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Former GE CEO Jack Welch's Wife Accidentally Reveals All 4 Of Their Sons Support Ron Paul

GE CEO Jack Welch went on CNN to tell Ron Paul to drop out -- but then his wife makes fools of them when she reveals all 4 of their sons support Ron Paul! Haha! Wow!


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drop out

Ron Paul should drop out because he is not a party regular ?
the party is not the party regular anymore, what about that ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Don't know where to start with Welsh.. Perhaps GE capital or

sale of plastics to Saudi's, his personal life makes Newt's and McCain's look kind. I guess the worse thing about Welsh is he is the poster boy for turning a company into a huge corporate welfare warfare company.. GE capital, Ge insurance created more insiders deals that privatized crony capital in power generation, media. The company has done absolutely nothing to enhance there infrastructural companies, in fact their FED crony capital leasing has created the biggest mechanism for key manufactures in Japan, Germany, Korea to pass every aspect of control and equipment. The engines has competed but at the cost of huge war spending basis. If you want to get a good handle on welsh go to you local appliance store and compare GE to any I mean any product on the market... Ge appliances make the lowest Chinese brands look like fantastic in comparison..... GE is Detroit before the partial turnaround. and then the NBC propaganda machine of the usury sector... I don't know who Welch and his trophy wife think they influence but it is not average Americans... GE has done very well in the military profiteering and debt crimes for share holders from 1970-2000 but that is 1/3 of 2000 levels.. I don't think the world in general (and second trophy wife) want to hear from Welsh.. JACK YOUR ON CNBS BECAUSE YOU USE TO RUN THE PLACE... Go away Jack... The thirty thousand plastics employees an any share holder since 2000 feels pain in their pension funds and wallets.. GE last 12 years 40% down and dividend yield way down (thanks FED).. The point being Jack is a Fraud who cares what he says.

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Chris Matthews said his kids

Chris Matthews said his kids like Ron Paul too!!! I heard him say it about two weeks ago.


Jenny Sanford ex-wife of the former governor said,

on the air, her daughter was a supporter of Ron Paul. Mrs. Sanford wasn't critical of Ron Paul. Haven't seen her back on TV.

war profiteers

beg Ron Paul to drop out.

there's a headline.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul


The progression of Welch's facial expressions as his wife spills the beans is hilarious. We keep playing that part over and over, rofl'ing all over the place.

It has occurred to me!

That many people like these folks will make their best shot at getting a GOP candidate nominated that is acceptable to them but if that fails they may be willing to support Obama.

If they're supporters they may be members on the site lol

Hey, could one of you guys go in Dad's wallet for us? Tell him you want some movie money! (enough to buy a theater)

Just kidding!

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Let me see if I get this right

4vs2 and the two are dictating what the 4 should do? I think 4-2=2 left over. Am I doing this math problem wrong is 4-2 still 2? If my math is wrong you are outnumbered in your family 2 to 1 and you think they have no chance at out numbering you in a vote. Ok now that's KOOKY!

I am glad their sons are for the Good Doctor

That means he is net 2 votes!

An idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or government-- Ron Paul 2012

I will vote for another candidate under one condition.

When the other candidates rack up a 30 year history of standing in the belly of the beast and defending liberty no matter what the personal cost I will vote for them too.



Ron should invite Jack on a bike ride!

And should invite Cheney, Rummy and all the other clowns except that they would all probably croak on the ride. Bottom line is in the Welch family there are 4 votes for Ron and 2 for the status quo. Landslide in that household.


Neo-clowns? Lol

Neo-clowns? Lol

nice pay on words

Neo Clowns!


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Addendum: Someone else may have already made this comment

BUT Jack Welch said the GOP better treat him well because they NEED Ron Paul's SUPPORTERS!

Addendum: Yeah... this post is what's called redundant redundant redundant.... :)

Susie 4 Liberty

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Thanks Jack

Glad we can count on your vote when Dr Paul takes the nomination.
His 4 kids still have some work to do.

These people are so arrogant.

They think if they pat us on the head, and pretend to listen to us, we will vote the way they say.

What is so hard to understand. I will only vote for Ron Paul. The rest are big government dictatorial administrators.

Be nice to the Welch's...

If what they said is true, then the welch's kids are probably reading. It is unfortunate for them that they have a lot of work to do with their loved ones, but which one of us doesn't? The most sure fire way to change someone's mind would be to attack their family.

I understand as I am sure the welch's do, that GE is not on the best friend list of liberty. That said, we owe it to our fellow supporters to use care when talking about their family.

