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CNN GOP Debate Advertiser List and sample letter

RON PAUL - the voice of reason in the GOP. The champion of PEACE and PROSPERITY. The good doctor did an outstanding job in the debate last night, in spite of the best efforts of:

GOP of Florida
Hispanic Leadership Network
American Coalition for Clean Coal
20th Century Fox (Red Tails movie)
Old Dominion
America's Natural Gas Alliance
Office Max
CNN - "Big Hits Broken Dreams" Show
AIG Direct (SERIOUSLY???!!!!)
Jos A Bank
CNN - Piers Morgan Seal Interview
Vote 4 Energy
Alka Seltzer
Atlantic Paradise Inn - Bahamas

Sample letter / email , to the Director of Marketing, Owner or CEO at each advertiser:

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am an American with a strong desire to see a full, open debate about the policies that are destroying our nation. Last night, I watched the Republican Debate in Florida, in an effort to be an informed and responsible voter.
What I saw disturbed me very much. At the opening, Erin Burnett was surrounded by Ron Paul supporters with signs and chanting. All she could discuss was Romney, Gingrich and Santorum. Then while those 3 rambled on at will, the ONLY candidate called for "time" was Dr. Paul. The deliberate way Romney and Gingrich take jabs to keep control of the conversation needed called for "time." It is supposed to be a debate, not a cat fight. When Dr. Paul was due a rebuttal, the moderator just "moved on." The very design of the debate where the most popular candidate gets more time is absurd and a soft form of election tampering.
I tallied the number of times the candidates were allowed to speak:
Paul - 15
Santorum 17
Gingrich - 25
Romney - 26

The people want to hear what the candidates have to say, and then choose the one they feel will be the best President. This nonsense of the media anointing "likely winners" and then fulfilling their own prophecy by showering them with media attention must stop.
I am appalled that you would support making such a mockery of our election process with your dollars. Please know that I will not support you with my dollars. You may be able to corrupt our elections, but I can still vote with my money."

Sign it and send it.


I note they are mostly "untouchable" types, but if you happen to have an account with one of these companies, I urge you to cancel it.

Thanks for doing whatever you can to stick up for HONEST DEBATES - especially when it is Dr. Paul getting shafted.

PLEASE feel free to add your own "sample letter" below, although actual letters sent would be even better!

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Your only vote is your money.

The last time Dr. Paul got a public snub, the various pro-Paulites contacted the debate 'sponsers' with Dr. Paul getting debate time.

And during the Kerryy 'swift boat' event, a web site was created to track who were advertisers and suggested calling scripts were created.

The 'anti' SOPA people created a shopping advisor software. http://nomoresopa.com/wp/ Write them, ask for source code then adapt it to function the same way for dr. Paul.


I was one of the people asking for the names of the advertisers, but i disagree with the timing.

The debate was must more unbiased than all the others. My opinion is that we should do it as a strong reaction to the next biased approach.

Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

If they throw you a biscuit and you settle for it, all you will ever get is biscuits.
It was biased, many of us said we would boycott. It is time to take action, this is more than "Ron Paul" this is about election tampering.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Boycott Pfizer

Centrum is made by Pfizer. I don't have any intention of buying Centrum, but Pfizer has a whole range of products I will no longer buy!

A threat is no good without follow through!

I suggest we start with "Salonpas" and here is the contact page. They are relatively small, and we can have more impact on them than threatening to not buy Cadillacs.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.