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Washington Times debate article - "Ron Paul throughout the night was at his best"

"Ron Paul throughout the night was at his best. This was easily his finest debate performance. He and Rick Santorum both made it clear that they had no problem with Americans making money legally in the capitalist system. Dr. Paul was also very funny throughout the night. In past debates he has occasionally wasted time with tangents. On this night Gingrich and Romney were on a tangent, and Dr. Paul played one of the roles as "adult." On the subject of his opponents' investments, Dr. Paul elicited laughter by saying "That subject really doesn't interest me a whole lot." Dr. Paul then pivoted to his strength, which is talking about the economy at large. He accurately referred to the Community Reinvestment Act as affirmative action, resulting in regulators telling banks that they have to make certain loans. We should remove the line of credit to the treasury."


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Stating the obvious for a change