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Why history will remember Ron Paul.(I, TRUTH)

I, truth.

I been in this world for as long as the world itself. I been chained for too long but I feel I am about to break free. Hated by many and constantly being told by the so called human species that I hurt.

It is true that I hurt, not because of my name or my background, but because I am continuously being rejected by this species. I hurt because I only want to set the humans free. I hurt because i live in every human soul, every spirit, and I am chained with them. Our destiny is tied together, your freedom and mine.

To the preachers of wisdom - WISEGUYS - "Pastors", Politicians, Corporate world, Spiritual Gurus, Pundits, etc - I have simply become their money making whore. They use me only when it benefits them and toss me out as soon they are done with me.

These people even claim that I have a family, but I have neither a family nor a sibling. Yes HALF-TRUTH is not my relative and FALSE, is not even my enemy, is just my non-existence. I have to say I hate RHETORIC Because he doesn't exist, he has to be invented, like I said, I was there before creation itself.

This is the problem I have with these human species, they very much like to invent. Yes it is men who came with the idea of telling other men and say let us be wise, and cut down a tree, and then make paper out it, and on this paper we will write a monetary amount and all men will use it. Yes, that was the highest wisdom of men. i wish I could say I laughed, but I cried, just as I been crying all this time.

Unlike False, because he doesn't exist, I can not be taught, I can not be part of a propaganda machine. No that is not me, I am only revealed. That is why those who know me, get angry at those who don't, and those who have been taught about the invisible False think those who know me are crazy. Yes REVELATION is how these species know me, and R3VOLUTION is how they can only tell each other about me.

Few men who knew me, never lived to see me.

Galileo never got to see what I revealed to him accepted, Neither did G.Mendel, Jesus was killed, not by Jews, but the establishment. Remember those Wiseguys trading in the temple?

Yes those who knew me, history remembered, for I can not be denied.

Because I have been, and am and always will be, I can never be proven wrong and those who do so, only create a pathway for their own destruction.

This is why those who talk about me, do not have to be eloquent, have a cunning voice, a great debater or a sex symbol. Only False requires that for he is an illusion, much like a magician needs his/her props.

For years I have waited to be accepted, to set the being in human free. These species won't let me, they will die before they can let me be. Because once I am revealed in my authentic form, then the world will never again listen to invention of MAN.

I truth have spoken, do not boo those who do not understand me, or bash them for their ignorance, or complain to those who turn me off when I am being spoken of. Instead, weep for them, even the Wiseguys, for I am coming.

For they will stop using the Bible for their own gain, Political affiliation to hide behind their lies, Paper money to buy influence, and propaganda to blind the masses of from my existence.

Like darkness, False has option but to disappear in my coming. Soon the wiseguys will have nowhere to hide. Because revelation cuts deep into man's heart, the R3VOLUTION that comes after can not be contained by man made borders.

I Truth, unlike man, will live forever and remain unchanged.

NB: I will tell you more about me in the next coming days :)