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It needs to be said! Super brochures are hurting us...

Before you go jumping on me I'm busting my arse for Ron Paul every day of the week. I work 40 and still have meetings 5 nights of 7 training, organizing or calling with volunteers. I've caucused, serving as a State Delegate and organized my Leg District in '07 and '08. I coordinate a county with 2 others. The missing 4th became a State Director because of the results of our efforts last campaign and we intend to win this time. I don't post much so please consider the following...

So I got off the phone with the State director today and he told me something I've heard from the director of another State, both for the Ron Paul campaign. They both explained to me very carefully how the Super Brochure is hurting us...

Consider for a moment if you bring up 1 political topic, how likely are you to have a disagreement with someone? Now consider if each of you spell out in detail your convictions on 15 or 20 issues; you will of course disagree strongly with at least a few of these positions.

Individually the case made for the issues are good, don't get me wrong. But there is a fundamental flaw with the Super Brochure, it is not targeted persuasion. Elaborating at length on positions the voters don't agree with can create a negative impression where there would have otherwise been a neutral one. Depending on the order of the pamphlet and the particular temperment of the recipient they may be alternately impressed, surprised, angered or inspired.

My argument is not against the spirit of the Super Brochure, it's against the execution.

You can accomplish all of the good without instigating any of the negative responses by using the campaign tools provided to volunteers via HQ. The call lists they use and the scripts they use identify the top 2 issues of each likely Republican voter (you can use the scripts on lists of registered voters obtained from your Sec. of State). Once the issues have been identified and an area called, the local activist can distribute the appropriate TARGETED literature to the TARGETED house, eliminating any undesired or undeserved negativity and capitalizing on our Grass Roots strength to persuade TARGETED likely voters and caucus goers.

All supporters identified in the process of making the voter ID calls are asked to confirm info, if they will volunteer and if they will vote/caucus. All data is recorded to be used in get out the vote efforts in the future.

If I could make a recommendation to the SB publisher, it would be to make each page complete in and of itself and containing one or maybe two related issues. These pages could be torn out and given based on the issue interest of your voter contact (or lit drop). This would assist the SB as it is strictly banned from campaign driven organizations and volunteers discouraged from using it. I hope they make a few changes and perhaps perforate the pages so that campaign volunteers can purchase them and use them as TARGETED material instead of turning off voters who otherwise may have made some calls for Paul.

No flaming please lets keep this clinical cause and effect.

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Be Proud of Freedom!

The State wants us to be dependent on it.

The State steals ~30% income before we see to buy guns and robot drones to kill civilians, while 70%+ of Americans want the wars to end.

Now is the time for Revolution!

Let us be bold in protecting life, liberty, and property.

If there is an issue that makes you uneasy, then research Dr. Paul's position or discover your own.

Even if you disagree with an issue, he is going against the most powerful government establishment this earth has known.

Speak with strength, love, and calmness.

The people must hear the truth because the truth will set them free (from dependence and mental enslavement.)

"We didn't inherit the earth from our parents. We are borrowing it from our children." -Billionaire Mentor

I disagree-The SBs layout Ron Paul's Positions

Your argument is sound from a strictly politcal point of view. The attraction of Ron Paul, however, is that he is for liberty, states his case and let the chips fall where they fall. He not a classic politician.
He doesnt pander.
Ron Paul wrote a book Liberty Defined. By your reasoning he should have left out half the chapters because they might offend some people.
I love the brochures as they are

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Thanks. This is explained rather well.

To emphasize the OP, it's not that the SB is bad, it's execution is lacking. Just be mindful of how you use the super brochures.

They are Quite Effective

The SB's can be quite effective...it just depends on the personality of the person receiving them. The same with the Slim Jims. It just depends. Some people like one and not the other...and the reverse.

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Hello, my name is xxxxxx.....

Hello, My name is xxxxxx, and I am a volunteer helping to conduct a Republican Presidential Primary Poll, may I ask you a question please?

Thank you.

Or, OK, have a nice day.

(I have found that nine out of ten will say sure, or go ahead to which I softly and kindly say “thank you.”)

Ask: If the xxxxxxx Caucuses were held today, who would you cast your vote for the Republican nominee for President?

(Write down answer)

Quickly: How strongly do you feel that is your choice?

(Strategy is to get the first answer that you can. If it is Romney or Mitt or Santorum, and they feel strongly about it, we say OK and have a nice day to which they gladly say goodbye more than happy to have gotten rid of you. No time now to waste pestering them trying to find out how they feel about these things. (Most are brainwashed by Fox news)

If they say they are undecided, we say. “that is great, keep listening and learning” and mark them for a brochure and address it and send it to them and mark them as undecided, but sometimes depending on how friendly they start acting after saying the above, we ask them outright, have you ever heard of Ron Paul? Guess what? That can really open doors, or shut them fast. Sometimes you hit the bingo button that way.

If they bark at you, move on.

"Thank you, have a nice day"

Sometimes we hit pay dirt and get a direct hit with a Ron Paul supporter and then your advice fits in perfectly.

