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RP! to WIN Virginia says "The Hill"

I got this article off of Lewrockwell.com:


Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary
By Brent Budowsky - 01/27/12 10:27 AM ET

n a dramatic head-to-head contest that will win huge attention throughout the political world, I now believe that Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary. The implications could be enormous. This result would dramatize the fact that a majority of Republican primary voters favor a candidate more conservative than Mitt Romney. This prospect could also inspire the mother of all money bombs for the Ron Paul campaign.

If I were the campaign manager for the Gingrich and Santorum campaigns, I would be suggesting that all conservatives vote for Ron Paul in Virginia. Ditto the conservative movement leaders from all conservative points of view and throughout the conservative media.

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The only poll I've seen on VA has Romney @ 70%.

That's hardly grounds for optimism if this becomes a two-man race.

Even if the poll is bogus, the mere existence of it and it being reported will make it come true.

That's how this works.

I'd hope otherwise, but honestly, there is no rational basis for doing so.

This was always going to be a fight against the media as well. They are the biggest road block.

Without mega millions - and I'm talking 100+ - there is no defeating them. Paul HAS to buy large blocks of air-time Ross Perot style NOW, not later before the convention and not holding out for the General election. And since we obviously can't raise that kind of money with out money bombs any more, that strategy won't ever happen.

Thus, this is merely a slow motion train wreck.

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Thanks: Posted over there:

Gingrich and Santorum are in the last days of their campaigns. They are pandering to Ron Paul supporters by pilfering Ron Paul's ideas while they attempt to bash him on foreign policy and social issues. Why vote for mimics who are warmongering wolves in sheep's clothing when the true candidate is in the race?
Honesty, Integrity, Consistency, Truthfulness, Following the Constitution, 22-year Voting Record to prove it = Ron Paul
No other candidate is associated with such words.
Wake up, people. We are running out of time.

You are right! They are in

You are right! They are in the last days of their campaigns, since Florida they have all been stealing RP's ideas.

And Romney vs. Paul would break to Paul. But, is that going to happen too late?

Does anybody know how this all works?

Thanks for the article!

The momentum of a victory in VA could be enormous and carry through to the remaining states.

From the article:

"This prospect could also inspire the mother of all money bombs for the Ron Paul campaign."

Imagine a bigger money bomb than the very first one!!!!

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So when it comes time for the

So when it comes time for the debates will it be just the doc and flip up there or will the other two still be there as well? The others shouldn't be there if they're not on the ballot right?

That would be Amazing

I would love to see that. RP could direct the debate towards monetary policy and mitt would be helpless. I don't think this will happen, though. There isn't a debate in virginia. The debate that is closest to the virginia primary is in California, so I expect all of them will be there ( except Santorum may be long gone by that point, march 5th)

R-P! bay beeee

"An election is a short-term effort, a revolution is a long term project!" -RP

Man I hope so, so that the

Man I hope so, so that the doc will take ole flippies legs right from underneath him.