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Ran into Mark Levin at lunch today!

He was very kind!! I need to contact someone in the Paul campaign before the debate how can I do that?? Levin expressed how Paul can win!! He was coaching someone on how to win the debate Tonight. You be the judge who that is!!

I went to lunch with my wife at a local restaurant in Leesburg, VA. Immediately we noticed Mr. Levin sitting just a few feet from us. He was on the phone and we heard him having a conversation with someone about tonights debate. After listening for a good 30 minutes we realized that he was speaking to Rick Santorum. He called him by name.

When he finished his conversation he waited about 5-10 minutes at his table and then got up. He was putting on His jacket when He asked me If I was Tiger Woods because I was wearing a Golf hat. I laughed and said NO but I am a RuPaul fan. He then came over and shook our hands and a very friendly conversation proceeded.

He talked about how he hates Gingrich and Romney - called Romney a Socialist piece of crap..aid Gingrich can't be trusted. We went on to say that that is why we like Ron Paul because he offers the best chance of changing our country. He said that if Ron Paul would change just a little of foreign policy he would like him. He said that he agrees with Ron Paul about the wars being a waste of time but says Iran is a very serious issue. I said that "You know as well as I do that if Ron Paul was president and we went war with Iran, we would win the war decisively and with overwhelming force and we would bring the troops home". He said "well I don't know if its worth it to be attacked before that happens."

We went on to say that we are hard core conservatives, not full libertarians but there are many of us who think Ron Paul offers the best chance at saving this country. He then went on to talk about that if Ron Paul would hammer on the fact that he wants to cut 1 Trillion dollars he would win. He said that RP is too stuck on foreign policy and federal reserve.

He said that he liked Ron Paul but that if Rand was running, he could easily back Rand because he likes him a lot and considers him a friend.

I told him that Ron Paul is so smart that he has a hard time explaining his foreign policy to which he agreed. He was very clear as to why He has gone after Paul. It is because of all the bad emails and threats He gets! Some of us are not helping the cause! However if Paul people we as kind as my Wife and I were I think Paul would be doing even better!!

This is the conversation in a nut shell.

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I agree

I bet deep down Levin knows that he is closest to Paul on everything especially on FP. I agree with you that we Paul supporters do tend to sabotage our own efforts by the way we conduct ourselves. It reflects badly on Paul at times. At the same time I dont believe its all or only Paul supoorters. Levin has been directing his vitriol at Paul & NOT his supporters.

It is very reassuring to hear of what Levin had to say to you. He actually sounded halfway reasonable. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope.

Did you knock him on his ARSe

I hope you knocked his gooffffy ARSE over when you ran into him.

Marx Levine, POS.

i can't believe this man's name IS STILL FRONTPAGE

And just don't seem to go away.

See: http://www.dailypaul.com/205676/tired-of-seeing-the-small-an...

I thought this was the Daily Paul.

I don't understand the fascination.

Forget about this guy. He's a nobody. Ignore him and he will go away.

He wants to anger you. Don't let him.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

I agree

And yet, this thread DID produce some really funny comebacks, in particular

"uncle sugar is broke and the constitution is relevant"


"I ran into the devil, he was nice to me and now I totally trust him."

To understand why Levin and the like have such an egotistical

deist mentality, you must learn about the teachings of Judaism's holiest book, the Talmud. They always spout off with the evil teachings of Islam, but most have never heard about the Talmud, and especially what it says. Here, is a well studied overview of what's taught in this book. http://www.revisionisthistory.org/talmudtruth.html
If you want to see the complete english version http://www.rebelnews.org/downloads/The-Babylonian-Talmud-Com...

Levin Disgraces the Cause of Liberty Every Time He Says the Word

Mark Levin treats people in a despicable manner and in general behaves like an ill-tempered adolescent. He is a disgrace to conservatism and an affront to the Cause of Liberty ~



My Pro Liberty Blog: http://WalkerWire.com

"Now I'm ready for battle"

ha ha ha ha ha ha

Tough talk from a person who has not served one second in the United States military, yet promotes others risking their lives for Marx Levin's nation building cause, sponsered by the Federal Reserve Bank.

Thanks for posting the Tom Woods link, Mr. Woods destroyed him.

Great Link

Tom Woods has an entire page devoted to arguing against Levin's foreign policiy!

The headline got my hopes up.

