31 votes

14% in Florida & 14% in Michigan


And 2nd with 22% of the votes, by age 18-49.

Just updated with the latest from Michigan


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Santorum seems to be easing

Santorum seems to be easing out of the campaign, though he says he isn't dropping out.

I assume none of his voters will go to Romney. What percentage do we think will go to Newt and how many will come to us?

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Some voters, like 39-year-old Kelly Timm of Macomb Township, have moved to support Gingrich since the campaign season began.

"He's the smartest one up there," Timm said. "Mitt Romney, there's just something I don't like about him."

Newt's sooooooo smart and dreamy. he wrote alternate history novels and dated political books. All that dumb Ron Paul ever writes is Austrian economic books and big-picture (but with no pictures!) political philosophy manifestos.

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The polls are fake

These polls mean nothing. None of the polling companies are trustworthy.

That reminds me of that quote from somebody

who said, "Newt Gingrich is what a dumb person thinks a smart person should sound like".

Don't buy into polling numbers

I'll be stunned if Ron gets 10% in Florida.
These late polls seem to always have Ron at a higher number than he actually gets, making me constantly disappointed on election night.

i wish Ron would have

stayed in Florida at least until the primary ,if he would have i think we could have at least come in a strong third but unfortunately we will probably come in last!!i hope i am wrong

Trust in the campaign!

Trust in the campaign!


Isn't Florida a winner take all primary? If so, which i think it is, then doesnt that mean anything less than 1st place is meaningless?

A third place finish would be

A third place finish would be a success at this point in FL. BTW, the gender gap continues. WTH is it? He's at 19% among men and only 8% among women. Santorum has 14% among women and 10% among men and even Newt the philanderer is higher among women than men.

Gender Gap

This may have something to do with inherent psychology of men and women (whether cultural or biological). Women may tend to choose candidates that make them feel "safer" and whose rhetoric appeals to the emotions associated with security. Men may tend to choose candidates who appear to use logic and give the impression of confidence and competence.

This is regardless of the message, just the subconsious impressions people base decisions off of. I happen to know that women AND men who listen to and understand Paul's positions tend to like him better than the other candidates, but a lot of people don't make decisions that way.


and good riddens

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

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The Florida poll at least was

The Florida poll at least was conducted from the 24th-26th. I bet his numbers are a lot higher after last night's debate.

I'm here in MI and registered Repub.

Nobody has called me about my selection. I think that there is a huge amount of people here that are going to vote for Ron. There are a lot of churches here Detroit that voted with BO in the last election that are pushing people to get out and vote for RP. You can see that there is another article in the Free Press as someone else has posted here. I believe that Ron is going to do very well here in MI. I think it's off by at least 10% at this very moment and it will only increase over time.

It is going to depend on how he does in the states before here as it will bring in more people if they think he is a strong candidate.

Yes Michigan!

The word is out in Detroit.


You may want to help get out the vote by using the phone from home program. It's simple, easy, and it really works.


Margin of Error at 4.1, so

Margin of Error at 4.1, so even at lowest possible of 10, it's his highest florida poll.

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Slow and steady... We only go

Slow and steady... We only go up!

My prediction

Newt is about to tank hard. This is completely unscientific but have you noticed today's drudge poll. Newt went from being up there with Ron for first in the last poll to last behind Santorum with only 16.8 % today. I think the onslaught of Gingrich truth that came out yesterday will make people reconsider him as the conservative alternative to Romney.

The more people get educated on the other three the more they will realize they are counterfeits.

Of course...

The favorable/unfavorable trend is not so good.

What I find interesting

What I find interesting though, is that the "haven't heard enough" camp is also highest in both Paul and Santorum, and low for Mitt and Newt. Mitt/Newt have obviously been given the most positive media exposure and the most amount of air time, while Paul and Santorum have been given the least...and the favorable/unfavorable ratings seem to correlate with with that.

Looking into the numbers

Everytime Newts poll numbers go down Ron Paul's numbers rise. Huh...

It would be good...

...to beat Santorum for 3rd place...could quicken Santorum's departure.

Would be even better to do so with 20%+, which seems within reach.

Would be even better to edge the fading Gingrich for 2nd, which is possible if we get in the 20's.

Remember, this poll taken prior to debate.

I think Ron is gonna eek past

Santorum after this debate performance. In tha last SC debate, Santorum had his best debate, and it edged him past Ron. This time, Ron killed it in FL, and I think we'll see him slide into 3rd.

Yes, whatever happens, I

Yes, whatever happens, I would like to see him come out ahead of Santorum.

Santorum did well though. I didn't realize he could

talk that well. In fact when he was talking about his wife I thought he would never shut up. Amazing how he just seems to want to be at war with whole world.

Actually enjoyed it when they helped each other out

"I agree with what Dr Paul says"

When Newt says that he agrees that RP would be very healthy if he were president

When RP mentioned he didn't care about Bain issue

It was actually a fun debate

Newt says that a lot.

Newt says that a lot.

We have to rally the true consevatives

Hard to imagine we'll ever get the apocalyptic neocon disguised as Christian vote except for the ones that figure out they've been misled. It's good there are only a few deep rooted haters like limbo, leven and frum out there.

It should be us vs Romney and in that race we win or come damn close

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

I'm living right next to

I'm living right next to Michigan Tech, a very INTELLIGENT campus. So, naturally a lot of Ron Paul supporters. And it's trickling down to the small towns in the area.