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Attention Pennsylvania Ron Paul supporters!

Delegates mean everything in PA!

Message me if you're in PA and would like to get involved in the delegate effort(help to get them on the ballot, and eventually help with promoting them) and I'll get you in touch with the proper district coordinator.

The process started this week.....

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BUMP of the day...

Because tonight some of the sheets are getting turned in.




one week to go!



BUMP of the day...

Philadelphia Freedom =)




New day...new bump!

Ron Paul 2012!!!


BUMP of the day...

Because I am getting folks at work to sign =)




Lets keep this thread relevant


I have petitions for the delegates. If anyone is in Lycoming County and would like to sign, I am in Williamsport. Feel free to email me at clawd28@yahoo.com.



monroe county

i'm from monroe county please let me know if i can help

Send me a

message and I'll direct you to the right people in your area.

"Super Event" on Facebook!

In the spirit of the success that was created in 2007 with the money bombs, I figured we needed to create a "Super Event" on Facebook. Half the the people that came to the event we held at my restaurant last night came from my piddly little last minute effort to promote it there. What we need to do is get this to go viral in the way the money bomb did. People love jumping onto the train after it's already rolling fast.

I just set this up and posted a couple of quick events and in the first few minute it went up to 11 people attending. I'm now setting this up to make the coordinators for each of the 18 Congressional districts admins of it too.

As I run ads once in a while for my biz on FB here are some quick numbers... There are over 29,00 people on FB that are located in PA and are labeled as liking Ron Paul. We are terribly behind on this as we only have three weeks to get this done. We can not get this done by going door to door, we need to get people out to the events so we can get 30, 40 or even 50 signatures at a time as there are multiple forms to sign. For example in my CD, we have 3 delegates, 3 alternates plus Ron Paul. That's 7 different forms to sign!

Here's the event listing:

I have it listed as running from noon tomorrow til 9pm on Sunday the 12th Please help us out by sharing this event if you are on FB.

I shared

your event on Twitter.

I cannot comprehend the redistricting dilemma, but if anyone needs a signature from Columbia County, I'll sign...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Philly Rally

I'm in Chester County, and can't wait till Ron Paul comes to Philly for a rally so we can show him how big a rally can get. I was at his 2008 Philly rally and if I remember correctly, it was one of his bigger ones. Does anyone remember what perecent Ron got in the 2008 PA primary?

Are you getting your name on

Are you getting your name on the ballot to become a delegate?

Help me out!

I juat picked up my petitions from the capital yesterday. I am in the 17th congressional district and I need help getting signatures asap. PA can only have registered Republican signatures for the petition. Please give me a shout at sheeler4delegate@gmail.com or on Facebook...Greg Sheeler blue shirt and black hat with sunglasses. The 17th district is composed of all of Dauphin County, Lebanon County, Schuylkill County, and parts of Berks County and Perry County. Any help would be appreciated and I have extra petitions to let ppl borrow and then return with signatures. Thanks.

district info incorrect

The 17th district has changed. It still has Schuylkill county, but now it swings east to easton and then north monroe county then cuts west to wilkes barre and then north past scranton. Make sure you are in the new 17th district, and if so only Schuylkill county from your list is still in district 17, so mind that whe collecting signatures. They took the democrats from barletta's district 11 from wilkes barre and scranton and gave them to holden from schuylkill county to make Barletta's district safer for him. I live in Wilkes Barre and the Luzerne County Campaign for Liberty is running about 4 alternates for delegate and about 7 RP delegates already, but the more the merrier! Few people know that PA's delegates are completely unpledged in the GOP...there are many Santorum supporters who have signed my petition to be on the ballot...they didn't ask, so I didn't mention it.

Chester County Representing

RP 2012!

BUMP of the day...

Because this is my home turf :]

Please keep this bumped

For the next week or so. We need all the help we can get.

Good idea!

Good idea!


I Wish Pa Primary was Sooner

I live in central Pennsylvania, and Paul Support is VERY strong here. I've seen 18 different houses with RP signs in thier yards, and I get lots of love when I wear my RP t-shirt. Unfortunatly, I'm 17 years old, so I can't become a delegate. This thread is worthy of a BUMP!!!

Even though you can't vote

or become a delegate, you can help someone petition for delegates by being their "walking buddy", you can help promote the delegates after they're on the ballot, and you can help work the polls on primary day...do all of that is you REALLY want to assist the effort. Message me and I'll get you in contact with your district coordinator.

Also, go to meetup.com, type in "ron paul" plus your town and you should find a meetup group near you....

Just heard that PA election is screwed up

Some Judge rejected the redistricting, so it is not clear where the electoral districts will be yet - it will be very last minute.

So this gives us a chance to do better than expected if we are clever and prepare, since some potential delegates will get caught with their pants down.

New legislative districts were challenged

New congressional districts stay. We go on.


don't worry