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I took a Ron Paul sign to a Gingrich rally today

I just returned from a 9:00 am GOP/Tea Party rally for Newt Gingrich in Mount Dora, Florida. I took an official Ron Paul For President 2012 sign and held it as I walked through the crowd of several hundred people, mostly retirees, who seemed very supportive of Mr. Gingrich. I dressed nicely and smiled and said hello to everyone I met. I did not see any other Ron Paul signs but I got mostly positive comments from many people, including a number of elderly women who gave me big smiles.

There was a huge media presence and I tried to stand in view of the big cameras but did not wave my sign at them. At one point a security guy in a dark suit approached me. He stared intently in my face, said I was on private property and ask me to put my sign away. I smiled and politely said I was just expressing my opinion, that I was being respectful of the people around me and not confronting anyone. Since I was 20 feet or so from where Newt passed by on the way to the stage I guess he thought I was not going to cause a problem so he left me alone. A roving reporter for a local paper spotted me, took several pictures and then asked for my name.

After listening for awhile to "the one person that has stood for the right and who was responsible for all good things that have happened in America in the last 30 years, the only hope for the future," I had heard enough. While walking towards the back of the crowd I kept the sign up and many people had a chance to see it, if only for a moment.

I've been fairly active on various blogs, contribute regularly to the campaign and have talked to many friends and family about Ron Paul, but this is the first time I've expressed my support in a public place. I did feel quite alone but I just focused on each individual I met and was pleasantly surprised by the mild or positive responses I got. I don't know if I swayed any votes but I had to put my beliefs into action for my own self respect as a committed supporter of Ron Paul.

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Bet you didn't look 'rabid' to any of those folks

'Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for,
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry out for more...'

That's awesome, and it's so

That's awesome, and it's so important that you were so respectful.

My fiance and I drove out to the Iowa caucuses to support Ron Paul. We discovered the day of the caucus that Santorum was hosting his victory rally in the same hotel we were staying at. I made sure to don my Ron Paul buttons and bag and walked all around with them prior to the rally. I got a strange look from a reporter, he just kept staring at me for whatever reason like he wanted to say something.

Anyway, before we left for the caucus, we set up our Ron Paul yard sign just outside our hotel door where everyone could see it, and posted a few alongside Santorum's outside the hotel. When we returned after the Ron Paul rally and caucus results, I wanted so badly to walk into the Santorum 'victory' gathering with my sign. I am still kinda new to publicly displaying my support for Ron Paul on that level, so I wasn't sure if that'd be disrespectful or not. I kinda wish that I did go in there now because of all the media presence, at least with a Ron Paul button on my hat. Ah well, I do try to promote him wherever I go now though. I sell alot of things on ebay, and started including superbrochures and bumper stickers in the packages that I send out to people. One gentleman emailed me back and thanked me for it. I also stick a 'Ron Paul' sticker to any envelope that I send out so the post office can see it as well.

Ron Paul Stickers

on envelopes...that's great. I'm going to start doing that, too!

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we should go to EVERY neocon rally...

and cheer for Dr. Paul!

we can easily outnumber the bought and paid for cronies that attend these fake, staged, "events"!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Nice job :)

I'll tell ya though, the Drudge Report is tearing into Gingrich good today. :)

The Grinch to notice

That's certain. Or one of his staff told him about you. Nice work. I did the same thing to Romney in Dallas in Sep 07.

I salute your courage and faith...

We RP supporters are the best, for sure!

I have a brainwashed GOP

I have a brainwashed GOP friend who can't say anything original and sounds like he downloaded a years worth of Fox news programs. He has never researched Dr Paul but would rather just repeat the same mantra of cooky, isolationist bad on foreign policy crap. He wouldn't know what the country was founded on if his life depended on it. He doesn't remember conservatism as it use to be but what it's morphed into under the NeoCons. When he starts spitting out Fox sound bites I have to walk away. They might as well be Obama supporters as far as I'm concerned equally missinformed and dangerous. They focus on being part of the party not ideas, they don't get our lack of party loyalty and Ron Paul or nobody mentality. I don't have time arguing fantasy with idiots. If you haven't researched Ron Paul do not engagae in a Fox vomit conversation with me. You have already proved your an idiot for repeating it.

I can relate

I met someone just like your friend yesterday. It started with "Saw your Ron Paul decal on your car. Too bad he doesn't have a chance." As soon as I replied to that with a smile and confidence, "Well, I hope he lives long enough to make it" shot out of her mouth. Yikes. It was sickening but I was cornered at that moment so I continued smiling and responded calmly to every regurgitated line that had been programmed by MSM until I could finally politely cut her off and excuse myself.

As you said, nothing original and all downloaded. I believe the trick is to confuse them with our joy at having found Dr. Paul and responding with short clear answers that quickly check mate them. It never went back and forth. She just kept firing off new ones. At the same time it was a great opportunity. As much as she sounded lost with a fake map and no guide, she looked equally perplexed by my conviction that I'd found a beacon of light to lead us out of this mess.

To watering seeds that may or may not sprout.

I completely agree with your

I completely agree with your tactic. Weak people gravitate to the strongest people that will accept them. The MSM has a strong presence. When they ignore all arguments for Ron Paul the best we can do is exude confidence and welcome them.

keep up the good work

Thank you for sharing this on the dailypaul. I am sure you made an impression on all those retiress. If they really knew who Ron Paul is and what he represents (the constitution and liberty) most would vote for him. Thank you again.

Thank You

For putting thoughts into actions.

Well done

I'm sure you did feel quite alone. Like The Granger said, you started in Hell. Very courageous.

"I dressed nicely and smiled and said hello to everyone I met."

This made me smile. You represented Dr. Paul well :)

Most grateful for your efforts!

You are the winds of change in this county, thank you for all your efforts.

May God bless you for your courage!

The Winds of Change!

Props to you patriot!

Props to you patriot!

Your first time in public, eh?

It's gonna get way better for you, becasue you started in HELL. Next time post that you are going, or check your local meetup and see if there are others interested. It's much more fun when you are not alone. Try it!

Thank you for your effort. You prooved YOU ARE A RON PAUL SUPPORTER.

Good on yah!


I broke out laughing when I read your first sentence

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

Mount Dora Ron Paul sign

Great job.Reminds me of last week making a homemade Ron Paul sign in front of the south shore library early voting for Hillsborough county in Fl.There were Newt and Romney signs out their but no Ron Paul sighs.The next day there were plenty of Ron Paul sighs in place.

Money talks and dogs bark


Suggestion: Next time, pass out the Super Brochure.

Sounds like trollin' to me

Crashing someone else's rally.

When Ron Paul was nixed from the 2008 GOP Convention, instead of crashing it, he had his own rally: The Rally for the Republic.

How many converts can you get by preaching to the choir?

It's the non-believers that need to hear the message.

So the Golden Rule only applies to others?


Good Job!

Kudos to you, uplifting to here you're out there in the field and not just behind your keyboard.

Should have done the Karl Rove

Flyers on all windshields saying that Newt received acting instruction from the same soviet infiltrators who groomed Obama....As Rove says, attack them on their strengths, not their weaknesses. Newt's greatest strength is his BS skills.

You might have seriously undermined some Newt support with a tactic like this.

The old ladies smiling at you probably did not read your sign, and just thought they were finally encountering a Newt supporter under 80.



Thank you


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Since you conducted yourself in a respectful

manner, that may have registered with some who were there.