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Washington Post bringing the newsletters again today.

This bastards are at it again.

They conveniently claim their sources as anonymous.

I'm fuming right Now.


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Renae Hathway

I wish they would make the full interview of Renae Hathway available, and provide information like when and how long they were involved there... All they said was that Ron Paul proof read his newsletter 'virtually everyday'. Does that mean every year the newsletter was out, or just when that person was there? They should have also asked if they thought Ron Paul agreed with those questionable lines. Maybe they did ask but didn't want to print the response?

Aside from that, it wouldn't be surprising if this was just another dishonest attempt like the huntsman campaign youtube scandal

Please do not post links to

Please do not post links to negative articles.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Does that mean

that RP is looking better in the polls or something? That would be my guess. They're doing what they can to slow down the momentum...

Their m.o. is to just keep

Their m.o. is to just keep the newsletters fresh in everyones mind and keep associating the word racist with the Good Doc's name in hopes that people will hear or see the name Ron Paul and think "racist". It's the power of association and it's used to market and sell everything. It will work to a certain extent but I think his support is really strong and we can withstand the attacks as long as we counter them by diligently associating his name with all the real things that RP is about. We all know what they are.

I agree. The tone of this article

is quite nasty. And there are quite a few things in it that are simply incorrect.

BUT, your title is misleading. I read the article and I don't believe the phrase "racist newsletter" is used by the WP.


John King reported Ron Paul's response as "testy"

However, when he played the segment where he asked about this, Ron Paul showed remarkable restraint. He wasn't "testy" at all.

The MSM is unbelievable.


Still, no evidence. Just Hearsay.

And you are at it again --

And you are at it again -- RE-posting it here... No one cares... that issue is DEAD!

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Brian you may not care , but

Brian you may not care , but I bloody care. This was posted today , and it is a blatant attempt to smear and undermine Dr. Paul.
We have to use their platforms , to educate the masses. We must be smart and throw back in their faces any rubbish that they spurt.

Anyway this was my response to these wankers .

" I feel sorry for the American  people. It looks like they are going to have
to choose a racist President this year. You see , our "Fair and balanced" media
has already established for us that the President and the 4 remaining
Republican candidates are already" racist"

President Obama has been called a racist for attending the Reverend Wright's church for 20 years.

President Obama himself has been called a racist by many people, including Glenn Beck, who triggered a fire-storm after saying he believes President Obama doesn't like white people.

Newt Gingrich was called a racist just a few months ago for calling Palestinians an invented people. He also called Spanish the language of the Ghetto.

Mitt Romney was called a racist by Bill Maher because he is a Mormon, and called racist by
MSNBC for continually calling the President by his first and last names instead
saying President Obama.

Rick Santorum has been called " Racist" because he is a Homophobe and does not like anything Islamic.

Ron Paul is being called "racist" because of the newsletters.

What are we going to do?

Since MSM has established that all of them  all "Racist" , let’s see which candidate actually is the least " Racist" of them all.

Which one of the candidates is advocating not to bomb to smithereens, brown people in Middle
Which of the above wants to end the War’s that effect minorities
Which on of the above wants to pardon all non violent drug offenders?

Which one of above believes that True racism in this country is in the judicial system , wherein the percentage of people who use drugs are about the same with blacks and whites. And yet the blacks are arrested way disproportionately ?

Which one of cites  Martin Luther King is one his heroes for practicing the libertarian principle of peaceful resistance and peaceful civil disobedience ?

Which one of the above stands up for our civil liberties and adherence to the constitution ?

Which one of the above voted against the Patriot Act , NDAA and Iraq War ?

It is none other than , Dr. Ron Paul"

I see this as an opportunity to educate the masses and get more people on board.
We all have to stand our ground and fight back the well oiled lies machine.

In liberty ,

Sorry, if it worked as a

Sorry, if it worked as a smear, it would have worked the first 2 times, especially because it was hammered all over the news over the holidays of 2011. It really has zero effect.. You bringing it up will just ad fuel to the fire. It did not stick the first few times, and it won't stick now....

if you think this IS the reason why people don't support Paul, you are wrong. It is most likely his foreign policy that is an issue. Address that..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


political delusion: this unresolved issue does have an effect, particularly among minority friends whom I've attempted to persuade, for example.

Further, how would an Afro-merican candidate look who had literature with their associated name denigrating Euro-mericans and when asked, rather than principally denouncing unethical bigotry the politician in question says "I didn't know."

It shows poor moral judgment and a lack of leadership when assuming high office and the Campaign would do well to dissolve the matter

This specific smear I believe

This specific smear I believe is targeted specifically for Democrat voters and Independent Voters , whom are going to our camp in droves. They are not stupid...they see the numbers and they are scared to death. 50 % of the Youth vote is with us , 43 % of the Independent Vote is with us.
Ron Pual was 2nd in NH Dmocratic primary. They know they are bleeding voters.

Hence, They are desperately trying to change the upswing. They will fail , but in the meantime we can use this negative coverage and turn it into positive advantage for us.
Even if we converted 5 to our cause , that is a good day's wok. Cause they know that Paul's supporters will never switch sides.

