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Neo-Con Brother is now a Ron Paul Advocate.

Here it is... I wasn't sure but now I know my brother is a full convert, at least for this election. This is a letter he sent to one of his friends and later forwarded it to me. I guess he wanted to make my day because it did!

Point is don't give up the good fight people, People are waking up!


The debate last night was so telling. It is clear to me that the “two amigos” (Mit & Newt) are absolutely the wrong candidates. My belief is that the media is intentionally supporting these two bone heads to give Barack a better chance to win the elections. One fat f@#* wants amnesty, the other clown helped fabricate Obama Care. Both idiots supported “Cap and Trade” and the “Wall Street Bail Out”. And now we learn that they profited on our citizens distress. Dude, walk away from Mit during the primaries. Don’t put your money or waste your energy during the republican nominations by supporting him. Let the media choose and then support the last man standing. Both candidates suck ass and all we can do is cross our fingers during the elections. It’s sad isn’t it.

My advice to you is vote for Ron Paul even though he is not going to win the nomination but you’ll make a statement by doing so. It will let Mit & Newt know that even though you’ll support either of them against Obama, it doesn’t take away the fact that they are both “shit heads!” These two assholes are pathetic republicans, period!!!! You may not agree with Ronnie’s foreign policy but you have to admit that he is so right on with his economic policy. MSN Money reports:

…The American people realize that what the Fed and Washington are doing isn't working and that the policy elites are on a dangerous course. And the people are willing to consider dramatic moves, such as tying the dollar to gold once again. Consider the longer term, too: The dollar has lost 85% of its value since President Richard Nixon and ended the de facto gold standard under the postwar "Bretton Woods" global exchange-rate regime. Under the true gold standard, which lasted from 1834 to 1914 (save for the Civil War years), the power of the dollar remained steady. Consumer price inflation going back to 1913 tells you all you need to know. Once the dollar was unleashed from gold in '71, the Fed was no longer constrained. Prices surged as new money was freely printed. No wonder what we might call "Ron Paul-onomics" is resonating. A Rasmussen poll conducted last October found that 44% of Americans favor a return to the gold standard, with 28% opposed. That goes up with the belief that the change would to sock it to "the man": When those surveyed were told the move would "dramatically reduce the powers of bankers and the political class to steer the economy," support jumped to 57% while opposition dropped to 19%...

Ron has solutions, he has a documented plan, unlike the others, but the media doesn’t give him the time or day cause it wants Obama Yo Mama for four more years. You be the judge and I hope you vote wisely. Good luck!

One more thing, I’m free Tuesday night. Let’s take Danny out for drinks!!! He’s hilarious when he’s toasted. ;)


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You know

for all the tough words, I smell the fear when it comes to foreign policy.

I feel it's absurd to have to say this, but Republicans, in fact all Americans; man the F**k up.

Quit trying to save face while running around crying foul because the rest of the world is sick of your nose in their potato salad.

There is no existential threat to any nation state from external violence and there won't be unless we start a major fricken war. Internal uprisings, well yeah, cruel leaders deserve it. Our incumbent insiders do too but it will be OUR fault if WW3 breaks out into a hot war.

The Big Business insider club runs this town and they aren't looking out for your well being. Not by welfare, not by warfare! They don't even like you.

Get it through your friggen liquored up skulls and stand up to them! Who's country is this? Yours or theirs?!

Sorry for the vicious words (Fed up rant...) but I feel that through sheer unthinking paranoia the US is right on the cusp of doing the dumbest thing ever conceived, hot war with the east.

You've taken the red pill.

You've taken the red pill. Welcome to DP. And you are a friend indeed.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."