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Sarah Palin: Ron Paul “only One” Willing To Cut Government And Debt

Said former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on FOX News this morning:

(Ron Paul) is the only one who has been so adamantly passionate about doing something about the suffocating debt, about doing something about reining in government growth and actually slashing budgets - $1 trillion a year, he’s been specific about until we get our hands around this…

If the GOP is the party of limited government, there is only one such Republican in this race.

If conservatism is about reining in and limiting government, there is only one conservative in this race.

If the Tea Party is about reining in government and debt, there is only one Tea Partier in this race.

Palin is right.


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[Yoda]Weak the Force is with

[Yoda]Weak the Force is with this one...[/Yoda]

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Only one Tea Partier in the

Only one Tea Partier in the race.... ;)

But then she went on to say

But then she went on to say she didn't agree with his foreign policy which brings us back to the debt, you can't talk about cutting the debt without cutting out all of the militarism overseas. These so called fiscal conservatives are not fiscally conservative at all. Ron Paul is the only one willing to talk about cutting across the board, everyone else is just spewing crap hoping it sticks and it is working in the first three states of this election season.

So why did she not endorse Ron Paul .?

She backs Ron all the way to where? Do the right thing Sarah Palin....endorse the only TRUE Conservative in this race.

"Carpe Diem"-Seize the day!!!