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I went to my first Ron Paul meetup meeting last night, not sure why it was last night with the debate on but whatever. Anyhow, at the height of it there was about 25 people there, not bad for a meeting about getting delagates elected for Pennsylvania.

The amazing thing to me was that MOST of the people were in their 40s or 50's. I thought all ron paul supporters were supposed to be young naive college students trying to get pot legalized. In fact, there was only 1 college kid from what I could tell and he brought his dad.

The other really interesting thing was that about 6 of us raised our hands when someone mentioned voting for Obama in 08. the rest were consistently conservative voting citizens. This made me feel good because the establishment has made it seem as though it is, as I joked above, only kids and democrats.

I said it before, Obama loses to Paul but wins against everyone else.

Pretty cool.