Just sayin... How would Ron act?

I can be nice!

They raised very smart children.

My dad is just as indocrinated and stubborn.

Nothing gets through to him because he subjects himself to television and radio programming and the newspaper every day and he was indoctrinated in Keynesian economics in college.

His sons are all Ron Paul supporters too!


Very creepy and bizarre!

How bizarre they think Ron Paul is their employee to be fired, and that Ron Paul's supporter will suddenly become Romney fans if only Ron Paul they give him a primetime slot at the GOP convention and some payola. How little they understand of the power of Truth!

This is just dumb

First, do they really think we are going to forget about their previous treatment of Dr. Paul? This is truly how they feel about him and about us and anything from now on is going to be rightfully seen as disingenuous pandering. Neocon Repubulican favorite Bill Kristol is openly and actively campaigning to have us thrown out of the Rep. party.

Second, if Jack Welch can not convince his own kids to hold their noses and vote for the establishment status quo candidate, why should anyone else care what he thinks on this subject?

Yah, Yah..more crap about

Yah, Yah..more crap about pre-picking the Republican candidate..I think they should just stop thinking about "exiting the Ron employee". They would actually save a lot in the long run if they kept him and "exited" someone else..like NEWT.

I would love to hear the

I would love to hear the conversations their family has at the dinner table.

Two other interviews: Working video links



GE is one of the private shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank.

This is a FED attack on Ron Paul.

Welch was and still is very active in the FED background.

These are the people who pick the chairmen and call the shots.

actually this thread should feature all three

videos in context.

Your Reuters link is the more crucial one.

If one only watches the Soledad O'Brien's interview, The Welches come off a lot more condescending than if one actually read their Reuters OpEd, as well as your link for the accompanying video.

What they're doing is clear. The Establishment Ruling Class is GENUINELY scared sh*tless of Dr. Paul. Not so much that Romney would lose, but if Doc truly were to go 3rd party, their puppet oBUHSma's 2nd term is not completely certain. They're putting out the meme that the Doc will only shave off votes from Wrongney, but actually, in fact, IF the Doc were to go 3rd Party, Obama has as much to fear. We all know that Romney is nothing but a Ringer for WallSt.Banksters' puppet Obama. They play this game to keep the charade going.

However, what was without a doubt clear was the subtlety of the tone if one watched that rabid neocon prick Eric Bolling interviewing the Welches on the same issue.


When Eric Bolling tried to lead Jack Welch to basically admit that what he actually is trying to say is to tell Dr. Paul to "drop out," but before Bolling could complete the phrase "drop out" Jack immediately, assertively emphatically stated that "NO, I'm not telling Ron Paul to drop out!" He proceeded to state that Dr. Paul should drop out ONLY under Dr. Paul's own sole discretion. That part is important, as Jack Welch is basically trying to communicate to us that 'We're not gonna overtly treat Ron Paul & his supporters like sh*t anymore.' That was out of cautious respect. At least that was the impression that he WANTED us to get, regardless of whether the sentiment was feigned, or not.

They know Dr. Paul CANNOT be bought. And they made sure to point that out too. The Wife, Suzy was emphatic that they not offer the Doc some superficial consolation prize. They made sure to communicate that GOP would have to meet him halfway or all the way on POLICY shift.

Pretty big 'olive branch.'

But they know it's not gonna work! LOL

oh, this ought to be fun, fun, fun!

The Incorruptible, Immutably Principally Consistent Dr. Paul vs. a bunch of loser sellouts trying to plead with him to not destroy them.

Hm... who has the leverage now?


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Amazing how brain dead the "leadership" is

They really think that if they treat Dr. Paul "nice" he will endorse a traitor to the Constitution?

And they really think that even if RP could, somehow (through some sort of magic, let's suppose), be twisted to endorse Romney or Gingrich that ANY significant percentage of the Liberty Movement would vote for the Republican candidate?

What are these guys smoking? It isn't how they treat RP, per se, that ultimately matters, IT IS HOW THEY TREAT THE CONSTITUTION.

Either the Republican party comes around pretty soon or there won't be any Republican party to speak of in a few more years. The brain-dead, traitorous "Republicans" are obsolescent; most of them will be dead in another 20 years and it is SO UNCOOL to be a mere Republican these days. I suspect it is quickly becoming almost as uncool to be an Obama/ Democrat, as well.

A whole crop of Copper Tops could be lost! Oh, my!

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28


Freshly printed fiat dollars. That's what their smokin'

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."