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'Ron Paul was also on stage' - NBC's complete coverage of Ron Paul's performance in their post debate report.

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We win bigtime when the truth about Ron comes outs

Once voters see the MSM is lying and name calling without merit the whole house of cards will come down hard. MSM will have lost validity.
Our guy is so spot on and makes so much sense and he's such a nice nice person that they won't be able to stop the brushfire of liberty..

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

I can't wait to see what happens ...

when it's down to just Mittens debating Dr. Paul:


"Romney Heckled During Last Night's Speech"

Last night, the anointed GOP candidate gave a rousing speech on his time in the private sector, but was interrupted several times by an unknown heckler. Unperturbed, Governor Romney continued...

They will never let that

They will never let that happen. The second the other 2 bozos drop out the MSM will say 'Well, we've had 20 + debates now so no need for any more.' Then they will cover the campaign season as a Mitt against Obama event and there won't be a peep about RP. That is why, as distasteful and odious as it is to be forced to watch the bozos, their presence keeps the cameras on our guy at least a little.



Also on morning Joe today

They were talking about electability, gave poll results to show that Romney competes with Obama, but Gingrich and santorum didn't and completely ignored the Result that Ron Paul was as electable as Romney.

What can you do with such corporate media interference.

They are preparing the road to Romney

The problem is that if you only have Romney and Paul, then it'll be very dificult to ignore Ron Paul.

They'll have to report something about him. Mostly smear attacks, but the blackout will end.

When it is just Paul and Romney in the race

Romney will refuse to debate Paul.

Continue to point out how

Continue to point out how comical it is to everyone so people keep turning off the propaganda in droves.

What can you do with such corporate media interference you ask??

Short answer...Nothing!!!

TPTB think they have us by the "Short and Curly's" Well they don't!!

We're winning folks, we're winning as sure as I'm sitting here typing this or they wouldn't be so desperate in their vicious stepped-up attacks on all of us.

The operative word going forward is "RELENTLESS" Kick your game up a notch...NO several notches! Be anywhere and everywhere your heart tells you you need to be and don't rest until the job done.

We will truly know we have won the victory when on January 20, 2013 we will hear the sweetest words ever to be uttered on this planet, "I Ron Paul do solemnly swear..."

God bless Ron Paul, God bless the r3VOLution, and God bless the United States of America!

Panama expats support Ron Paul

You can ignore it and JUST

You can ignore it and JUST WIN BABY

Raleigh, NC

and why is that?

That's because there are NO results for Ron Paul vs. Obama question.
The whole study is here: Direct link
They (which is NBC and WSJ) only published results for RP being the third choice in clash with Obama and Romney. They just KNOW he's more electable than the others and they surely asked that question (Paul vs. Obama) in the poll. The results just went wrong :)
This is just amazing. I'm a Polish guy that can even remember the late communists times. It's just - I was told as a kid that USA is different :)

Krakow, Poland

Morning ABC Radio news, all 3

Morning ABC Radio news, all 3 were mentioned except for Paul, same with the Huckabee Report. Absolutely despicable.

NBC: Nonsense Broadcasting Company.

Honestly, I'm laughing about this. That piece screams desperation by NBC. I think a LOT of readers who watched the debate will probably suddenly be asking themselves why Ron Paul - who had awesome things to say - is somehow inexplicably mentioned only twice in passing? It should make you mad, but don't be. We're doing awesome. Really, NBC just showed their hand - scared and bluffing. Be happy.

Ron Paul will win 2012. Get ready for it. :)

hmm, gotta say I expected a dark screen video with

crickets chirping and a pack of coyotes making noise in the distance.

That's amazing

You just can't make this stuff up.

Tim Maitski
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don't wanna be an American Idiot


What is begun in anger, ends in shame.