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Couldn't believe my eyes on Redstate this morning

Is this the same place that regularly bans Ron Paul supporters?

The Jacksonville Brawl

"Then there was Ron Paul. Many of us quickly dismiss Ron Paul, but his performance was stellar. He offered extremely sound responses on healthcare, education, border security, and more. Very few of the questions were on foreign policy, which is where he tends to go off the reservation. Last night he came off as warm, funny, and right on the mark. It was his best debate performance. Santorum and Paul benefited from Romney and Gingrich’s constant bickering."

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Doth these stars deceive me?

Coool! I only wish they could wrap their heads around the big idea of not killing people to get their way.

However, agreed, great performance.

I thought last night was one

I thought last night was one of the best debate performances I've seen of the Good Doctor. The fact that he not only corrected Newt Gingrich's claims of a balanced budget, but that Newt didn't even challenge him in his response shows Ron Paul was "killin it, knockin' them down one by one." All his answers were great. Bravo, keep it up.

"warm, funny, and right on the mark."

and "likability factor"..... music to my ears! Dr. Paul, you're doing it - you're seducing them... who can really resist you when they get to know you? Truly, to know you is to love you...

That would be a great sign/ t-shirt:
To Know Him is to Love Him -
Get to know him NOW

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and Michele Malkin … check out her lead story …

Fly Them To the Moon. Please.

Paul shined where he’s strongest — providing a clarion stand against government bailouts. Santorum landed solid blows on health care and the individual mandate supported by both Romney and Gingrich. Romney failed to defend his painfully exposed Achilles’ heel, Romneycare — and bizarrely argued that we needn’t “get angry about it.” Smile while your budgets are hemorrhaging…

Blitzer devoted an embarrassing amount of time to Gingrich’s moon colonization plan, prompting Paul (here I am saying something positive about Paul again!) to jibe that the only people we need to send to the moon are some politicians.


Big surprise: Paul’s likeability factor, even if he is completely on the moon when it comes to Israel, jihadists, and national security.

Big, unchanged reality: Big Government Romney, Big Government Gingrich, and Not As Big A Government As He Voted For When He Was in the Senate But Still Too Big Government Santorum.

The journey/march/slog (towards a brokered convention??????) continues…

Campaign: Get it together on national security and we have it made.

Campaign: Get it together on national security and we have it ma

"Campaign: Get it together on national security and we have it made."

YES! Ron Paul and the campaign needs to find a way to sound more nuanced, pragmatic and reasonable about his views on foreign policy (while not actually changing them). Everyone loves Ron on economic and constitutional issues, but...........

It's simple

We just need to get on the fear-mongering bandwagon, but in a slightly more logical way: WE WON'T HAVE ANY DEFENSE, here or anywhere else once the economy collapses, which it will if any of the Big Government choices get elected. We will end up with a third-world military that will not be able to defend our own continent. Then when the sword waving mullahs arrive in their landing craft they will force our women into beekeeper suits.
(Maybe not include that last line...) ;)

There are only three ways this can play out...

Ron as nominee
Ron as VP
Rand as VP

get's me through the day knowing of the Paulness of the 2012 ticket.

VP is a ceremonial job

VP is a ceremonial job: friendship tours and casting the deciding Senate vote once every 10 years or so. This VP talk is not happening.

There is no way in hell

that a Paul would be VP on the ticket with one of those asshats. No way in hell.

Anyone who is willing to listen

eventually gets converted.

Unless they are so vested in the other side that nothing else matters. And there are some of those.

But isn't it curious and kind of funny

how everyone needs to be spoken to ever so slightly differently in order for them to listen.

We'll take the compliments!

Not really interested in anything they have to offer though.
We're holding the line; they can come to us.

Our Enemies Need Us...

Although privately they have only contempt, The Fascist National Party and their supporters at Red State are disingenuously courting the naive in our ranks...

Leland Thomas Faegre

Be wary, but hold the line

I have no fear of Red State or any other neocon den. I go right in and quietly explain why three of the four remaining contenders are NOT conservatives.

Honey vs. vinegar.

Gets 'em every time.

Posting on Red State

I have had trouble posting on there. I have tried it 5 times and on different computers, but been kicked off everytime. Any suggestions?


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Exactly right! I'm totally

Exactly right! I'm totally convinced that being humble without compromising the truth is what has kept me from getting banned over there. If they start maligning "paulbots", I start my response with "resident paulbot here..."

Humility + truth. Learned it from Jesus, and Ron Paul exemplifies it as well as anyone I have ever seen!

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I doubt that

I doubt that there are many 'naive' in our ranks.

The Establishment will NEVER get our vote, but at least they are now being somewhat genial.

They know that if the GOP nominee is NOT Ron Paul, they lose in November.

I think they are coming to terms with it.
NONE of them want to be singled out as pushing the Small Government Constitutionalists from the GOP.

It's a game of CYA at this point.

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It's also possible that Dr.

It's also possible that Dr. Paul is just doing what he is so good at... Changing hearts and minds when he's given half a chance to speak.

I also think his showing in SC has put some off their guard enough to actually listen to the message. Erickson and his crowd aren't likely to join the freedom movement any time soon, but Dr. Paul has a long history of working with people who only agree with him on one issue.

I still can't imagine that anyone who has woken up would support any of the other remaining candidates, so nice words aren't going to win over votes from us for the nominee unless it's Paul.

What this does do, though, is open the door for your average redstate-type voter to open their minds a little about paul without losing face in a previously anti-paul-on-every-issue environment.