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I was so wrong

This is an apology to Dr Paul....I was involved in the frustrated and frantic attempt to try to advise Ron Paul on his debating skills. I've done some soul searching about this and realize I was wrong. I will never speak for others, only myself.

I realized that I discovered Ron Paul five years ago and he changed my life. I realized that some have known him longer and some recently. I also realized that Ron Paul has been fighting for us the majority of his life and he has been fighting most of that time alone. He has the strongest character and dedication of any individual I have seen in the 62 years seen of my life. Was it easy for him? NEVER. I can not imagine how he continued never swaying in his convictions with so many mocking him, ridiculing him and desperately trying to shut him up. First of all, I know that I would have given up a long time ago and I think if most of you do some soul searching, you will agree that you would have done the same.

I don't care how Dr Paul does in the debate tonight, he is who he is and that is why I regard him so highly and respect him so totally. He has been fighting fairly when the rest have not but as my son once told me "Get over it mom, life is not fair" In my mind It doesn't matter to me how Ron Paul does tonight because I will never waver in my belief and dedication to him. I am with him to the end and instead of watching the debate (he doesn't need to convince me of anything), I will be putting out my new Ron Paul signs all over my property, driving around with my brand new magnetic Ron Paul car decals and hanging my HUGE Ron Paul banner across the front of my house so that my neighbors get the message.

Remember, Ron Paul is not fighthing this war of Freedom and Prosperity for himself, he is fighting it for us, the American people, our future generations and ALL of Americans. When you get older you sometimes tend to get a little wiser and I realize the toll this is taking on him because he is up against so much. I know most of us are frantic because we know how much we have to lose as a country if he does not win but win or lose, we still have Ron Paul with us and each other to continue the battle. Ron Paul has given us the greatest gift that any individual could have been given...the love for Freedom and Liberty.

I am done with my selfish pity party that I have been engaging in all week and it's time for me to get busy.

Let him know that we are with him tonight, give him our strength and that no matter what, we will continue his battle with him, and for him, forever. God Speed Dr Paul!

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Something else to keep in mind

If Ron Paul doesn't become President you should check this out: www.freestateproject.org I think it is the next best thing to Ron Paul becoming President and assuming you want to stay in this country.

Free State Project is a movement that strives to bring people together who want to live in a free society. The immediate goal is to bring 20,000 people to the state of New Hampshire. Participants aren't expected to move right away although you can of course do so at anytime. The plan is after 20,000 pledge to move to New Hampshire everyone who has pledged will move to the state within 5 years.

Some facts and figures:

There is no personal income or sales tax in New Hampshire. There is no law mandating adults wear seat belts, motorcycle helmets or buy car insurance. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates and is overall the freest state in the country.

There are currently 12 Free State Project early movers who were elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2010.

Ron Paul had the highest voter turnout percentage here than any other state in 2008.

To become a participant of the Free State Project you must sign a Statement of Intent which reads: "I hereby state my solemn intent to move to the State of New Hampshire. Once there, I will exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of civil government is the protection of life, liberty, and property."

If you like the concept of the Free State Project but don't currently want to become a participant you can choose to become a 'Friend'. If nothing else I think it's good because it adds one more person who is interested in the movement and gives the project further credibility to those who visit the site. There is a monthly graph on their website that shows a few statistics such as the number of new participants/friends and how they heard about this project. To date there is over 11,000 participants and nearly 1,000 people who physically moved to New Hampshire. I should also mention it is absolutely free to sign up. Here is the link to do that: http://​freestateproject.org/join

There is tons of information you can read on their website. From what I have observed the people are very welcoming and willing to show potential Free Staters around the area or actively help participants move into their new homes after arriving. One last thing to keep in mind is that anyone can be part of this project. It doesn't matter what political party you are affiliated with, whether you are religious or nonreligious, what kind of specific activism you want to pursue. As long as you agree with the Statement of Intent and are nonviolent you can become a participant.

For more information please feel free to write me, contact them on their official website or 'Like' them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/​FreeStateProject.org

How about a free province???

All I can say is, sometimes it sucks to be Canadian! How about a free province??? Anyone?? what if someone is willing to adopt me?? I'm 62 years old, come for dinner when called, don't eat much and the only thing I'm prejudice against is corruption in Government...anyone takers??? :)


I care what he does at the debate tonight!

