of fact, I'll bet a couple people involved in the campaign look at the threads on this site from time to time. I'm also sure that Ron doesn't (at least not at this time).

I would never suggest walking up to Ron Paul in person and trying to give him pointers on debate style. That is just offensive. But feedback among his supporters on this forum is a good thing for those in his campaign who might get a sense of the people and relay messages to him.

Don't feel bad. We are not criticizing him and I'm sure he does not read these posts personally.

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

I agree 100%...

...but could the doc tonight just give one elegant, passionate call for the end of the Income Tax/IRS? :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and doing the lifting.

That was great!

+1 from me. The message is spreading. People are getting involved. I think we as a group need to reach out to "older" voters that don't really use the internet for more than reading e-mail. Whether it is lawn signs, letters to the editor or peer-to-peer interactions. I just saw another person in my small city with 2 RP stickers on his truck. A guy 4 blocks away from me has more signage than me now! Keep on plugging away people.


good post

i'm pretty confident that RP will do good tonight..everyone remember to join me on the DailyPaul chat during the debate...

I will be there!

I will be there, sitting on my couch cheering at the television lol I wouldn't miss it for the world and thank you!

Great post!!

I agree, Paul continues to amaze me with his persistence and endurance. I would have wilted under the negative pressure, like, immediately lol But seeing someone go on despite the odds is very inspiring.