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we have the power, Ron Paul supporters! its called the youth! the future and we will change this country

The old Billionaires like Adelson or the talking heads like Beck and Rush or Hannity or O'Rielly they'll be an after thought in the future , no one will buy their books!!! or the Weekly Standard who will Kristol sell that rag to the Homeless lol we are here and we are going to change this country back!!!! and its going to be a Republic again

you can not win with out us but we really do not need you!!!! in time this group of Ron Paul supporters will go beyond the Tea Party, it will be a more profound party with the Constitution for its base! it was the base for the poor and immigrant before and it will be the base for them again your days are overwith!!!!
Ron paul 2012 Rand Paul 2016 .... Congress or senate we are going to put em in, those who know the value of an OATH!!!!