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Couldn't believe my eyes on Redstate this morning

Is this the same place that regularly bans Ron Paul supporters?

The Jacksonville Brawl

"Then there was Ron Paul. Many of us quickly dismiss Ron Paul, but his performance was stellar. He offered extremely sound responses on healthcare, education, border security, and more. Very few of the questions were on foreign policy, which is where he tends to go off the reservation. Last night he came off as warm, funny, and right on the mark. It was his best debate performance. Santorum and Paul benefited from Romney and Gingrich’s constant bickering."

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My choice not to vote for Paul only is exactly that, my choice. But I would not suggest that as a group or movement we set fire to the bridge before it is even built. I have seen some petitions rolling around the web pledging allegiance to Paul and Paul alone. I don't think that's such a good idea. We are still the minority and something strikes me as sort of wrong to threaten the majority with somehow torpedoing the whole party because 10 to 20% of us have decided to act like political terrorists or petulant children stamping our feet and demanding. We can feel that way and act that way as individuals, but not as a movement or group. We damn sure won't win any hearts or minds that way and remember this movement is about liberty in the long haul, not immediate satisfaction in the next year. Give them a chance to pucker up and kiss our asses first before we decide to take our marbles and go home. But never turn our backs on them or trust them.


meant vote for paul alone not "not" vote for paul alone.

We are going to win.

I have talked to a lot of Ron Paul supporters, and as individuals, they all say the same thing. They will only vote for Ron Paul.

I have also talked to a lot of people who want anyone but Obama. They will vote for Ron Paul if they have to.

I think it's safe to say that our next President will be either Paul or Obama. No one else can win without us, and we won't vote for them. It doesn't matter what it sounds like. It is as close to being an actual fact as it can possibly be without a crystal ball. And this is not a secret we can keep - we talk about it all the time! :-D

The Republican party is trying to convince us, and everyone else, that we can't win, but we can count, so we know it is not true. They are hopeless without us, but they will keep this up until the very last minute in hopes that either Obama or Paul hangs himself, but neither will. So at the last minute, we will take the nomination with our 20-30%, and then we will win the White House. This is simple math. Ron Paul supporters don't flip-flop. Our numbers are solid and growing.

Let them resent us and badmouth us for being stubborn. I think they already know we're going to win, and they're just laying the groundwork for salvaging whatever they can when the dust settles.

We are literally making history, resuscitating the Constitution so our kids can be free, and that is something to be proud of. :-)


We could start a Twitterbomb

We could start a Twitterbomb the day of the primary, or the next debate, or both.

#NobodybutPaul, or something like that. Maybe we could get it to trend.

Ron Paul can fly but chooses not to because it isn't authorized by the Constitution.

I think The Revolution PAC

I think The Revolution PAC has one.


> We need a website of pledges around "Paul or nothing".

Bump for brilliance!

Great idea, Doktor Jeep - who's up to the challenge of creating something like this?

I was banned from RedState in

I was banned from RedState in my 1st hour in 2008. It was as satisfying as my snow ball fight with Sean Hannity in NH.

Me Too!

I lasted a couple of days. I was nothing but courteous and respectful, but the moment I mentioned Dr. Paul, they booted me (also the only time I've ever been booted from a site). I just went over and took over their facebook page. That reminds me . . . I need to get bock over there and edumacate some people!

Next time, may I recommend MARSHMALLOW GUNS???!!!

The reason is... If Sean Hanity-Insanity or Bill ORielly or anyone complains about us it will sound hilariously funny like this.

SH - "Those Ron Paul fans were at it again! Do you know that I got pelted with Marshmallows last night as I came out of my limo to come inside of Fox studios! I mean this is getting out of hand! He had a gun! Sure it was Marshmallow gun apparently but I am telling you this is getting out of hand! First Snowballs and now this! Marshmallows. And why would they shoot pink ones at me?"

ANYONE listening to these two (or more) complain about this will die in hysterical laughter.

Who should be on the "Marshmallow List"? And where can I buy a Marshmallow Gun? Go here for info and links: http://www.dailypaul.com/196356/my-2012-snowballs-and-marshm...


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

be careful

I damn near accidentally took my wife's eye out a couple of years ago with a mini marshmallow blowgun. That would be all we would need is to have Hannity permanently maimed by a marshmallow from Paulistinian.

Ha, I lasted two hours...

I had much less tact and diplomacy back then.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

I was too!

I was kicked off in my first day. To this day I do not know exactly what got me kicked off. I did not mention Ron Paul, or say anything remotely impolite.

Redstate was and remains the only internet forum I have ever been kicked off of. And I have been on the internet since 1984 - before it was called "the internet" - before TCP/IP, DNS, html, and the world wide web.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Same Here

It's pretty funny. The worst one is the Moonies' newspaper called "Washington Times". When they write yet another "can't Ron Paul just go away" article, all these posts light up... Then the next morning, they delete them all. Never understood what that whole religious sect was about.

why would you go to redstate? we don't need neocon approval

i get annoyed by people getting excited when these sites and people that have been so anti rEVOLution say one nice thing. they said it was ron paul's best "performance" because they didn't ask much about foreign policy. i watched it and ron paul was pushing his foreign policy views several times. ron has been doing great in debates since mid-december with the exception of the first south carolina one. the only difference is that there are only 4 people on stage so it's getting harder to ignore him, and harder to ignore what jackasses he's going up against.

please when Rush starts talking nice about Ron Paul.. i don't care. we won't let these a-holes do to the revolution what they did to the tea party.

