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BREAKING: Nevada GOP Changing The Rules!

Looks like Money really can purchase elections. Sheldon Adelson, who donated 5 million to Gingrich's PAC, and whose wife donated another 5 million, has been granted a Special Evening Caucus at a private school that Adelson owns.


The Shenanigans must be stopped. Virgina was able to defend its election rules, Nevada can do the same. If it was so important to these guys to participate in the caucus, then they should have petitioned their GOP before the caucus rules were posted. What are we going to do about it?

EDIT: (Thanks to John P Slevin)

The original post is incorrect

Virginia is a primary. Nevada is a caucus.

World of difference there.

The caucus is run by the GOP and not by the government, as elections are run.

Therefore, it is false to compare caucus to primary as though they are the same thing.

//////////// END CORRECTION.

So let me reiterate. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

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No worries

The results of this caucus will look like they were cut from the back of a cereal box. It will mean exactly nothing.

Delete this repost if

Delete this repost if possible

Write a letter to Amy Tarkanian asking her not to do this

for Danny's personal gain.

Try this


Submit your Rant!

Don't know if this has been mentioned yet (not enough time to read three pages of comments), but on local television station FOX 5 John Huck runs a segment that allows individuals to write in or call in and "Rant" about current matters. If we overwhelm them with this atrocity, our voice will be heard. I was at a gun show this weekend and many fellow Las Vegas Ron Paul supporters were unaware of this act. Let our voices be heard!

Every night on FOX5 News at 10, we will air your thoughts on various subjects in a new segment called THE RANT. If there is an explanation or a way to ease your frustration, we will go after the solution.

Call us with your RANT at 702-436-8285. Or, just fill out the form below and tell us what has you fuming!

Remember, we may use your thoughts on the air, weeknights on FOX5 News at 10.



I put blame square on the county chairman and his incompetence. Everyone here is crying conspiracy. I call it incompetence.

County Chair Gibbs came in like some flippin cowboy after being a contractor from the Mid East (flying drones) and changed the procedure for the caucus on december 31st. He then found out that change would alienate Sheldon Adelson. He had to scramble to accommodate what he screwed up. He chose Thursday and voted on it which broke the rules. Then he chose Saturday and the state wanted to get him to back off entirely, but by that time, the genie was out of the bottle. The guy is a flippin hack. There are problems, there is corruption, but these issues are far less the problem than his utter incompetence.

He needs to be recalled.

Lot's of quotes come to mind...

Nothing surprising. 1) One of

Nothing surprising.

1) One of Gingrich's chief crooks is from Nevada, Adelson.

2) Nevada is right next to Utah, and has a large mormon population.

3) The Nevada GOP cheated last time and were caught at it.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

It matters if these 500 votes

It matters if these 500 votes push Gingrich into second place, or if the logistics of the second caucus facilitate vote fraud.

Fair enough...


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Call me crazy but...

...who cares?

Ok, so the NV GOP broke it's own rules to accommodate some big-wig, and that's unethical (not illegal).

But how does this negatively impact our prospects in NV? What has changed as a result of this - one NV county is now going to have its caucus at a different time...and? So what? Is there some reason to think this will keep our voters away?

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see what the problem is...

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

caucus precinct

Caucus is done by precinct. You attend to vote people from your precinct to the next level.

How would it work for a county-wide special caucus? All precincts? When the precincts are done in the morning, how would the later results be merged?

Nevada GOP is going down the road of the shenanigans 4 years ago. If this special caucus happens, it should be video recorded by our supporters.


funny Newt talks on and on about Bain and Romney and now he is caught if casino and mafia money.

Not much one can do except to get it in the limelight. GOP endorses corruption by proxie of casino money.

Get the international press on it. Shine the light on the dirty politics in the USA. We won't have any good elections until pressure in put on the USA to have honest elections.

If I were an Arab, I would soooo be blasting this all over the ME.

Anyone have an idea where I can participate to help, I'll do it. Don't do FB or Twitter, but will help out on other posts.


If its so corrupt...

...and I'm sure there's corruption, why is Ron Paul even attempting this? He and his campaign seem to have a different attitude about this process than you all seem to.

