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Zbigniew Brzesinski on Charlie Rose, sounds EXACTLY LIKE RON PAUL!


Starts right off on his interview.

Good watching-I think this NEEDS to go front page as well.

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NWO minion, the (via) CFR are hedging their bets...

They smell a Paul victory, as we are peaking behind their curtain. They want the reprisals to be minimized on their control and (stolen) wealth. He is one of the key spokesmen for the Establishment with this probable olive branch. This must be treated with great caution as the Establishment would be just as willing to kill scores, if not hundreds millions of people. Caution and prudence is warranted!

I bet the conversation sounds

I bet the conversation sounds a little different in their private little CFR meetings.


do not be taken in by anything that this man would ever say publicly. As another commenter mentioned - he IS the devil.

He is one of the prime drivers in the NWO and has spoken of it many times.

He will never sound like RP. Get that out of your head right now.

His daughter

Sure doesn't like Dr. Paul, but man she's a looker, especially for a woman her age. They're both establishment shills.

Brzezinski is the Devil himself

Do NOT trust a word this "man" says!

He has spent his entire pathetic life doing the OPPOSITE of what Ron Paul would do.

I love Zbig

He's so 'transparent'.

He predicts a false flag, no doubt, though where it comes from is certainly ambiguous.

Edit: Stronger West comment... ahem.. wow the hubris.

Board rooms should swoon, living rooms should revolt. This man is not only insane, he has others grasping onto insane ideas of continued hegemony in a world where the populace no matter how well informed rejects control over them entirely. (It's to the point of a slave speaking with a slave owner.)

Most importantly, this thread should vet Zbig's background and show he is laying out very pleasant sounding facsimile platitudes meant to detract from ulterior motives and actions taken by his colleagues.

Wow. I was skeptical, but he

Wow. I was skeptical, but he really does sound like Ron Paul.

edit: I'm no fan of ZB, but maybe we can use some of these clips to convert people who are set on war with Iran.


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NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

And Oh my God!

Charlie Rose has a man crush on Obama :-)

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.