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Why The Government Is Leading Us To Bankruptcy

The stakes are high. No one else is going to stop the increasing debt. Newt is a liar when he says he wants to shrink the government to accommodate a 15% flat tax.

If people understood the stakes, and looked at the spending records of the other candidates, this election would be a landslide. What are we going to do when China says no more loans? Attack them?


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this is THE issue of today.

Show people this; it tells the story instantly:


What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

RP doesn't go after anyone in

RP doesn't go after anyone in particular that is good for him and I am really sure he doesn't tell us the whole story. The fact is the US has been bankrupt since the beginning days of the FED and in a date 1933, this is when the USGov't really came down hard on the Areican people with the gold ban and forced Social Security. We have been suckered into this "pay your fair share of the debt" Whose debt is it really? It is not my debt.