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GOP Must RESPECT Ron Paul and His Supporters - Jack Welch (Full Article & Video)

Read the entire article and watch the interview, then share your thoughts on this commentary by Jack Welch. Certainly a mixed bag of positive and negative.



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Jack Welch is right, he should support Ron Paul

Years ago I want to a seminar on business management, I'm thinking it was given by Brian Tracy. The advice that stuck with me was this. The closer to cash flow the more secure your employment and conversley as a employer you want to reward your top producers. IMO, Ron Paul is closer to cash flow (the voters) for the GOP, he is the one bringing in the new business (youth vote) why alienate him? The only logical answer is the GOP is either too stupid to know that, which I doubt, or they would rather have Obama as president than RP.

The insider borg wants your soul.

From the man who lorded over GE and GE Capital.
Zombienomics at its most pathetic.

No deal Welch. Maybe dip your finger in some grape jelly and try, I know it's hard, but just try a little to guess which way the wind is blowing.

Their kids are

working on them. LOL. the seed has been planted. I have noticed from the PTB that the tone towards Paul has changed over the months, Welch will endorse paul in a couple of months, good work welch kids.

Ron Paul does not get the

Ron Paul does not get the nomination, I'm voting for the Constitution party candidate..

The GOP insiders are trying to tell us that we have to change.

But they can't seem to get it - they are the ones that need to change. We already did.

GOP: No Ron Paul, no vote

GOP: No Ron Paul, no vote from me! What's the difference between Obama and Romney? NOTHING!

Jack Welch is a friggen old moron and he should listen to his kids, it's their freak'n future not his!!!

Full Article is Here

You can read the full article here by Jack and Suzy Welch...


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that is one

frustrated old codger .... word is out - we will not support the GOP ... you get behind Ron Paul or you lose plain and simple ... August? LOL ... all the way toots. Exit this.

the GOP they are destroying their own party

after this election it will fall and it will never get back up again, they have pissed the wrong people off, the Youth and they have time lots of it were the old dust balls dont and Iam speaking of the chaneys and the Roves etc. and the Neo Cons like kristol who are ya going to sell your books to O'Rielly or Hannity you all will be an after thought in time and I love it!!!!

This is funny.

Is it true that ... GE makes huge war profits and pays no taxes? http://blog.thephoenix.com/BLOGS/phlog/archive/2012/01/26/pi...

Welch thinks of Ron Paul as an 'Employee'. Jack - your fired!

Yeah. And guess what Jack -

we're the Board of Directors of this campaign - and you're not on it. Even your kids know it.