I can't believe this is front page. I want him to sharpen his wonderful message. Less is sometimes more. There is nothing wrong with Ron using the talking points in the I implore the campaign thread. He's making himself more effective and will draw in more of the GOP base.
No offense NoFreedom. but if Ron and the Campaign don't make some serious in roads soon in this presidential race and shake things up you will have no freedom. And BOO to all below that think ultimately Ron Paul should be followed at all costs.. HELLO he's for Individuality!!! Be INDIVIDUALS if need be.

I respect your opinion

I respect your opinion but I wrote the apoligy for a reason. I have no right to tell anyone else what to do. I want to help, not to judge. It's almost like two people being drawn together because they love what they see in the other person. Then they get married and spend the rest of their lives trying to change the qualities of the person that they admired about them in the first place. I have been dedicated to Dr Paul for 5 years because of what I saw in him and what he represents and I don't want to change one little bitty thing about him. I just want him to know that I am beside him to the end.

I agree, Ron Paul has managed

I agree, Ron Paul has managed to get through to us and he will get the message through to others as well.

With regards to giving up, I did just that. I studied law and fully intended to become a lawyer and help right the wrongs perpetrated within the justice system. But I didn't continue the fight. I just didn't have it in me to deal with the scum of the status quo. It made me physically ill, so I walked away from it all and started a printing company. I am happier on a daily basis and believe I am helping a variety of people regularly. But my blood still boils when I hear reports of the system damaging people.

Ron Paul is trying to right the big wrong so the liberty of all people are protected and the status quo will have a much more difficult time inflicting their damage.

President Ron Paul - 2012


Amazing story..I understand what you are saying and I'm glad that you are happy now.

Truthbearer's picture

Gingrich spokesman: The Speaker misled in response to John King.

Yahoo News: Gingrich spokesman: The Speaker misled in response to John King.

Here is another caught in the act story.

After getting his ass chewed the other day at the SC debate, John King fires back at newt the Grinch deceiver extraordinaire.

Now that's the spirit!

There are times when I feel Dr. Paul could answer differently but then I'm not the one in the arena fighting for the cause.

Let's remember - As Dr. Paul himself has said; "The messenger may not be perfect, but the message is!"

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

You just made me realize something

I just imagined what would happen if I was behind that podium with the corrput media asking the questions, the other neocons to my sides wanting to destroy me and my message, the audience and knowing that millions of people were watching. I would NOT be able to say ONE WORD! LOL Now I have an even higher respect (if that is possible) for Dr Paul. Thanks for sharing!

I was so wrong.

Duhhh! Ha!Ha! Just kidding! I've gone through the same process that you have. Since the McCain fiasco and the TARP bailout, it became clear to me we were being sold a bill of goods and I started hearing Ron Paul for the first time and understanding that he was speaking for me! It's like the biblical scales falling from one's eyes and seeing the brazen truth without the veil anymore. At first it's blinding and then you want to share it with everyone but not everyone is able to see it yet.
Then you start to worry about our champion, every nuance of his debate performances and then you realize that he is "in the zone." Then you realize that he is different because the message is the truth. All he has to do is open his mouth and speak the truth and those whose hearts are open to the truth will feel a stirring and eventually they to will have a conversion experience! It's like a whole different world, shinny and new!
Bless you!

Thank you for your post and I

Thank you for your post and I thank the DP community for all the comments and support! You people are making a difference!!!

Often times when they ask him about his weaknesses, his answer is that he needs to improve on the delivery of the message and the presentation. And sometimes his answer and the way he says it brings tears to my eyes...

No, Doctor Paul, you do not need to improve on your delivery and presentation! This is our part and we better do it! You, Doctor Paul, BE yourself and continue to speak the truth. It is the truth that shall set men free, not a brilliant presentation. We are SICK AND TIRED of spotless presenters, brilliantly written speeches, and soulless teleprompter readers!!!

I often ask myself if I had what is asked from him - if I had the ability, the stamina, the knowledge, the passion, the courage to present the message of Liberty to my neighbors, to my friends, even to my family. This man raised the bar for me so high that all this has become a matter of my personal presentation and my personal testimony to the people in my world.

It is a war for the minds of people. And we are winning! Never give up! It is a long marathon and we've got to keep these legs moving!! Thanks again!

Beautifully written

From the heart, thank you for sharing. Something about Dr Paul brought us here together and it may be for different reasons but I'm so thankful that we found him. I love using the Dr. before his name because he is a healer and our country truely needs to be healed.

My concern...

