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Why Has the Traffic slowed, Why are not as many super brochures being ordered?

Because we are all working

We are all working hard! We are canvassing those Super Brochures we ordered, stuffing them with Obama~Paul Polls, we are calling Nevada, Colorado, Maine! We are writing letters to the editors and running ads in the papers. We are posting videos on the internet.
On Youtube back in November Ron Paul had over 250,000 videos posted, more than all the other candidates combined, today go take a look at how many are posted, it will blow your mind. We are not going away!! We are winning and do not forget that!!


We know how this works, we get delegates, we get the nomination, listen to Dr. Paul, he says he is very happy with the numbers he has!

Please do not stop telling people, do not stop calling people, do not stop spreading this valuable message!

However, please, please continue to do this:

www.ronpaul2012.com to donate or buy t-shirts.

www.ronpaulbrochures.com to buy the fabulous Super Brochure.

This is working, just keep calling, canvassing, and posting!