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An Open Letter To The Paul Campaign:

Good day! Hey, I have a question for Dr. Paul after watching last night's debate. This is not yet the question but, how many times last night did both Newt and Romney both gesture in Dr. Pal's direction and say, "I'm with Dr. Paul on that"?

The question is this, "Dr. Paul, you say you would cut over $300 billion from military spending immediately, drawing us back to 2006 levels. By my accounts that means you are still spending roughly 10 times as much as the next largest nation on national defense (and over three times the combined budget of all other nations). What would this look like if, as you say, all foreign bases have been abandoned and closed?

This question leads Dr. Paul into explaining that basically we are armed to the teeth and far more secure than we even are today, as our military isn't spread thin across the globe AND we didn't just walk away, those bases were sold to the people in the countries we built them.
No one has addressed this!

Our National guard and Reserves troops were meant to be modern minutemen, ready to defend the home front, but yet the vast majority of these men are deployed overseas.

So really, we may have $700+ billion in military spending right now, but if we are going to be honest - We really have NO national defense. They are busy overseas, leaving us vulnerable here.

I would love to see this question asked in a one on one interview or in a debate. It would legitimize everything Dr. Paul has been talking about, because with the vagueness of just saying we are spread thin - The details of our present vulnerability are overlooked.

Respectfully and with regard,

Richard Ravarino

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