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Google optimization for Ron Paul News

Is there anyone here that knows how to optimize googles news results?

It seems that the washington post comes up at the TOP today with a negative story directed at Dr. Paul, when you type Ron Paul into the google search engine.

Is the washington post paying to be at the top with their negative propaganda, or is it because the article is the most popular right now and getting the most "hits?"

If it's money they are paying to be at the top then it might not be possible to beat the washington post in the results.

But if it is from website hits then it might be possible for us all to practice to "hit" in mass numbers on news/websites that talk favorably of him.

If website hits are responsible for the washington posts success in optimization of their propaganda it's probably because Ron Paul supporters,which out number all other candidates 10 to 1 online, are trying to comment and defend Ron Paul giving them the hits needed to achieve their high ranking results.

Either way...Ron Paul needs to hire a skilled tech person that can help fight this media propaganda especially before caucus and primaries.

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