...hasn't really been debate performances. I think Dr. Paul does amazingly well with how horribly the deck is stacked against him. My concern is that Dr. Paul finds ways outside the debates and ads to expand upon the details of his vision for a strong national defense. Some major policy speeches that paint a positive picture in a captivating way would go a long way to bringing over some in my family who have their doubts. But the contrast between Dr. Paul and his opponents in the debates is always refreshing to see, despite any stylistic 'flaws'.

Thanks for the post

I agree but I now have the utmost trust in the Campaign for this. It becomes very complex, they are in this to win and have a very capable and dedicated group working for Dr Paul. I'm just trying to focus on what I can do and I know it's not much but with all of us together it will make a difference.

Thank you

For not organizing a frenzied pile-on thread with a list of demands/ultimatums on Ron Paul and the campaign.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

Thank you

My spirits are lifted by your beautiful words.

Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail. -Friedman

The great thing about Ron

The great thing about Ron Paul is that he always wins. He wins every time a college kid in India starts watching Youtube videos and learning about the banking system, or when an IT worker in Pennsylvania googles his name and discovers Paul's opinion of taxes, and agrees. He wins when a soldier learns how foreign policy affects freedom, and dedicates his life to peace. He wins when his supporters change the minds of friends and family, not just to vote for him, but to support liberty. He's winning, and he'll keep on winning long after we're dust. The message of liberty is eternal, and it will have other messengers, but Ron Paul is one of the greatest. He converted me, and I think he probably converted you. I've never been disappointed by or ashamed of his performances in debates, though sometimes the crowd reactions leave me disheartened. He'll keep trying to be better, and that's more than enough for me.

yes, while it's become an inevitability of a TV-culture,

to praise and gauge one's PERFORMANCE, more than actual substance, let us not fall prey to the specific paradigm MSM has been framing this issue all along.

It's astonishing that people would bother to be politically active enough to watch what would normally be the most boring exercise in human torture, watching several politicians on stage yammer on, yet most of the voting electorate decide whom they should vote for based on their ACTING ability. Let's face it, when MSM yammer on about so and so's performance at the 'debates' that is precisely what they're concerned with: acting. NOT what their substantive policy positions or record is.

well, in that sense, it's exactly like our 'judicial' system: it's based on acting ability, not the Truth.

so let us not fall prey to this. of course with so much at stake it's hard not to get caught up. and, if the world were fair and 'grown adults' truly are willfully informed, none of what we see would be playing out before us: financial malaise from lack of understanding of Fed.Reserve's role, praising of Fed.Gvt because the masses don't get that Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, and FDR were all evil and centralizer/dictators-in-chief, or the simple immutable historic fact: ALL govt lie, ALL the time.

still, it's discouraging that in the age of google, people still on the most part only visit 'their own' sites: Limbaugh dittoheads seekout neocon blogs/'news' outlets only, and of course liberals also do the same. and even if they cross-search, they still read through their opposition's sites/blogs with same partisan lens.

regardless, the public at large, especially the 65+ crowd still get most of their news from MSM, all the while complaining that they're all liberally biased.

oh humans, when oh when...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

I found Dr. Paul in 2007. I

I found Dr. Paul in 2007. I have had my times of anger. I look at when Ron Paul blew me away standing on stage with boos while Giuliani stood there like an idiot telling Paul to apologize. I look and then and I look at now. The canidates are trying to mimic what Ron Paul has been saying the whole time. Ron Paul has already won. He has planted the seed of Liberty. It is and will spread from now on. WE ARE WINNING!!!! Even if Dr. Paul dosen't become presedent. Rand is next, and he has waken so many of us. More awake every day. Thank you Ron Paul for waking me!!!

Charles Ballard

Critiquing the message/campaign isn't disloyal

We all have a lot invested in the success of the campaign and the movement (emotionally, financially, time, etc.). I don't see anything wrong with thinking, and expressing, one's view that certain things could be better.

Sure, Ron Paul *COULD* be a better debater. Saying that is just common sense.

But I understand your decision to drop the matter. Avoiding getting overly emotional and ranting about things (especially on a site like this, where the blind loyalists and Cult of Nystrom will swarm) is probably wise.

Thanks for the personal story.

Well said

It is pretty amazing to hear republicans complain about their sudden (apparent) realization that both of the self-declared GOP "frontronners" are not conservative, and only one of them even attempts to act conservative. Ron Paul simply cannot participate in the current GOP circular-firing-squad mudslinging and revelations of scandals/counter-scandals. Frankly at this point I think we've had enough debates. Ron has made his positions very clear, and the other candidates made it clear they all want to take command of the white house because, well, they would make better "leaders" (ie monarchs) and ensure the Federal Government does a much better job of accounting for all the money it stole from you!


