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the true Bigots on the stage last Night, Newt and Mitt, and their response to Latinos and Palestinians

lol I mean come on, talking about the new Washington post article, concerning those pesty News Letters, lol I mean hey Mitt preaches to an Palestinian American who happens to be an Republican last night, and what does Newt do he confirms his stance on the Invented comments!! HEY America you are an INVENTED society!!!! But anyways, then we have the relations with CUBA and Puerto Rico lol .. that went over with a bang!!!

and the Ghetto language, and the Food stamp comments lol what we have here are three bigots on stage who want to kill all the Brown people!!! except for PAUL!!! and then we have the Washington post this morning, the debate must of hit a Racial Nerve last night for the D.C. boys and Gals to be freaking out this morning notice how the morning shows today seem strange and NICE!!!! PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we have The post bringing up the News letters again, but they fail to mention how an Palestinian American who wanted to be accepted as a human being was scolded in front of the nation for daring to ask the whole G>O>P to accept him and his people just to accept them!!! BIGOTS

I wonder how can MSNBC spin the Pat Buchanan book deal and how they keep Sharpton around, or how does FOX spin it, with Bill O'Rielly almost flubbing up his whole career with a show on the subject only to tell everybody hey just go and buy the book!!!
Mitt freaks me out with his sermon, before hand in a earlier debate he scolds Newt on his invented comments, he should handle it with diplomacy he said lol
Hey GOP you got busted and the MEDIA to!!!! BIGOTS!!!!! and the LIB Media as well

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All it takes is to spend one day

listening to talk radio, or watching Fox News, to see that the entire GOP platform is built on bigotry, religious persecution, and yes, even the exhortations for genocide/ethnic-cleansing.

That's their "foreign policy", and their "domestic policy" consist of finding ways to fund their world terrorism schemes by fleecing the American population to pay for it via socialist schemes that they fraudulently claim to abhor.

Oh! And they are mighty proud about these positions they espouse too. They sure are! They scream and yell about them all day long, in an effort to keep the fires stoked in the public, so that they can continue their plans of worldwide mass murder. They brazenly and openly advocate invading and bombing even more countries and innocent people.They admit that they jut cannot ever get enough blood to drink.

And it's plain to see that they clearly owe their allegiances to a foreign country, which has NEVER been our ally, but has ALWAYS been our enemy. And they openly take funding from this enemy, and flaunt it in front of our faces, and claim moral high-ground that it is so "honorable" to perform these traitorous acts.

And that's just in one day of listening, and it is all revealed again and again, day after day.

Thanks so much for posting

Thanks so much for posting this thread. We need to stop letting anti-Palestinian bigotry slide. The Palestinians are Semites too, and for some reason, all the media seems to care about is "anti-Semitism" directed toward Jews.

There is deep hatred of Arabs and Moooooslims in this nation, partially due to 9/11 and the brown skin and accents of many Arabs. And mostly it is because they aren't Christian, and yet, prove day in and day out that they are more pious than the latter or the Jews.

Just imagine if a Jewish person had been talked to this way by a major candidate. The media and the ADL and the entire state of Israel would have declared war. We must start speaking out about this double standard!

My only complaint of the debate was Dr. Paul wasn't allowed to

answer the Palestine question.

Newt and Mitt were both disgusting in their answers. Their answers were clearly aimed at the larger voting block of the conflict. They fail to realize that most people are not represented by their politicians.

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I Desperately Wanted Dr. Paul To Respond

All else aside, I was curious as to what he would say.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

I desperately wanted him to

I desperately wanted him to call them out for a crime on national TV.

It's good to see that more people are . . .

finally realizing how bigoted most Americans are!!!

These men obviously believe they can be open in their racism.


THIS is the only reason these middle eastern wars continue--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Most Americans huh?

Is your own bigotry okay then? I might say a lot of politicians or neocons and so on but that's a pretty broad brush.

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I think you are 'straining at a gnat'--

over word useage, perhaps. And, then again, perhaps you are correct that it is NOT 'most'--

I can't tell; I don't know. Do you? :)

Unfortunately, I do know quite a few people who are racist. It is alarming, but they are. And well-educated (formally)--

I think that . . . it's possible to say 'most', because there are very many people, if not 'most'--but more than just a few . . . who honestly do not care about people they consider to be 'other' than themselves.

Many, many Americans (then, and not most) . . . 'fear' Islam, because most people who are Muslim do not 'look' Northern European.

The idea of 'little, brown people' (used in heavy sarcasm to describe how many of *my* fellow Americans see them) is a sad, shocking reality--

Obviously, the "American people" were snookered into fighting in the middle east because of this, their weakness--

it's quite obvious, isn't it? Or deceived. But why/how were they deceived? Because of lack of understanding, which is just another facet of bigotry.

So . . . if my word is too strong--

how harmful is that?

Perhaps there are times when it doesn't hurt to overstate the truth.

Whose toes am I stepping on here?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Was it me or did Newt not only confirm

that he believed Spanish was a ghetto language but he went on to say others as well?

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.


The answers to the Palestinian Republican were absolutely disgraceful. He was standing there being scolded to like a petulant child by Romney and Gingrich in front of the whole world.

And to respond to Newt Gingrich, does he not think if Duval County, Florida was one day decided by the UN to be the new nation of Seminolia, and all non-Seminolians were forced to live in certain parts of the county where conditions were that of a 3rd world ghetto,that those displaced people would be angry? Does he not think they would do what they could with what they had to achieve independence and self-determination? And further to Newt's point, how would he feel if these "Americans" or "Floridians" were called invented peoples, which they are to a certain degree, much more so than the Palestinians, who have been recognized as a distinct geographical people since Herodotus?

this got me up out of my chair...

i was ranting and raving at both responses shooting the truth at them and asking the universe why they were allowed to lie lie lie and why the good dr. didnt jump in and my lover was laughing at me saying "calm down, he can't hear you." On a more positive note, my girlfriend who is very influential in her community told me that she has decided that all the other candidates are liars and that she is going to vote for RP. This is yet another small victory both for me-been workin on her for 4 years- and for liberty because my girlfriend has a huge mouth and tons of friends!! Let them continue to lie- it only turns supporters away!! YAY!


It seemed like Dr Paul wanted to jump in

but wasn't allowed. It was like Newt and Mitt were calling the guy a terrorist! He looked so upset, when the camera panned back to him when the conversation ended!


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I Just Hope That Your Lover and Your Girlfriend

Are the same person.

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Unless they would BOTH vote Ron Paul.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

No kidding!

I felt sooo bad for that guy!!!

"The only thing we die with is our own personal integrity!" LRH
Vail, CO
Freedom and Liberty for Eagle County, Colorado. www.flecc.org