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Gonzalo Lira on the Edge with Max Keiser

Great discussion, they talk about Ron Paul starting at 14:40.

"In this edition of the show Max interviews Gonzalo Lira from LiraSPG.com.

He talks about his latest news features covering the US financial and economic collapse for Latin American television, including TeleSur and also stations in Mexico and Argentina.

Gonzalo Lira is an American novelist, filmmaker and economic blogger. Starting in 2010, Lira began contributing economic analysis to Zero Hedge, Naked Capitalism, Seeking Alpha and Business Insider; in Zero Hedge, one of his posts was the second most read of 2010."


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Great interview

Love Max Keisar. This is so powerful. They call the MSM out for being the fascist tools that they are.
word to the wise: Get your money out of the banks. 1st quarter is Gerald Celente's prediction for economic controls. He is usually right.

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Stand and fight, or go -- where?

Gloomy interview.

"Going West"

Freedom-lovers have been able to go west for quite a few generations. I suppose they could still go north, but basically, I find it very interesting to consider what will happen, now, when freedom lovers can't escape, and must stay and fight.

The Free State Project is one interesting approach to staying and fighting. It gives me hope that the "tide" will change faster this time, also aided by the Internet and longer life-spans (old people remember more freedom).

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