Ron Paul is like the truth. He just has to show up. I'm grateful for his persistence, although I know he has no choice.

That was a beautiful post.

I heard Ron Paul speak for the first time at one of the September debates (sorry, I just wasn't paying attention before that) and I got absolutely hooked because what he was saying was true and authentic. It was like that movie The Truman Show where everyone else is an actor with a script except for the protagonist who is in it for real.


It's Easy For Me

I'm 31, and I take the disparity between the ultra-rich & middle-class as a sign that the ultra-rich have established a stranglehold over politics since before my generation. They are going to get their way one way or another. Either by controlling mass-media, and disseminating manufactured information, or by assassination, and intimidation. So I am not surprised by the widespread mischaracterization of Ron Paul's message, which I believe threatens their established corruption over wealth & power.

You could be depressed, or violently angry or such truth, but only if you forget that we live in the most amazing time of human history, and in a 1st world country, we enjoy amazing levels of health & relative prosperity. The fact that most of us have laptops, or computers, plus televisions, plus cars, plus all the other unnecessary adult toys & tools in our lives is crazy.

But not everything is right, and progress is an ever moving fight of inevitable success. I will vote Ron Paul in 2012 with or without a Republican nomination, because my vote is not something that they can box into a controlled 2-man vote. I do not fall into alignment with anyone's party when that party violates or contradicts my personal beliefs.

4 years ago Ron Paul was less popular than now. And I only foresee further gains, as people lose interest in being manipulated, and cornered into manufactured beliefs & votes.

If moderates want anyone but Obama, fiscal-conservatives want Paul, libertarians want Paul, independents want Paul, and disenchanted-democrats want Paul; Ron Paul is the best choice to beat the incumbent.




I am
I am
All That I am
I am Dr. Paul!!! The Constitution Man!;-)))

Truth And a Smile!!makes me feel good!!!Again!

Message Not The Man;-))
But Thank God We Got Dr. Paul.

Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.But if they mess with us
we kick butt;-)
Thomas Jefferson

You hit my nerve

I too have had a frustration as of late, and i was jumping on that same bandwagon saying Ron Paul needs to do more, yet i haven't felt quite right about it. i haven't even browsed the site in a couple days. I've been collecting my thoughts while i've been away, and the first thing i read is your post. Thank you for reminding me why i love Ron Paul so much, for as long as he speaks the truth, he can do no wrong, and his message is perfect just the way it is.

No it isn't

I understand the enthusiasm, but it's the one thing he admits all the time and in public. Ron Paul stands up for liberty, forgetting that people are voting for him -- as a candidate -- as opposed to the rest.

While we vote for liberty, the rest of the party votes on hair and fake testosterone. The more aggression, idiocy and hypocrisy the better. Bit instead of trying to prepare for debates and work out actual arguments for debates, he constantly takes the high ground. It may be noble, but it won't win him the Presidency. And if things are as dire as he thinks they are (and he's right!!!), he should raise up with self righteousness and kick the bums out of the temple. Yet, he preaches to the choir, when he could be tearing the fakes a new one. He doesn't engage the audience, doesn't sell them a sales pitch. He lectures instead.

Ron Paul, for all the respect I have for him, has little polish. Which is why, for better or worse, he doesn't shine to much of the party. Instead of making excuses for him, insist that he gets better. He's got our support, but he needs our honesty desperately...

The reason many are frustrated is because they see him making little headway with those he must convince. And he isn't convincing them because of his southern cordiality. These people are so fake that they could be destroyed completely in the time he's given on stage, were he to focus only on destroying them, as opposed to preaching.

But that doesn't seem to be his goal. And we will all be the worse off for it.

I'm going to make a lot of enemies with this, but it simply has to be said... I'm not a naysayer or a cynic: I'm someone that wants to see him win and not merely pave the way for Rand. We can't wait that long!

This is constructive criticism, as I'd love to see him take the debates more seriously, journalists' questions less so, and display the ego necessary to be President. He'll never convince others to vote for him if they don't think he wants to win himself.

I can so totally relate

My order from the Ron Paul store arrived two days ago and last night I just sat there for a long time looking at the unopened box and thinking. Finally I got so angry at myself (I do that sometimes) and realized that Ron Paul would NEVER quit until his last breath. Then I realized how selfish I was. I will never let that happen again because I want to leave this earth knowing that the generations I've left behind will not live in chains!