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Help Us Get Supplies to Georgia

I'm an out-of-work Paul supporter. I lived on my emergency fund for the past 3 months, during the SC campaign, but it is now tapped out, and I'm looking for work.

I need to get my area's campaign supplies to another part of the state (about an hour away), Friday afternoon. They will be part of a large shipment going to Georgia.

Can you help me out by donating to my ChipIn?
I'm only asking for $60 to get some gas.


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Well, I got some more money

Well, I got some more money locally. I made the trip, and the supplies will be on their way to Georgia tomorrow morning.

yes, wii do but need areas, will send a baas card


Will help you....

Thanks Dr. K, I'm taking

Thanks Dr. K,
I'm taking supplies from the York County area of SC down to Columbia, SC. I have rounded up more signs from around the county, and now I need to pick up the ones that have already been turned in by other supporters, and get down there by 4pm.

I'm not sure what a baas card is. Thanks so much though.

It,s a gas card. I misspelled

It Is a gas card. I misspelled it. Will send it. Need your address, though.

Folks will chip in

it's just a matter of everyone waking up this morning. I would donate, but have every penny accounted for this paycheck.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". - Sir Edmund Burke

Alright guys. I picked up

Alright guys. I picked up $30. I only need $30 now.