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One phrase I just realized the pundits are not saying anymore ...

Seems like it's been a while since I've heard a pundit say or preface their statements with "Ron Paul is not going to get the nomination" lately.


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It's still being flung around

I've still seen way too many articles (as well as heard political "experts" (ha, how ironic) that use that phrase, with slight variations.

A lot of generally positive (as well as negative) articles that just throw in there, "even though Paul will not get the nomination, he makes a good point with such and such". It really irks me, and it really shows a lot of ignorance and imprudence to say something like that - it's up to the voters to decide who will get the nomination.

After the comments by the Fox "experts," who admitted...

the GOP could not win without Ron Paul, everybody toned down the rhetoric, because they want Romney to at least make an appearance of a race against Obama. Right now the MSM is thumping Newt, because they don't want Gingrich to screw up their plans.