Just making an observation. Nobody with Paul's integrity would have us donate to and get involved in something he already knows is bought and paid for and there's no chance.

I have to think that. But I could be wrong I don't know. I think some serious stuff is going to change. The other candidates are looking like clowns and aren't taken seriously anymore.

Look at this quote and respond guys.

But the party's chairwoman, Amy Tarkanian, professed Friday to be ecstatic about the the arrangements. "I could not be any more happier than I am right now," she said.

This is what you can do!

Here's some fodder for your letter:
Now, go send a letter!
Major newspaper addresses below
This is the letter I wrote for my husband as I've used up my LTE ops.

Did you know that Gingrich has bought your caucus?

That's right, Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson and his wife donated 10 million dollars to Newt Gingrich's campaign, and in the process strong-armed the Nevada Republican Party to allow Clark County to have a special after-sundown caucus for Jewish Republicans at the Adelson Educational Campus, a private school in Las Vegas founded by Adelson. The special Adelson caucus would reportedly accommodate some 500 conservative observant Jewish voters (remember Romney lost Iowa by only 8 votes!) who presumably would be observing religious traditions on Saturday. Gingrich, lacking organization and campaign efforts in the Silver State, is having his billionaire buddy try and buy an election for him. The rest of the general population is instructed to take part in caucuses Saturday morning starting in various locations from 9 a.m. to noon. Under Nevada caucus rules, there’s no absentee voting allowed; if voters are working or unable to attend because of business or personal issues, they can’t participate. But, if you're rich in this state, you can buy anything, including a caucus. Which candidate is alone in protesting this "sale?" Ron Paul. Please remember the Champion of the Constitution when you vote Saturday, February 4th. ronpaulnevada.com

Patrick Paine







Nevadans did a phenomenal job, but this man has money

and it is what is allowing it to break its own rules of the Republican Party!! Republican Party needs to know that we are not going away!

Dont blame it all on the party.

Part of the reason the CCRCC is doing this is because they have no money. Not that it's our responsibility to fund them. But Adelson is contributing thousands if not tens of thousands for this accomodation.

If Ron Paul people HAD BEEN INVOLVED in the party for the last 4 years (like C4L was educating people to do), then it would be Ron Paulers running the show and the county committee wouldn't have to scrounge for scraps of $ from Adelson to rent caucus locations.

I just sent this out to my NV MeetUp

Just talked to GOP hdqtrs in LV about this special caucus time down there for Jews. The woman I talked with was Jewish & she saw nothing wrong with the fact that Clark county was having this accommodation for this religious group at 7pm & that otherwise she wouldn't have been able to vote. I told her this was news to me & that I'd never seen Saturday morning inhibit any Jews I knew from doing anything! Where have I been? A hundred years ago, the work week included Saturday & I never heard of any Jews saying, "Sorry, no can do, against my religion, you'll have to go elsewhere for a corned beef, or to have your suit tailored, or to roll the cameras on the HUNDREDS of movies Jews produced in Hollywood back in those times, and who played in and attended sporting events up to this day." (CYA: The foregoing comment is in no way an aspersion or criticism of Jews, the Jewish religion or any member of the Friars Club. Some of my best friends are Jews.).

Anyway, I was told that if one had a complaint to call Clark County at 702-258-9184 or send an e-mail to Amy Tarkanian, our State Chair mrst106@gmail.com who was supposed to be in our corner. Over on the dailypaul.com Nevada is looking pretty screwed-up with all this. So, Newt gets to buy whatever he wants now he has 10 million in his pocket from Addelson the casino owner. That's just so great. http://www.dailypaul.com/208791/breaking-nevada-gop-changing...

Cynthia Kennedy


I think a local with legal knowledge could sue for religious discrimination, as it appears it is a special meeting only for those of a particular religion. Sue and get an injunction.

the ARROGANCE of the GOP state people

never ceases to amaze me. These people are SO JADED in their self-righteous views of life that they have failed to realize the difference between right and wrong anymore. Their pious, self-righteous ideological beliefs now have morphed into a gigantic, one big fat fascist monster~~~and, they laugh and snicker behind our backs!