It's not what Erickson said, it's why he had to say it

Erickson wouldn't be saying ANYTHING nice about RP if RP weren't gaining enough traction that Erickson has no choice. He's too much of a "Who Would Jesus Bomb" type to ever truly endorse Paul, but I'm glad to see him being forced to acknowledge that on a lot of issues Ron Paul is RIGHT.


When neocons, liberals, etc. start to embrace Ron Paul that's a big deal.

Everyone is welcome. If a neocon embrace Ron Paul, that's the proof of the strength of his ideias.

Has anyone noticed

How the "two frontrunnters" have been cozying up to Dr. Paul lately? They almost look to him as the village elder, and defer to his wisdom (or steal his positions) time and time again. Newt has been downright grovelling, after having said on the record that he would not vote for Ron Paul in a general election against Obama. Don't let these charletons fool you. It is all a ruse to get us to lower our guard. They know they need us more than we need them. They are kissing ass to try to steal support...Newt is a scumbag with lots of "zany" ideas. Mitt is a nice guy who happens to be totally unreliable in his positions. Frothy mixture is a power hungry authoritarian war monger...

Love you guys!!! RON PAUL 2012!!!

Frothy Mix is Useful

Yeah - we all noticed - they have daydreams when they actually have some unpaid supporters like Paul and hope that we will come their way. I like Frothy though for sticking a fork into Romney's eyeball yesterday on Romneycare.

Comment on RS to EE's piece regarding RP supporters:

"There are a certain 10-20% of engaged Paul supporters that would be a big help. The rest would go back to frat parties and 420 barista’s"

Which type are YOU.

I believe all of us do support the message.

Just concerned that one of the main draws in doing so, for some, is the the never ending spring break atmosphere at many events.

Let the barbs fly

I can take it

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

Nothing new but

It's a little sad just how quickly the moderators ban anyone who looks even a bit like a Paul supporter. It must be depressing to be so incredibly afraid of a point of view that you can't stand to hear it mentioned.

I read a variety of political blogs, even ones I disagree with, both to see what others think of Dr. Paul, and to challenge my own thinking. It is never good to completely wall yourself of from differing opinions.

right on.....

...when i was banned i was completely surprised. i wasn't even blatantly supporting anyone. I thought it was a joke. I listen to Erick Erickson and have read his morning emails since August. I couldn't believe that actual censorship was their motto over there. Lost a ton of respect for EE when I was banned.

Michael V. Cowan

I was banned at RedState for supporting RP.

and i consider it a badge of honor!

Michael V. Cowan

Alot of pandering lately

Me thinks they have done the maths and have finally accepted the fact that there is no path to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue without Dr. Paul on board.

An alternative to the MSM Machine http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/
Ron Paul friendly news: http://www.newsetal.com/

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Dr. Paul's Plan - Here's striking difference, in my opinion

Obama and his Military “Chiefs” announced yesterday their planned cuts... And as usual in our GOVT, using “Military” and “Defense” interchangeably. If I understand correctly, the Servicemen-women will experience the cuts... no salary increases; required to pay toward their health care; numbers decreased. On the other hand, the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL Complex appears to have a blank check! In my opinion, this is EXACTLY opposite to what Ron Paul has proposed! And I truly believe he can DEMONSTRATE the difference to those who do NOT understand!

Susie 4 Liberty

The answer about the First Lady was actually pretty good.

Traditionally, the First Lady is expected to be the hostess of state dinners at the White House. Having written a cookbook is certainly a good thing for a potential hostess to have done.

The Founders of this great nation abhorred tyrrany and loved liberty.

RonPaul Won

How anyone could believe otherwise is concerning, as is failing to understand his foreign policy. If you think Ron is wrong on foreign policy I instantly see past you for the idiot or corrupt man or woman you are. No apologies.

If moderates want anyone but Obama, fiscal-conservatives want Paul, libertarians want Paul, independents want Paul, and disenchanted-democrats want Paul; Ron Paul is the best choice to beat the incumbent.

Don't read the comments

I can't believe people that stupid exist.

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Foreign policy and economic policy linked!!

I really don't get this red-state argument. Don't they see that foreign policy and economic policy are joined at the hip? Is it going to get to the point that it did with the Russians when they finally had to withdraw from Afghanistan when they reached a point that they could not pay the troops?
Good grief!!
And if you think this can not happen to US; I seem to recall not to long ago that our commander in chief was suggesting this very scenario not too long ago.(like just last year)
How long is CHINA going to finance our folly? Is it really worth it to these people to push us into debtor status for generations to come?
I just really don't get it. And I'm really getting sick of hearing it. 2 + 2 = 4. Reality bites.

"I just want to live in a free country" - Dr. Ron Paul

Let's think about this, Jack

Let's think about this, Jack Welch comes out and writes an opinion piece about how the GOP better take care of Ron Paul as they show him the door, and now the bandwagon has hitched themselves to the idea!

$#ck 'em! If Dr. Paul isn't the GOP nominee they ain't getting my vote no matter how hard they beg!