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Ron Paul Should Stroll In, Says Web Opinion. So Why Does The Web Get it Wrong?

Early in January Tom Webster of Edison Research and author of the BrandSavant blog pointed out the if the Web was any guide Ron Paul would stroll the GOP selection race: “Conventional measures of volume showed Ron Paul dominating the social web by as many as five times more mentions than his nearest competitor.” Search volume also showed Ron Paul as a shoe in.

But that was at the time of the Iowa Caucus which was neck and neck between Romney and Santorum.

Will web-based discussions have an impact on the American Presidential election; first-things-first will they affect the outcome of the GOP selection race?

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This is indeed an interesting

This is indeed an interesting article with many varied comments. I guess the majority really still believe the news. Lately, I have seen so little truth in it I can not stand to watch it much..