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National Debt Ticker on The DP

I am a long time reader of the DP. In the last half of a year I feel like all i do is read and get the good word of Dr Paul out. This is my first time I have added my two cents to the DP.
I think The DP should have a National Debt Clock. I found one at WWW.usdebtclock.org I can not comprehnd how fast a Million dollars goes out the window!!!! I Pray for the day that Ron gets in the White House and the debt clock starts to slow down, stops and start going the OTHER WAY!!

If you look lower on the debt clock web page you will see
"Money Creation" then under that is "Federal Reserve Monetary Base" I don't know what this is? Could it be the printing of money. reply if you know the answer Thanks

I just looked, and the National Debt went up 9 million from the time i started this post.

A concerned Citizen From North Dakota

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