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OK to sign wave at Romney event?

Internal debate going on - just curious if you think it is a good or bad thing to do a sign wave if you find out Romney is holding an event in your town and the news will be all over it.

That's how we operated in 2008, and I thought that's still considered a great opportunity, but I was blasted by other Ron Paulers when I suggested hosting a sign wave here outside a Romney event scheduled for tomorrow. I was told Ron Paul wouldn't approve, and that it might offend people and bring bad press.

What say you?

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Sounds OK to me as long as

Sounds OK to me as long as you are not chanting or otherwise being disrupting.

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( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

Sign wave and

talk to people. Be friendly. Have fun.

I'm with Jeff

Do what you want. As long as you aren't causing a bunch of hoopla and aren't heckling Willard, then what's the problem? Who knows, a Willard supporter or two may engage you in a convo and ask why you support RP. Perfect education opportunity. ;)

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I'd say...

Do whatever you want and feel is right. If you're respectful, don't disrupt the event and make your sign to show a difference between Romney and Dr. Paul why not?


Thanks, Jeff - that's exactly how I see it. But I've been told that my idea makes me a threat to Ron Paul blah blah. The local group here is kissing up with the Republican establishment so much that I'm afraid they don't look much different.

I think what made the Ron Paul revolution great was that we weren't just another campaign - we were DIFFERENT. Now, it's sad to say, but the main difference between the group here and other campaigns is the name of their candidate.

I understand your frustration...

I'm in NC, O'Reilly is having an event here and I want to stand outside with other supporters and try to reach the people attending the event. No interest from anyone else to do this so far. Now maybe some people just didn't see my post about it or are busy that day but I think it's really important we get off the web and get out there.

I will be very polite, let them know that Dr. Paul doesn't support legalizing all drugs but instead supports state's rights to make these decisions. I'll ask them if they support the 10th amendment, if they do than I'll say well you agree with Ron Paul on this issue more than Mr. O'Reilly. (This is very different from what I'd really like to say to them but it's about waking people up and not trying to ram it down their throats).

They may say something like Dr. Paul wants Iran to have a nuke. I'll say that he doesn't want them to get a nuke but understands why they want one and give examples. I'll then state if Iran gets one the only way they can get it here is by smuggling it across the border since they don't have the missles to do it. I'll then segue into why it's so important that we bring our troops home and protect our border and not the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Best of luck to you and I think it's great your out there and active.