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former Fed Vice Chair interviewed by Ron Paul supporter on Russia Today

If you've never seen Capital Account on Russia Today, you should start watching. It's a fairly new show that started last October. Since the beginning, the show has been very libertarian friendly - their first guest on their first show was Michael Pento who said to end the Fed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrtyvYNx8Pw
and within a couple weeks they also had Jim Grant (Paul's pick for Fed Chairman) and Lew Rockwell on as guests. Peter Schiff also shows up every now and then as well as some other welcome figures. I subscribe to their youtube channel and watch whenever something catches my eye, and saw today they were interviewing an ex Fed Vice Chair. He admits that interest rates were held too low for too long and gets asked questions that ONLY a Ron Paul supporter would think to ask (interview starts at 8:40):

So I decided to look at the producer's twitter and low and behold:

Ron Paul is the only person on the ballot, left or right, that makes any sense and has any level of sincerity. That's why ppl like him.

Give them some feedback on youtube - they welcome it

And about that Tulip Bulb Mania the Fed guy mentioned, maybe he should read this: http://mises.org/daily/2564

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wow, great interview!

I'm only partway through but this is rare stuff! Such a sharp interviewer and Blinder is so conversational. Excellent!

This puts all the "mainstream" press to shame. LOOK what we have been deprived of for most of the history of TV and radio! This is what we COULD have been enjoying all along.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.