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Final Drudge Poll (Florida Residents only): Newt Last



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that the poll isn't asking who they will vote for. It is a perception thing. (who won the debate?)

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Don't forget

There are millions of old people in Florida that don't use the internet and can't participate in the Drudge poll.

Millions of Grandmothers!

Millions of Grandmothers! Think of the Grandmothers! Do you want to deport hundreds of millions of poor, old, non-internet using grannies?!

Okay I'm through =)


some of them vote in states other than Florida....good for us.......


I think we have to consider

I think we have to consider just about any double digit finish as good progress. Not even a week ago he was at, what, 9%? If he comes in ahead of Frothy, that would be a really good result. Second place would also have me ecstatic.

I suspect his debate performance last night will provide a pretty nice boost.

Florida readers ONLY...

I think this is good news. This is Flordia only drudge readers and I think Ron Paul reaches far beyond the Drudge folks (which I'm one). He's basically tied for second in this poll and 22% looks pretty good to me.

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Ongoing Drudge post debate poll: RP ahead w/300k votes cast.

GINGRICH 16.4% (49,187 votes)

PAUL 32.54% (97,632 votes)

ROMNEY 30.27% (90,798 votes)

SANTORUM 20.79% (62,385 votes)

Total Votes: 300,001

At first I thought this was good...

But then I realized this is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the nationwide Drudge poll where he's getting something like 32%. Also, he usually does better in Drudge polls than in the primary.... With that said, I will be happy with an 8-9% finish as this would be consistent with the 350% increase in support since 2008. I will thrilled to see him break 10% and absolutely ecstatic for him to come in third... But it's not too late to keep going up in FL either :)

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How do they just sort out FLA

How do they just sort out FLA residents?

If Paul got 22% of the vote

If Paul got 22% of the vote id shit myself. He got like 3% last time