“All supporters identified in the process of making the voter ID calls are asked to confirm info, if they will volunteer and if they will vote/caucus. All data is recorded to be used in get out the vote efforts in the future.”

Most people get to overloaded by all the questions. The idea of a poll means lots of questions to most people and they tend to want to quickly discount you in the myriad of excuses they give you for not wanting to take part. What we lost there was a possible undecided.

Some will open up and engage you in conversation because after all, we are all family orientated and a family of Ron Paul supporters. Don’t be afraid to be a good neighbor.

If you get to the good ol neighbor to neighbor talk, ask them “where do you get your news?” Nine out of ten will tell you Fox News. Suggest a couple middle of the road news sites if they are open to that by asking, do you ever get on a computer? They are immediately interested in something new and curiosity will get the cat so you offer these to them.

“If you want to learn more about Ron Paul, go to this one stop shop for all the latest news about Ron Paul”


“If you want general actual sourced news without the middle man, go to”


Of course, you can still always find some who will answer the entire poll for you and you have to determine that in their first or second answer to you without turning them off. You have to learn to follow your heart and engage them on the level.

Planting all the seeds you can is important before the caucuses and primaries NOW, but only in fertile ground! So far, we have found a lot of Ron Paul supporters this way faster and not been slowed down by the data input in the moment. We do that later and cover more voter sheets this way during the prime time calling window of 4-9pm.

Been working for us. Try it!

IMO The brochure

lays out the philosophy of someone who is THE champion of personal liberty and responsibilty. His unique philosophy is the bedrock upon which the principled solutions he presents, for the problems that EVERYONE in this country shares, is anchored.

It's to be expected that not everyone is going to agree about a particular course of action in order to resolve an issue they may hold dear. But the one thing they will all be able to agree on is that the decision was made to fix these problems with the interest of EVERYONE in mind.

No, leave the brochure as is. The purpose of the piece, I believe, was never intented to pander to all the various special interests anyway.

Let the brochures' success or failure in the marketplace be our barometer as to the acceptance or rejection of the concept of personal liberty with responsibility by the American people.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


I agree

For example, the abortion and gun slim-jims (from the campaign) should only be given to targeted voters, while fiscal issues go to everyone.

Well, I live in NY, so a lot of registered Republicans are pro-choice, so here that is an important consideration. Also lots of brainwashed anti-gun Repubs up here now too. The voter registrar is useful (at least in NY) because it lists each voter's most important issue.

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!


If you have the SB in hand and explain to someone point by point what it means then it's a very useful tool for sparking further interest. A good reference if without your own notes when talking to people if you will.

I cannot comment on cold mailings since I haven't had any experience where I run amok. :)

I have been a strong supporter of the Super Brochures

but I understand what James is getting at. I do not want to lose the goodness of what Super Brochure can do for folks that cannot contribute in other ways.

So with all due respect to Erik and Super Brochure, can we turn this into a discussion of how to best rework the content of the Super Brochures?

James has given us a pretty specific outline of less is more and targeting issue messages. If the Super Brochures can be produced let's say in front and back pages instead of a four page spread, can they be sent efficiently AND be in better alignment with the campaign?

I do understand this all has to remain separate from the actual campaign which may be the key obstacle here.

It's getting late so I'm going to sleep on this tonight but hope to have some thoughts tomorrow. Please share any ideas you may have.

"Criticizing Ron Paul for not passing bills in Congress is like criticizing a nun in a whore house for not turning tricks. He was there to stop the "whoring," not become one!" ~ Blake Buffington

My view..

Go find a Ron Paul related article online, and take note of the specific complaints against Paul which anti-Paul posters mention. Or do this with live people you know in reality. What are common complaints? Are they complaining about policies which are advocated in the Super Brochure?

In my experience, the overwhelming majority of complaints are pure misconceptions of Paul and his platform: he is a racist, he is anti-Israel, he is an isolationist, he wouldn't defend America, he would eliminate SS, etc, etc. Are those complaints caused or reinforced by the content of the SBs? No. They are caused and reinforced by the MSM. If anything the SBs (and any other truthful information about Paul which reaches people) help dispel those misconceptions.

Paul's policies are not the problem. Most opposition to Paul does not consist of opposition to his policies. It consists of opposition to MSM created misconceptions about what his policies are. Our job is to circumvent the media and tell people the truth. In other words, if people knew what Paul really stood for, they would support him. What is preventing them from supporting him is their ignorance of what he actually stands for. The SB's aptly explain (not perfectly, mind you) what he actually stands for. That's most of the work.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

The Super Brochure project is mostly dead now

Anyways, but I agree with your analysis. In sales, you focus on the customer's issue, not on everything you have to sell. The latter is overwhelming.

Freedom and Reason, the highest ideals.


Says who?...

Plano TX


My opinion

There aren't many issues within the Super Bro. that would turn off most people..the only issues that I can see that might give some problems are phasing out the IRS and Income Tax..most peoples position on such an issue seems to assume that there has to be some kind of Tax..even republicans. But other than that, the Super Bro is pretty informative.