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RP! Deliver the KNOCKOUT at the end of the debate!

In the past two debates, they have given the candidates the opportunity to say why they are the most electable candidate. I think this is a great opportunity for Paul to dig into his opponents without taking away from the quality of the debate (since it is at the end of the debate).

If he could say:

"People who want their freedom, which is a big chunk of America, will not settle for these other guys, and this is reflected in the polls that include a third party candidate like Gary Johnson. I am very afraid that we will lose the election if I am not the candidate, and the polls validate my fears as the others lose badly when a third party is introduced. I can bring together the conservatives, the libertarians, and even many democrats who are tired of Barack Obamas lies. In a head head to debate I can point out that he lied about the withdrawal of troops from Iraq (a war that 80% of Americans were against). I can also point out that he deserted the American people for a few insiders on Wall St. The other candidates can't make these points because they supported the president on these issues! I have stood with the people and have always tried to prevent the government from taking their paychecks and their liberties. Unfortunately, the others have attempted to expand the role of government. Let's give the power back to the American people in 2012, I am the only candidate that can and will do this!"

He's doing great, he just needs to get a little bit more feisty at the end, IMO!

R. P. Bay Beeee !!!

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I agree, except I would say it differently...

America is at a crossroads. The federal government is out of control. The Federal Reserve is out of control. Our wealth is being fleeced by crooked politicians and multinational corporations... and our currency is being destroyed by the Federal Reserve. In our current 2-party political system... one side of the aisle wants to bankrupt us with welfare. The other side wants to bankrupt us with warfare. And it seems that the politicians and the Wall Street corporations are all doing quite well...because all that wealth is being transferred to them from the shrinking middle class.

We're writing a check that we cannot cash, and this massive debt is going to be passed down to our children and our grandchildren. I really don't think most Americans lay in bed at night worried if their children are going to die in a terrorist attack. I think they worry more about what kind of future their children are going to have if the government continues to spend more than it takes in. The $15 trillion we already owe is around $200,000 for a family of four. Then you have to consider social security, medicare, prescription drug programs, shrimp on treadmills and every other unfunded program Congress has passed over the years.

I've been fighting for over 30 years for the American taxpayer. Every vote I've ever taken has been according to a strict interpretation of the constitution. I do not get any special interest money because the lobbyists know it will not change my vote. I voted NO on all the bailouts, TARP, all the entitlement programs, and all the wasteful spending. I warned about the housing bubble in the late 90's and everyone laughed. I was warning about the growing housing bubble while Romney and Gingrich were profiting from it. I been warning about the Fed destroying our money since the 1970's, in fact this is the reason I got involved in politics. Everyone laughed. I warned that more intervention in the middle east would result in more terrorist attacks... and it has.

As I mentioned before... we're at a crossroads. We need to take a serious look at what the role of the federal government ought to be. We need to think about the legacy and the debt we leave to our children. We need to realize that the government cannot take care of us from cradle to grave... nor can it be the policeman of the world... and still have a prosperous society. It takes limited government and self-reliance... strong families, churches and communities... freedom for the people to make their own decisions... and the government out of our lives and out of our wallets.

Oh, and we need more media companies... we need to break up these big conglomerates in our media... cuz these people SUCK.

That's all I wanted to say. And I know I'm not the best speaker in the world... but we've had enough of the slick-talking, good looking politicians who promise one thing and do something else. I'm not that guy. If you want to keep going down the same road, vote for one of these other guys. If you're a true conservative and you really want to reduce the size of the federal government... go look at my voting record... I'm your man.


Bugs in the machine's picture

Shrimp on treadmills, classic

I had to google that one, thanks for the laugh.

That's also a nice speech BTW. I see several great crowd-pleasing applause lines in there, as well as real appeal to the intelligence of Americans. The greatest thing about a speech like this is that not only would it stimulate the audience & viewer and wake a lot of people up to Ron Paul, but it would be the plain and simple truth. It's not pandering, it's just truth, and a lot of people would feel it resonate deep down because they know truth when they hear it.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

He's improving!

Ron Paul is 76 years old, but he does still have spunk. The only problem is that he's got one gigantic weapon in his arsensal, and that is sound, irrefutable consistancy. If he tries to get too fancy, and stretches too far from his repeated message, the banner that he's carrying might seem to lower a little bit.

Could a younger, more energized and aggressive Ron Paul make mince-meat of the other candidates? Yes, and in due time all of that will come out. But as it's been said, this is a marathon and not a sprint.

I would be in GREAT favor of getting a library of the debates hosted by the DP. Such a library of videos would high-light this consistency that RP has worked so hard to maintain, and also connect together all the scrutiny that he has brought down on the heads of the other candidates.

A Marathon Indeed!

that is true. If he starts to pick up some serious momentum, it would be great to see one flash of ferocity though. Not too much because it gets old (Santorum tries to get fiery but just sounds winey after a while.)

"An election is a short-term effort, a revolution is a long term project!" -RP