The headline got my hopes up. Turns out you did not run into him hard enough.

I do not know who sent out the memo, but there is a lot of sucking up going on now. I think they must realize that without the Ron Paul wing, the GOP cannot beat Obama. That and the fact that RP will have delegates at what may be a brokered convention.

When it comes to politicians and talk show hosts, it takes quite a lot of evidence to convince me that their every utterance is not motivated by their own narrowly conceived self interests.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Jive, that was a terrific

Jive, that was a terrific first line and gave me my first good laugh of today. Thanks for that..lol

I think it does come down to foreign policy.

The neocons would like him more if, like his son Rand, he would just throw them a bone on foreign policy. By that I mean just some meaningless political triangulation/prevarication. "I support a strong national defense...blah blah"..close mouth--move on. Take neutral positions on specific war issues.

I know Dr. Paul is too honest and candid to do that--I'm just saying it would help his electability a great deal at this stage. It is not a lie to occasionally withhold the truth.

Support the Constitution of the United States


I agree with you. At the very least Paul needs to stop mentioning Osama Bin Laden for why we have blowback. You and I know what Paul is trying to argue but most people will only say to themselves "Oh he must sympathize with Osama"

I think he can do what you are advising but still state his opposition to the wars. Huntsman called for withdrawals immdiatley from both Afghanistan and Iraq but never got the grief Paul did becasue he was a little more shrewd.

His distgustful 3 hour RP trashing session

Is what stops a LARGE majority of neocons from even taking the initiative to look into RP. Levin is scum. He spews diarhea out of his mouth daily. He is one of the biggest opposition to the revolution.

Fresno, CA

I don't know if he conned you or is just afraid to

to be himself when someone can punch him in his mouth for his hateful BS, but he is no friend of freedom. Mark Levin is a creep of the worst order, he talks the talk of liberty and freedom but then turns his back on every principle that those ideas embody when it comes to anyone he disagrees with.

Free and Brave
or Cradle to Grave
You can't have both

What kind of "friend" to Rand Paul

would threaten to do "everything in [his] power" to defeat Rand in Kentucky if Ron mounts a third-party bid? If you really did meet Mark Levin and he said what you've indicated, then he must be schizophrenic, a phony and/or a narcissistic sociopath.

Regardless, Levin is a talk radio loudmouth whose ratings are in terminal decline, while Ron Paul's star is rising. My best advice is to ignore Levin's advice, along with Levin himself.

I ran into the devil...he said nice things so now I trust him



Too funny.

and the devil told me not to vote

for RuPaul, so I won't

Mark Levin

I heard his show last night and he does seem to be coming around to Dr. Paul,s viewpoint. He is changing his revisionist neo-con view of the constitution. I think everyone realizes that that viewpint is just not sustainable. I just don't trust him or anyone from the FOX network yet other than Judge Napolitano and Stossel yet.

Anything is possible; radio guys are as plastic as MSM anchors

Anything is possible; radio guys are plastic frauds like MSM anchors. I've hated Levin with a passion ever since I argued with him over his attempts to start WWIII with Russia in August 2008, and he cut me off after I demanded to know why he wants to spill Ameican blood to "defend Stalin's borders." (Yes, my hatred is personal.)

Now, People who "know" Marxist Levin insist he's a sweetheart in real life. But to hear him on the radio, he comes across as one of the most grating swine imaginable.

And that's basically how he shall always be to me.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Mark Levin defined: Israel FIRST - U.S. SECOND.

So any talk of ending foreign aid won't get support from the rotted Levin.

If I saw Levin I would ask him this simple question: HOW DARE the U.S. government (through the strong-arm of the IRS) take MY MONEY and then GIVE IT AWAY in foreign aid by the BILLIONS each year?

Our founders said YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

So the shysters added an Amendment (16th) to the Constitution to allow them to steal from our PAYCHECKS and dole it out to the rest of the world.

How is Levin going to answer THAT???

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

How is Levin going to answer THAT???

In person: he will weasel and claw

On his show: hang up on you and bemoan the Democrats for all things gone wrong

He will tell you that if we don't give billions upon billions to Israel, it will be destroyed by the surrounding countries. They don't like Israel (they can't seem to forget 1948 for some reason), but they are NOT going to even try to destroy Israel. Nor COULD they destroy Israel. Besides Israel is considered holy land to Muslims, and the vast majority, like 99%+ of Muslims are not radical-jihad.

