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FoxNews.com : "Ron Paul can’t live without his salads..."

On a lighter note, it seems that Ron Paul will probably still be doing his 25 mile bike rides in 2028 when his son finishes his second term in the White House. Campaign diets are notoriously anti-cardiovascular. (Yes, Ames had deep-fried sticks of butter.) Here's an excerpt from the FoxNews.com story:

Ron Paul’s camp says he enjoys soups and salads and that his favorite meal is shrimp and rice. But his reps say he does have a weakness: chocolate chip cookies.


Pellegrini says, “Dr. Paul seems to be applying his isolationist policies to the fatty foods that pepper the campaign trail. His food regimen seems to reflect his independence -- in other words, he ducks the diner favorites in favor of more personal culinary proclivities -- and cookies are indicative of his ever present quirkiness.”

I honestly wish I could have had the chance to ask Newt if he knows about the link between diet cola and Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Ron Paul, on the other hand, is regularly seen with his coffee, which has been proven to fight the brain's aging process and Alzheimer's in particular. Maybe after he drops out he'll be less busy and can take a call.


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In a 1984 world, cookies are "quirky"?

This really is 1984. Evil is good and good evil. War is peace. Cookies are quirky. What will they think of next....

Well, even Tom Woods called

Well, even Tom Woods called Dr. Paul "an anomaly".

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.