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Tax question...

If the income tax is 0%, where does money come from to fund the federal government, US military, etc...?

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Income tax is not needed

The money for the Federal Government will come from the same place that used to fund it before 1913.

Tariff, customs, fees and services.

The reason that we are in this problem, is the need for a lot of money now to pay for the federal buracracy for the unconstitutional departments. Also, foreign wars/subsidies and interest on the money issued. All unconstitutional and not needed.
Once those abolished, the need for the federal income tax will disapear overnight.

Imagine the status of the economy if the federal income tax is eliminated.

Of course if you want to study it deeper, you will find out that in reality most of the fed income tax going to banksters. The 1 percenters. So that is yet another reason to abolish it.