I know why they do it too

But your headline could have been less obvious. We don't want to help spread the propaganda.

The headline above will now show in Google too, as well as the original.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Its just a fact that some

Its just a fact that some people will always believe rumors, and some people will always think RP is racist.

At some point addressing it further will not win more people over or do anything for the campaign.

That being said, he has NOT reached that point. Attempting to brush it to the side as he has done is just asking for the accusation to stick around. I believe he does need to lay it to rest. Dont know how, but just not the way he has tried and failed until now.

Down vote and ignore this all

Down vote and ignore this all you want just cause its inconvenient for you to hear, but this will be a huge issue in the general election if its not addressed now.


The issue is a popular liability as opposed to others which can be argued from a political/(policy) standpoint

Dr. Paul has put this stuff

Dr. Paul has put this stuff to rest on the national stage about 5 or 6 debates ago. Those who wouldn't vote for Dr. Paul because of this, never would anyhow. I believe if he were asked again, the moderators would get loud boos.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul


I misread your argument and do not agree any point: if this issue was settled, the author would have been identified (either voluntarily or by dissociation).
Instead it persists and assumedly will resurface if going up against President Obama

Disagreement on 1 point

I've numerous friends who expressed interest in the Campaign but now dissociate with a popularly assumed racist.

I subsequently believe RP could legitimately win the 'Left' and become politically unstoppable if properly addressing the issue


In a line today an older Democrat was telling me how if Ron Paul is the Republican nominee, he will vote for Paul over Obama.


But why not principally achieve a win-win by exercising political responsibility and doing the right thing?
(see following comment below)

I love how this has been a

I love how this has been a national issue for four and a half years, and a local issue in his congressional district for well over a decade, but only now are these people coming forward to say this.


this issue will persist until RP

1) privately identifies the ghost-writer of the newsletters and dissociates with them until a public apology is made

2) publicly denounces the ideology of bigotry [ex. refusing donations from openly stated hate-groups]

3) philosophically defends the innocent (ex. someone saying "I will injure you because you are black/gay/woman/Muslim etc") through forceful Constitutional policing (ex. 15th Amendment)

There is nothing wrong otherwise with exercising principled leadership and the Campaign would do well to consider the character of RP's public reputation, especially during a political contest

yeah, and I'm sick of the

yeah, and I'm sick of the media bombing one person with their racist rhetoric when information like this exists for obama, who actually wrote this stuff: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/coilofrage.asp

all of the candidates have been called racist before, they just continue hitting Ron Paul with the racist card

anyone who supports the undeclared wars is a racist, but of course the media won't focus on substance over sensationalism ;)

Limbaugh has been called

Limbaugh has been called racist before and lost his gig with Monday Night Football because of it. When will he retire?

I am really wondering

why they let Santorum slide on all his dirt. I have seen him make very (not just overtones ) racial comments on video and say many things that the media never use against him. What about his wifes hipocrytical past? Little miss morals shacked up with an OBGYN that specialized in abortion for 6 yrs. He says things that would terrify even the most staunch social conservative when not on stage. He is very sly about not mentioning these things on the debate stage. The guy is a Christian extremist/jihadist that wants a holy war and has said it blatantly. He is a terrorist. He is everything he tries to make Americans fear only has white skin and wants to do exactly what he accuses others of doing. Psyco ! he wants war with just about every country that isn't America and all white skinned people. I would say he wants world wide genocide would not be going to far. I fear that he is doing to well and people aren't getting the facts about this nut. He is creeping sharia !

Could it be

he is the one coming in under the radar while Gingrich and Romney have their little girly fights and will sneak in under the radar? Let's not forget who is backing him. Murdoch. He would turn us into a theocracy and all the new legislation would play right into his hands. I mean he is scary. This guy wants us all to breed more because the Muslims are outbreeding us.He has mentioned he would like to see states be able to make birth control illegal. Look at some of his town halls ect. Total freak that wants to control every aspect of your life with his opinion of his religious beliefs and whatever personal beliefs he has.

they should sue the WP

they should sue the WP

I saw that as well. It can

I saw that as well. It can most likely be attributed to Ron Paul's good debate performance last night. This is how it works, every-time Ron Paul does well and extends his base, they will amplify the smear. They did it right at the days leading to Iowa when Ron was leading in the poll. They will do it the days leading to states where he is expecting to do good (Maine and Nevada), and they will try to specifically attacks qualities for which he has an excellent reputation.

There are a few reasons why they do it this way, mostly the smearing is most effective when Ron Paul is gaining momentum, because they reach to people googling him and not knowing him well (the first impression is the most important impression). It's very important to understand how they are doing it, it is definitely a very deliberate strategy taken by in control the media. I suspect they also trick the Google News algorithm to top the placement of a given article at the right time.

I believe understanding how this is done could maybe help us find some clues to inside information on what's going on. One other thing that can be done would be to schedule the Compassion RevolutionPAC ad in the states where he is doing good the eve of the polls, or publicize an attack against the media by predicting when they are going to do it again.