It is disgraceful, unChristian, and low-down! They are so beneath contempt!!

who owns the Clark County GOP?

I was an almost decade resident of Las Vegas in the 1990's-2000s. One of my business partners was actively involved in the Clark County Republican Party. Sheldon Adelson, the Lowdens & Milton Schwartz (who has since deceased) pretty much controlled it then.

If Carl Bunce, Erin Lale & other liberty candidates in Southern Nevada really want to participate in the GOP, they'll need to form a rouge chapter or purge it from within.

Don't forget! Nevada GOP cheated Paul delegates in 2008!

When Paul supporters were about to be elected as delegates in April of 2008, Nevada's GOP shut the state convention down. Party leaders deceptively claimed that time had run out on the convention room they'd rented from the Peppermill. The lights were shut off and participants were told to leave.

Ballots were then locked away at the casino cashiers cage at the Peppermill. Former national committee woman BEVERLY WILLARD held on to the key for over a year before finally mailing it to former Republican Chairwoman SUE LOWDEN.

After 18 months, the ballots were finally counted when a more recently-elected party chairwoman, Nancy Ernault retrieved them from the Peppermill. It was then proven that 3 Paul supporters had won. Robert Terhune had received 288 votes, and Marla Criss and Pat Kerby had both received 283 votes.

In 2008, the National Republican Party eventually admonished Nevada's Republican leaders for their bad conduct, but then gave them the privilege of choosing the delegates that would attend the national convention. Nevada's Republican leaders chose MICHELLE BEARD, FELY QUITEVIS and BARBARA SCOVILLE, who had received 12 votes, 19 votes and 0 votes respectively.

"Rather than send Paul delegates to the national convention three years ago, Nevada Republican convention chairman BOB BEERS called the state convention to an abrupt end in April 2008." (4/30/11 - archived)


The Hegealen Dialect

We should be the Paul delegates and the anti-Paul delegates! Have a group of Paul supporters show up at the caucus with Newt shirts on and act anti-Paul! Apply to be delegates, presto!

Remember Nevada Caucus inconsistencies in 2008

Prior to Nevada's 2008 caucuses the Nevada State Republican Party sent out postcards with INCORRECT caucus locations, and changed the eligibility requirements multiple times. When the Paul campaign complained about the inconsistencies, the state Republican Party dismissed the allegations.

STEVE WARK, a caucus spokesman stated, "We would hope that the Paul campaign would go act like adults and not try to set up straw men to make up for their lack of organizing."

Nevada GOP dismisses Paul complaint (Jan 18, 2008)


Maybe, we should get as many of us together to CONVERGE

into NEVADA as we can. We need NUMBERS there to support the locals. So, if it's possible, if anyone can come, my thoughts are that we should converge on the city that is the most crucial. What do we all say?? Thoughts, suggestions, welcome, but I think we would be willing to go there from out of state.

this is kinda old news

we have already discussed this. no delegates will be appointed at this counter-caucus. the only bad thing is it could possibly delay the reporting of the outcome in nevada. i have a sneaky suspicion that we have things well in hand there.

So let me get this right

they are having two caucuses?

The original post is incorrect

The original post is incorrect

Virginia is a primary. Nevada is a caucus.

World of difference there.

The caucus is run by the GOP and not by the government, as elections are run.

Therefore, it is false to compare caucus to primary as though they are the same thing.

I'm not going to suggest that what Adelson and company are doing here is on the up and up. Certainly it's dirty pool.

However, you joined a party which exists and dominates BECAUSE it is dirty.

Why ignore that?

The ONLY route to fixing this is to fix it within the GOP of Nevada.

Sure, that might not even be possible, but then, you needed to know that going in. And it might be possible, so if it is, go for it.

Anyway, yelping about it now doesn't do anything except waste time and energy.

The GOP is a corrupt party, as is the Democratic Party. Don't get all twisted in anger when they do what corrupt people do.

After all, you freely chose to align yourself with corrupt people.

Besides, this is a fairly little bit of corruption.

If you think this is something wait till you see what the GOP will do to our side if he continues to get so many votes.

You ain't seen nothing yet.