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Debates: Ron Paul's two man race, CNN got the names wrong!

Ron Paul has some serious supporters and when they get together to push for liberty there's no telling what the results will be, and Thursday night just before the debates while CNN attempted to report the latest on the "two man race," the group of pundits got a BIG taste of Dr. Paul's popularity. (See the video above). Pshhhh! Two man race? Whatever! Get a grip CNN!

Look at the mainstreamers trying to talk about Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney while signs wave in the background for neither one of them--nope only Ron Paulers! In fact, a few times you could hear the chanting over the CNN folks trying to get their points across, while in the background in unison just like a beautiful song ringing out for freedom the lyrics went like this, "President Paul! President Paul! President Paul!"

I am absolutely convinced there is nothing more exciting than a group of r3VOLution...Read more: http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/11388231-two-man-r...

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Wow. There needs to be a

Wow. There needs to be a short version of this video with the chanting highlighted, for good spreading. It's almost comical!

Raleigh, NC

Check out 1:51

At 1 minute 51 seconds into the video it sounds just like someone got a hold of a CNN mic. It is hilarious! Check it out!!!!