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A Plea to Floridians

Being from Florida myself, I have felt that the entire nation is looking down on us this election cycle. We have been cast as a state that has no hope for a great turnout for the good doctor. But, what I see here in my area of Florida aren't Romney, Gingrich or Sanitarium(sorry I just cant help it) bumper stickers and signs, but RON PAUL stickers and signs! I think we have a big opportunity here to show the rest of the States that we are here and no matter what, Liberty will prevail in the great state of Florida too! I know that I have, at the very least, 20 people that I have converted to the philosophy of Liberty and of course, they are voting for Dr. Paul in the primary as well as the general election. Even the professors at my college are excited about Ron Paul and the prospects of Liberty! I have spoken to people from all creeds who are enthusiastic and the momentum is with us! What I propose is that we work even harder than we are working. Get out there, canvas your local voting locations with Ron Paul super brochures, visit your local MeetUp groups to get involved and make this weekend a weekend that will send A RESONATING MESSAGE TO THE REST OF AMERICA! FOR FLORIDA! FOR LIBERTY!