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Roger Ebert Gives Ron Paul 2 Thumbs Up!

Famed movie critic Roger Ebert says Ron Paul is the only one of the candidates he'd like to sit next to on a long flight.


Speaking via Twitter, Ebert also stated: Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who speaks directly and clearly without a lot of hot air and lip flap..."

Here's his Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/ebertchicago

Tweet him to show him some of that Kelly Clarkson kinda love and respect!


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Now, if we could only...

..get that other movie critic for whom I have much disdain (Michael Medved) to duke it out with Ebert! Ebert's a cheap ass by the way. I used to bell hop at a hotel in Park City Utah during the Sundance film festival. I toted four of his bags up to his room and he tipped me 50 cents. His tweet has made up for that.

Did you invest it wisely?

Here's Ebert's Twitter


Tell him thanks.

Let's see how many Ron Paul supporters can show him some of that Kelly Clarkson kinda love and respect!

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This is an endorsement, IMO.

I'm taking this story as one anyway.

After reviewing thousands of films, Roger Ebert knows the genuine truth when he sees it.

I always read his review

You are right.

I rely on his review of films; having read him for many years I find he knows what he's talking about and doesn't hesitate to give his opinion even if it's not popular.

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Vote in the poll at bottom left: Ron Paul @72.87%!

Mitt Romney 9.67%
Newt Gingrich 15.53%
Ron Paul 72.87%
Rick Santorum 1.92%

Total Votes: 11589

Read more: http://www.thestatecolumn.com/articles/roger-ebert-praises-r...

Tweet him thanks!

Everyone on Twitter, please Tweet thanks to Roger Ebert.