Israel can stand on her own two feet without US public tax-dollar funded, borrowed, or printed money.

His answer doesn't make sense

I don't like you only because your supporters throw stones at me for throwing stones at you. Huh?

That's familiar

He did the same thing to me in '07, the incident made it to Lew Rockwell's front page.

Let's be clear, Marx Levin is not sincere, he does not tell the truth, he overstates, and in many case mixes fact with fiction.


He will do and say anything to support the war machine/middle east nation building.


And we are an obstacle to the continued achievement of those means. I could tell you one hundred stories of calls to his stupid show to back this.

I hate to say it, but I

I hate to say it, but I sometimes get rubbed the wrong way by SOME supporters. It can be a turn off, especially if you are not a hard core supporter or doesn't know much about Paul. Now, we keep hearing it from many people that SOME supporters can be rather obnoxious, and it would be at our peril to ignore it. Even Paul has to condem some of the supporters sometimes.

We take things too personally sometimes. Now if some are lying there is justification for going off, but not name calling etc.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Name calling

...like Marx Levin?

This guy is a neo con jerk

He probably did not want to be exposed in public, so he had to try and agree with you. But NO, he is a neocon jerk who is trying to destroy this country.

neocon jerk

If we keep calling people like Mark Levin "neocon jerks" we will never be able to convert enough conservative voters to the cause to make a dent in this election or to grow the movement. Levin is typical of the average garden variety conservative voter. If Levin is a neocon jerk then a majority of conservatives are neocon jerks as well. So, is our strategy to run around berating conservatives to get them to join the cause?

He has a stark disagreement with Dr. Paul over interventionism/non-interventionism. He obviously does not understand the Federal reserve issue. Most people don't. Yes, he does act like a jerk on his radio show and he has been hostile to Paul. Jerk seems to describe him well.

It is the neocon label that is misguided. Using labels as pejoratives is what liberals do - as in throwing around the racist label at anyone who might have a disagreement about certain policies.

We need to infiltrate talk radio and the Tea Party Movement with our better ideas. Talk radio ratings are declining rapidly. We are starting to have an effect. The name calling is only creating a backlash.

I like Marx Levin, it fits him very well

I'll go as far as to say that nobody will be converted or repelled from Austro-libertarianism as a result.

"Levin is typical of the average garden variety conservative voter"

No, Levin is satan behind a microphone

"He obviously does not understand the Federal reserve issue"

No, I've discussed this with him many times. He understands this issue very well, and will always deflect attention from it:


There was no conversation

I watched your video. You did not engage Levin. You tried but he did not respond. So, that proves nothing other than that you were unable to engage a talk show host. Good try though. I believe that is what we need to do.

I want to speak as someone who came to the Ron Paul Revolution through another door that had nothing to do with understanding the Federal Reserve. I learned about the Federal Reserve after I began to embrace other aspects of Paul's message. That issue is extremely difficult to 1. understand, and 2. embrace because it is so far outside of the average American's ability to comprehend. Fixing it means the disruption of everything, thus you can understand why the average person would be fearful. When you throw in all sorts of recriminations about global elites, the Rothchilds, and all of that other nefarious stuff, 90% of people will shut down emotionally and think you are nuts.

I am speaking as a mental health professional here. You must make your case in a more measured and more concrete way. And leave out the nefarious stuff. The average person cannot tolerate the cognitive shock.

People like Levin are not evil. They are patriotic and they are human. If the FED goes, so does much of the military, the stock market tanks (which means anybody with a 401K is screwed), employers are revealed as Emperors without clothes, which means jobs go away. Of course they deny and obfuscate!

With a guy like Levin and most garden variety conservatives, you should start the conversation with, I appreciate your patriotism" or, "I know this information sounds nonsensical" or I am with you on such and such, but". That gets the attention of their rational brain before overwhelming their limbic system.

Neoconservatives probably cannot be converted. They are Trotskyites, Marxists, Wilsonian imperialists, whatever. But the garden variety Reagan Conservatives can be converted. The Neocons infiltrated the Bush administration and pulled a lot of regular Americans with them. They could just as easily be turned in the other direction. They do not support war because they want world domination. They support war because they believe it has been the best strategy to defeat our enemies for seventy years. They are not stupid or evil. They just need access to other ideas and better leadership.